Niki Chow Busy Filming “The Seventh Day”

Niki Chow Lai Kei the Seventh Day Kevin Cheng

Niki Chow Lai Kei has been busy filming TVB series, The Seventh Day with Kevin Cheng Ka Wing lately. Due to the sad plot twists, Niki has been required to film a lot of crying scenes. “I have cried so much in the last few days, causing my eyes and face to become swollen! Luckily the production crew would designate evening filming hours for these scenes, so I can at least take a good rest at home afterwards!”

Later on, Niki will be filming some scenes at a historical house in Japan. However it may not be possible to complete filming before Christmas.

Niki smiled wryly, “When I passed by Causeway Bay last night, I really wanted to go shopping. Due to lack of time [to go shopping], I have to tell my friends this year that I will not be distributing Christmas presents.”

“I will also have to work during the Winter Solstice as well, so I told my mother I will be unable to eat with the family. I have lost all ties with my family and friends! I can only spend the Winter Solstice with my colleagues!”

Source: The Sun

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