Niki Chow Makes Appearance After Marriage; Denies Being a Homewrecker

When Niki Chow (周勵淇)  unexpectedly announced her marriage to Mainland Chinese actor Fu Yiming (傅浤鳴) last month, there were many rumors that Niki was a homewrecker or she was pregnant. Appearing in a promotional event, Niki responded spoke about her marriage and revealed that her husband will live in Hong Kong to accommodate her career.

Denies Being a Homewrecker

Due to the close timing in Yiming’s involvement with Niki and when he ended his 20-year-marriage with actress Cheng Hao (程愫), Niki was rumored to be the reason for the pair’s divorce. But Niki shared that she and Yiming started dating three months after his divorce, and emphasized that she was not a homewrecker.

Niki disclosed that she dated for a year before marriage. Although the public thought that Niki’s marriage happened too fast, she and her husband felt it was the right time, “I liked him and we clicked. We felt comfortable, so it was okay.”

Although Niki was saddened that netizens gossiped about her and her husband, Niki admitted that she can’t control what people say, “I didn’t tell the public when I dated and only announced when I got married. When my husband spoke up for me, I told him to not be so frustrated.”

In keeping a low profile, Niki didn’t give many details of their wedding and said she did not want another banquet in Hong Kong, “My marriage took place overseas. I wanted to be low profile and have some privacy.”

Baby on the Way?

Although 39 years old, the actress does not believe that her age should be a reason for rushing  pregnancy. Although she stated she is currently not pregnant, Niki wants to enjoy marriage life first. She will did not consider cryoperserving her eggs and will continue to take care of her body.

When reporters implied that Niki did not want to have children because Fu Yiming had a son from his previous marriage, Niki responded that she did not mind being a stepmom.


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  1. While I’m not undermining their relationship, and believe that some couples do “just know” early on, the practical side of me can’t help but think that one year is not enough time to fully know somebody, let alone, marry them, lol.

    I think the fact that he’s pretty fresh out of a divorce is enough reason to tread lightly, but hey, the heart wants what it wants. At 39, she has probably been feeling the pressure to sync up for quite a while now.

    As for whether or not Niki was the third party, I guess no one will ever really know except for the people involved, but if what she says is true, then I wish them the best.

  2. why cant people leave her alone? they call her a spinster or left over woman if she isnt married. now that she is married, they gossip and call her a homewrecker. she cant win.

    1. @babycakes Those who called her a spinster really didn’t know Nikki or her sister Kathy. They go out and network and date the elite.. hoping to find a rich, young, handsome one with no history that will marry them and give them fame and wealth. Kathy was lucky and found someone.. and as you can see, he is not Asian because she detaches herself with being Asian and wants to be European, more classy and elite. Her husband is rich, she is now European Citizen, and she doesn’t have to work anymore. Nikki has been trying to follow her sister’s footsteps but has not been as lucky, maybe because she prefers Asians. Somehow Nikki found this Fu Yiming guy who meets her criterias.. whatever they may be. She knows she is turning 40 and will have limited options, so she decided this is the best she can get and set her goal to get him – at all cost.

  3. They started dating right after his three months divorce. Ah, something tells me both of them are trying to hide something and not telling the truth. She has to accept the fact that many people think she is indeed a homewrecker. The guy was married for 20 year and have a child. She took away someone’s husband and daddy. I can’t wait for Karma to come back and get both of them in the future.

    1. @mihk1994
      Some people have an unspoken understanding of their mutual interest in each other and got together soon after the married one divorced the spouse. They would tell everyone that there was no homewrecker, the marriage was beyond repair long ago, etc. etc because technically they were never together while one was still married, they were just “close” or were “friends” who happened to share a lot of common interests but was never romantically involved. Seriously, who are they kidding?
      Maybe Niki is really innocent in this however, with the rumors of them earlier and the timing of their dating and marriage, it does seem fishy.

    1. @hannah What would you do if someone broke up your family and take away your husband. The dude was married to his ex wife for 20 yrs and have a child together. They started dating after his 3 months divorce. If any of you actually believe nothing happened between them before that, you guys are too gullible. Hope karma will get both of them in the future. I used to think highly of her but not anymore and definitely will not ever watch any of her series.

      1. @mihk1994
        Well, the guy was settled into 20 yrs of marriage and must have been extremely bored. Then you get a hot actress in her late 30s in your grasp. Hard to resist……

  4. Nikki got what/whom she wanted. Nikki (and her sister Kathy) has always come across as the type of girls who will do whatever to get what they want. So apparently, Nikki saw something in this Fu Yiming guy that she wanted. She got him, at all costs. She doesn’t care if he was married 20yrs., her goal was to get him to divorce and be with her. She must have been using her subtle tactics for a long time. Not to say he is innocent, but after 20yrs of marriage and you got a hot chick hitting on you.. of course we know his choice. Only sad thing about this is his kid.. I highly doubt Nikki will be the loving step mom, instead she will take up a lot of the guy’s time and he won’t be spending much time with his son.. which means the son will grow up without a father around. But does Nikki care? NOPE. She got what she wanted. This is not called love either.. because in true love, you will be considerate of the other person’s family, and she was never considerate of this guy’s family and child when she decided to take what she wanted.

  5. This is slightly off-topic, but I always thought it was interesting that Tavia and Niki have the same birthday. I know from Another Era promotions and stuff that they get along okay, but they give me pretty different vibes.

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