Phoebe Sin Celebrates Daughter’s Six-Month Birthday

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Phoebe Sin Celebrates Daughter’s Six-Month Birthday

Phoebe Sin (單文柔) and Ruco Chan’s (陳展鵬) daughter Quinta (陳諾瑤), nicknamed “Little Piggy”, is already six months old. While Phoebe is taking a hiatus from her career to take care of her daughter, Phoebe regularly documents her daughter’s growth on social media and posted a photo of Little Piggy’s six-month birthday celebration.

Little Piggy’s Six-Month Birthday

Little Piggy celebrated her special day with Phoebe’s best friends such as Joyce Ngai (魏韵芝) and Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇). Sharing the celebration on social media with fans, Phoebe wrote, “Yeah!!! I am six moths old. I am a big girl. Thank you to the pretty ladies who celebrated with me. I hope all the babies in world and I will be healthy and happy.”

Even though it was Little Piggy’s birthday, she did not get to have any of her birthday cake or blow out her birthday candles. Little Piggy could only sit and watch her party guests have fun.

Ruco Forgiven for Missing the Birthday Party

Although Ruco missed out on the festivities because of work commitments, he will be forgiven because he is a loving father and husband. Whenever Ruco ends work, he would come home to spend time with his daughter. Ruco is anxious that Little Piggy is vulnerable to germs and he would change clothes before playing with his daughter. As a first-time father, Ruco is so concerned that he would ask his relatives to change to a set of clean clothing before playing with Little Piggy.

Despite that Little Piggy has Ruco’s full attention, Ruco also makes sure that Phoebe’s well-being is not neglected. Understanding that Phoebe is a full-time mother who is exhausted from taking care of a baby 24 hours a day, Ruco would take initiatives to look after Little Piggy on his days off and let Phoebe rest.

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    1. passingby2 says:

      New trend?

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Not really. Phoebe has nothing else to do other than posting on social media and holding parties for her baby. She wasn’t a celebrity to begin with but trying hard to stay relevant with the promotions from Ruco. Wouldn’t we surprised if she hold a 6 months and 15 days party next.

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        • passingby2 replied:

          @jimmyszeto The irony is that Ruco claims that he wants to keep his private life private………

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        • jimmyszeto replied:

          Ruco is private when he wants to be. Depends on the day of the week and it depends on personal gains and interests. Hope he remembers for the rest of his life that he had a ‘TVB wedding’…

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    2. miyabi says:

      all new mothers are like this, ok. ig is flooded with proud mamas so eager to show pics of their sprogs to the whole world. #cannotrelate

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    3. cutie777 says:

      Look at Grace Chan she throw party for her son alots that’s why Kevin Cheng is complaining. Well at least she show her daughter to the world unlike other that we never get to see their baby such as Michelle Chen, Rudy Lin, Angelababy, Zanilia Zhao, Sire Ma and Aaron Kwok.

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    4. potatochip says:

      Baby is cute. I love 6 month olds, they are so adorable with their chubby cheeks and are always happy. These moments are so fleeting, it’s nice when parents slow down and enjoy them.

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