Photo of Gigi Lai’s Baby Daughter Revealed

Thirty-nine year-old Gigi Lai Chi married wealthy businessman, Ma Ting Keung last year and gave birth to a pair of twin girls in July 2010. Since the younger twin only weighed three pounds at birth, her breathing was assisted by an oxygen tank in the first month. Since the baby’s immune system was still weak, Gigi took extra precautions to decrease her chance of bacterial infections. Gigi did not take the older twin baby outside and only allowed small batches of visitors at a time. Even Gigi’s parents had to follow the visitation rules as well.

Due to her advanced age, Gigi was grateful that she was able to become a mother. On Thanksgiving Day, November 25th, a Christianing will be held for her twin daughters. Gigi requested that only family and friends be allowed at the private Christianing.
After marrying Ma Ting Keung, Gigi was intent on being a good wife and mother. She followed a [nutritious] diet that was focused on improving her health. Gigi had no intention to slim down immediately, as her plan was to have another child soon. An inside source said, “”Mothers who are breastfeeding need to have balanced nutrition in order to generate generous milk supply. After birth, the twin baby girls adjusted poorly and often vomited. Gigi’s husband wanted her to rest more. But two months after giving birth, her body is recovered and she is ready to have more babies. Looking at the twin girls, Gigi forgot all about her own discomfort.”
While caring for the baby twin girls, Gigi did not neglect her brother, Lai Ying’s, skincare clinic. Every other day, she went to the skincare clinic to ensure things were running well. Last Friday, Gigi was spotted wearing a mask and a floral dress on her way to the skincare clinic. Since she did not intentionally lose weight, Gigi’s waist appeared flabby. Her arms and legs were noticeably thinner though.

Excerpt from Next Magazine #1076

Jayne: Gigi Lai looks fabulous despite a little belly bulge. Her face is so radiant and she does not look like a 39 year-old in any way! In the same age group as Anita Yuen, Kenix Kwok, and Jessica Hsuan, Gigi looks the most youthful due to her doll-like face and great skin. I am envious of her smooth skin, which resemble boiled egg whites!

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Gigi Lai Checks Out of Hospital After Giving Birth

After giving birth to twin girls on July 24th, Gigi Lai Chi checked out of Canossa Hospital yesterday. Gigi was accompanied by TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling and ten security guards. Wearing a low-cut white dress and slippers, Gigi waved happily to reporters. She revealed that her older twin daughter had already returned home, while her younger daughter will be discharged later [due to her low birth weight].

Gigi Lai Pregnant with Twins!

Since marrying 53 year-old businessman, Ma Ting Keung, the 39 year-old Gigi Lai Chi has been trying to get pregnant. Finally, in January 2010, it was exposed that Gigi Lai was pregnant. Since she was spotted at her brother, Lai Ying’s, dermatology clinic earlier in February, Gigi has not made a public appearance afterward.


  1. Added photo of Gigi Lai’s baby daughter (see thumbnails in article). I’m guessing this must be the older twin, as the younger twin was born at 3 pounds and probably very tiny now as well. The baby looks more like dad!

  2. I didn’t think Gigi was very pretty until her roles in TVB. She aged with grace …

  3. Gigi was blessed with good skin, which is in her family genes. Her brother’s skin clinic also keeps her skin in top condition (free botox injections).

  4. Well her husband is really rich too so she can get botox or any top quality skin care that she wants as well. She is wearing make up and all too so we question how she really looks without all that as well. She looks great for a new mother.

    Thanks for sharing the pix of her baby daughter. I think that her daughter looks more like her husband though.

  5. THanks so much for the info and new Koisa! I guess it makes sense if Gigi is still really protective of her newborn daughters. Therefore, how can she allow anyone to take their pix??

  6. Koisa thanks, I found the pic in a tabloid, guess we still have to wait before we see Gigi’s girls

  7. I was thinking she looks really young in the pic with the baby. Can’t wait to see her babies. Very proud that she has decided to give-up her career and be a good wife and mother, that is a big sacrifice but a very smart sacrifice.

  8. Actually, Gigi posted this baby picture in her blog on 7-3-08. It was her freind’s bb that felt asleep in her arms for an hour. You could know her more by reading her blog. Her last post was on 11-24-08 (about a month after her retirement)…in this post she was encourage fans to do charity works. She retired because she needed to manage her brother’s clinic. Evidently, she is working at her brother’s clinic even during pregnancy..She wants to continue her brother’s dream.

    On 8-5-08 she wrote: “Today, what I have seen through the rich, that is, peace, joy, health. There are many red passbook even a “zero”, if the lack of the above-mentioned elements, will feel empty and did not get really rich.” (in was originally in chinese, translated with google translate).

    Her personality is so loving & caring, and funny at times…beautiful inside out
    Here is the blog…

  9. Here is another post from her blog:

    On 11-6-08 (a few weeks after her retire), she wrote: 相信大家已從多種媒體下得知我息影的抉擇, 在此我非常感激一直對我不離不棄的Fans和你們綱上的祝福, 因為你們的愛戴與支持亦是我的推動力, 才驅使到我有今天的成就。希望你們不要為我的告別而難過, 要知道人總不能常常徘徊在一個階段, 而我也只是踏上人生另一道路。

    回望過去, 我對我的演藝成績已感到滿意。現在, 我想把時間專注在我的家人, 診所和做些已往因工作太忙而不能做的事, 如學習, 慈善工作 ……等。還有的是, 希望你們除了支持我之外, 也要繼續支持‘珠光寶氣’和劇中的每一位演員, 因為每一位台前幕後的工作人員都是盡心盡力做到最好, 亦是難得一見的大製作。

    閒時我亦會上網瀏覽一下你們為我精心編輯的相片和文章。你們的心意和支持我會銘記於心的。最後, 祝願人人喜樂, 平安和身體健康。

    Google’s translation: I believe we learn from a variety of media, I am leaving perfect choice under, in this I am grateful to have been abandoned to my classes on Fans and your blessing, because of your love and support is also my driving force, that drives the I have today. Hope you will not be sorry for my farewell, to know that people just can not always hovering around a stage, and I have just set foot on the life of another road.

    Looking back, I was performing my results have been satisfactory. Now, I want time to focus on my family, clinics, and do not have either gone too busy because of work can do, such as learning, charity work … … and so on. What’s more, I hope you will support me in addition, we also continue to support the ‘jewels’ and play each and every actor, because every backstage staff are dedicated to do our best is a rare The big production.

    I will surf leisure for my well-edited look at your photos and articles. Your wishes and support I will keep in mind. Finally, I wish everyone joy, peace and health.

    She wrote to fans even after her retirement, shows that she cares about her fan’s feelings and thankful for their support. I don’t think that she married Mr. Ma primary for his money. If she is a gold digger then she would have married a rich guy when she was younger & doesn’t have to work for 23 years!! She supported her family financially for all these years…these type of daughter & sister is very hard to find nowadays..God bless her!!!

  10. I agree with Koisa. That photo of her carrying her a baby was taken in 2008. The baby is her goddaughter, baby of her best friend.

    She looks great! And it is wonderful that she gave birth to her twins safely.

  11. I feel so glad for Gigi. I’ve not seen much of her acting but have enjoyed what I did see. I like her and do believe she is as nice as some of the “good” characters she depicts in her shows. Her life seems to be well balanced, the life on stage, so to speak, an afrtificial one, and the good family life she’s having,a rich and caring husband and 2 little girls of her own. That’s a real blessing indeed. So, I do wish her all the best life can offer her.

  12. she is the one who is never age and natural beauty i know of. i wish i look like her and she is so talent and smart. why she marry old man?

  13. when she was young and famous. most women have goes to plastic surgeries copy her looks. but they look so fake.

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