“Presumed Accidents” Finale Achieves 31 Points in Viewership Ratings

During the broadcast of TVB’s Presumed Accidents <純熟意外>, Selena Li (李施嬅) and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) were rumored to not get along due to the differences in their screen time. However, when the cast and crew gathered over dinner with fans to watch the finale together, Selena and Sisley were seen hugging during photos.

Performing steadily with a refreshing storyline and with Lawrence Ng‘s (吳啟華) mature presence, the last episode of Presumed Accidents achieved 31 points in viewership ratings, making it the most watched series finale of the year.

Although the series performed well in ratings, Sisley was continuously surrounded by negative gossip. Aside from her rumors with Selena, Sisley was said to be buttering up to Anthony Wong (黃秋生) during Virginia Lok‘s (樂易玲) birthday party.

Snow Suen To Release Photo Book

After making a breakthrough with her role as the cute and bubbly I.I in Presumed Accidents, Snow Suen (孫慧雪) plans to take the opportunity to release a photo book.

Although the photo book market is very competitive with numerous models posing in alluring attire, Snow replied, “When I thought about releasing the photo book, I didn’t think much about my competition. Just as long as I’m happy! Those who like me won’t care what size I am!”

However, Snow said her photo book will not follow the typical sexy route. She laughed, “I’m not 20 anymore – I’ve lost in terms of age. I’ve lost in terms of bust size as well! My friends said I should give them as gifts but I said no. They’ll have to actually buy it!”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I watch it because of Lawrence Ng, not because of Sisley. If Sisley’s role doesn’t require her to yell in a high-pitched voice like a kid this time due to difference in role type, I wouldn’t view this as her improvement in acting.

    When Lai Lok Yi hugged her in a romantic scene, he was very natural in acting but Sisley was like “strange”. I didn’t feel any sparks nor romance feelings between them. Obviously, Sisley was uneasy in that kind of scene. Is this her first time I doubt? She led several dramas before and she has never had this kind of romantic experience before?

      1. @yummiki24 No lar. He and Bi Chai retire together. In the last scene, he was chilling out while Bi Chai was dancing.

        But I don’t understand the last explosion of car garage part in the news. What is the meaning of it?

      2. @dramadrama i think it is to say that despite everything that happened, life moves on and the insurance scammers still keep going so the investigators get back to work.

      3. @elizabeth what did that 老黎 do? he didn’t become an ice cream seller right? or did he go back to the police force? the detective part of this drama is what made me chase this drama everyday…just very sad that George and Eunice didn’t spend the rest of their lives together as father and daughter

      4. @janet72 Sorry it took so long for me to respond. No, Raymond did not quit. He took that newbie as his student. But he bought that icecream truck as Joyce goes crazy with icecream when she gets stressed or sad. So I guess it means that they will become a happy family and he will be there for her when she feel sad.

        And regarding George, I think he finally realised that his existence was causing Eunice a lot of harm and danger. And if he stayed with her, then there are a lot of unanswered questions from the police that would make Eunice’s life very difficult if his secret got out. But I don’t think he can stop caring about his daughter. He may still contact her when she needs him and after all the hype about his disappearance dies down.

  2. I like the police woman. I hope she can get lead role opportunity. She is not extremely beautiful type, but her face is tolerable. Got ren yuan.

    1. @dramadrama I liked her too! I thought she did really well in the scene where they identified II’s body. Her body language was excellent, and you really had the sense of a person in grief, but who is trying to hold it together.

  3. I quite like most of the series. I still didnt like the eternal life plot and prefered the insurance cases moreso the first two-thirds of the series was much more intinteresting than the last third.

  4. Though the writing could have been much tighter, I do give props to this drama for bringing out interesting cases. It was quite too dramatic at times, and the idea of some shadow corporation committing mass crimes for insurance fraud was a little hard to believe. Still, maybe due to low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised.

    Also, this drama managed to make me sympathize for the villains. I wish they expanded on that earlier, especially the two whose lives were changed because of Lawrence’s actions. Although starting a life of crime because of the loss of a loved one is kind of far-fetched, I wish there was some sort of resolution or acknowledgement from Lawrence’s character. Through his bizarre action of driving that car off the cliff, he emotionally wounded his own daughter, and physically caused the death of two others!

    1. @sasamii
      Least we forget the perspectives there was a time before sliced bread was invented when Lawrence’s character make a living chopping off heads and kicking butts. What he did in our time is a walk in the park and anticlimactic.

    2. @sasamii I can’t understand why at the end he still left his daughter to be alone. Like he is not meant to be father. Did he still blames her for his wife”s death? I don’t like Lawrence acting in this drama. Very wood.

      1. @dramadrama Yeah, I’m not a huge fan either of how the end played out. After ‘bonding’ with his daughter, it would have been nice if he had at least given her a sign that he was okay after all the drama. Technically, she knew that he couldn’t die, but it’s still a good gesture.

        I felt like there was a lot of wooden acting all around, at different times, not just Lawrence!

      2. @dramadrama I was quite sad the ending turned out this way…he reconciled with his daughter and yet they are not spending time after the accident…choosing to disappear from her life again. since she become a doctor without boundaries, they could still meet up somewhere.
        otherwise, the drama is not bad.

  5. I find these 2 actresses outshine Sisley’s role – the police woman and the bubbly II. These 2 ladies played their role well. Another character that played the role well is II boyfriend in the drama. He is interesting to watch although his screen time is not a lot.

  6. Did anyone feel the “immortal” plot is just a rip off of US show’s Forever (so specific to the point that B-chai was adopted by Lawrence and later becomes his sidekick)? Did that plot even contribute to the storyline? I mean, if Lawrence weren’t immortal and the whole princess thing didn’t happen, the story line could still carry out exactly the way it did.

    I was expecting the person behind the scene was someone from the past or also immortal like Lawrence but nope, no twists at all… so what’s the point of all that? Also it’s sad that they didn’t have a solution for Lawrence’s immortality. B-chai and Eunice will die and he will be all alone again 🙁

    Acting wise, I wouldn’t say Sisley improved, she only knows how to control her voice better but her sad/confused/grieving scene is still very bad. I’m not sure what she was trying to portray at all. However, I see potential in her. Currently I can tolerate watching Sisley better than Grace.

    1. @iciel Yeah. At first I find her OK, but later part I find her irritating too. I can’t see the different when she is in love or scared. It seems the same. The best performance is still from the police woman. Hehe.

    2. @iciel oh em gee! I didnt even think of associating this drama with forever, but you’re right! Except there was no daughter involved but there were elements where I can see the similarities. I was so upset when they stopped producing Forever btw – had to be my fav show on TV at that time

    3. @iciel well, the ending should have been B chai and Eunice spend the rest of their lives together since George had not been in Eunice’s life from start. Sisley has improved.

      I like Madam Mok and II.

  7. Sisley was tolerable in this series…

    The series really picked after episode 16…

    I still don’t like Lai Lok Yi acting…his acting is still stiff…

  8. If you feel that Sisley’s acting seems stiff in this series, I think it’s probably because she was trying to control her voice, too much that sometimes it sounds monotone. Imagine in an emotional scene, she’s required to change the tone of her voice but because she knows that “the audiences don’t like my high pitch voice” so she focuses more on her voice, therefore loses the facial emotion.The bottomline is she does listen and try to change even just the baby steps. We just gotta give her time.
    I see that many people pay attention to I.I. in this series but honestly she is just cute, not memorable. She’s missing something in her eyes. That’s why her acting is very much just on the surface. Happy, sad, mad, over. There’s no deepness about her as an actress (not about her personally). I cannot imagine her in a more complicated role. The madam is quite alright though. I.I. is not even at that level yet.
    The thing that annoyed me the most is the music, from the theme song to the background music. (Notice the sad scenes, there’s a woman who keeps “hah…” I had to mute it every time it came on. That’s even worse than Grace’s voice lol.)

  9. the show was ok to watch! interesting insurance cases. I would’t say sisley improve at all, she just less annoying which made it a little easier to watch.

  10. This show was quite good, the storyline wasnt that plain and boring and I was shocked when Lawrence was Sisley’s father.

    But Sisley should improve her acting skills, although it is better than YC. Selena’s acting was better i think

    Lai Lok Yi’s character just reminds me of John Ma and CHL

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