Prostitution Ring Implicates 40 Actresses

Earlier in March, the Taiwanese anti-narcotics police unit arrested model, 27-year-old Timi Hsiao Yee Ting for drug possession. Timi had posted pictures of herself on a blog smoking marijuana, which alerted authorities that she had a drug habit. Follow-up investigations revealed that Timi was also involved in an international prostitution ring, which may implicate over forty actresses/ models as well.

Authorities believe that former Miss Chinese Taipei, 36-year-old Lin Wei Wei, acted as a matchmaker and set up Timi Hsiao (last seen in Jay Chou’s music video “Hair Like Snow”) and other actresses to have sex with various men in exchange for money. The police seized Lin’s phone and guest book records, which revealed there may be forty actresses/ models involved in the prostitution ring. The women were mostly Class “B” and “C” actresses/ models who had lower recognition levels.

Lin often arranged the actresses/ models to meet with the clients at five-star hotels. The male client list included businessmen, politicians, famous doctors, and lawyers in Taiwan, Singapore, and China. Allegedly, the services cost from $60,000 (NT) to $200,000 (NT) per hour. Allegedly, there were rules to the sexual transactions: each party could not ask each other’s identity, exchange phone numbers, and there were no private contacts without Lin’s involvement.

Lin claimed that she did not operate a prostitution ring. She said she only arranged dinner dates between the women and the male clients. She added that if the women wanted to have sex with the clients, it was beyond Lin’s involvement. As for Timi Hsaio, Lin claimed that she did not directly contact Timi, but worked with her agent instead.

Since last July, Timi admitted that she slept with ten men for money to support her drug habit. The first client paid a price of $60,000 (NT), with Lin and Timi splitting the money equally.


Jayne: I guess these prostitution practices are quite common within the entertainment industry. Last year, there was a scandal about Korean actresses forced to sleep with businessmen and politicians if they wanted to be promoted.

This type of news is very saddening. Many actresses and models enter the industry as young teenagers and become exploited in a world of drugs, greed, and lust. You need a strong will and self-control to not succumb to these pressures. My heart goes out to the 40 actresses involved in this prostitution scandal.


  1. wow – this is quite a pity. Jayne, you are right though. Young artist join the entertainment circle not realizing what s/he is getting into. Good thing there are plenty of tabloids out there reporting everything.

    All news will eventually come out in the open …. eventually all.

  2. sometime you can’t blame the girls for doing this..most maybe are force by triad and their manager..

    but those who do it willingly just use their god given beauty to make a living when life push to the wall..sound sinnick…well..that’s how the world are..

  3. Life in the circle is just so hard, but I think if these artists have made the decision to join the circle then they have to know what the risks are. I think that you have to have a strong will if you want to control yourself and avoid these kinds of things. I feel so sad to hear this and hope that other artists will not allow this to happen to themselves. Life in the circle can bring you fame and fortune but can also bring you a lot of saddness, shame and many other negative things. It is like a double edged sword…. My heart really goes out to all of the artists involved in this whole affair….

  4. I heard that almost 50% of Asia’s women who are in the “entertainment” world are selling their bodies. Especially smaller places like HK.

    Unlike Hollywood etc, HK doesn’t have enough real opportunities for them.

  5. Joyce, well there are the infamous dinner dates….

    I do believe that the entertainment industry is the same everywhere. Opportunities are not easily granted and sometimes the price may be sex. Although TVB does come across as a more “cleanly” managed company, where sexual favors does not seem as prominent. In the film industry, there may be less reins….

    Some aspiring actresses/ models dabble in drugs, become desperate and turn into porn stars. I see many beautiful American women who are porn stars and I wonder how they became this way….

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