Rachel Lee Addicted to Botox Injections?

Viewers of the currently broadcast Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部> recently pointed out that the facial expressions of 48-year-old actress, Rachel Lee (李麗珍), appear stiff and wooden. Reportedly, she has received as many as twenty botox injections, which has resulted in a face change and a slightly crooked mouth over time.

Although known as a beauty when she was young, the award-winning actress is unable to overcome the signs of aging. Over the years, there was a period of time when Rachel gained much weight and lacked her once attractive figure. According to tabloids, Rachel then became a spokesperson for a medical cosmetology, where she lost weight and received twenty botox injections to slim her face.

The botox injections reportedly began three years ago and led to immediate effects of a younger face. Extremely satisfied with the results, Rachel was allegedly addicted and constantly turned to botox to fight against her aging. A photograph of Rachel having a substance injected near her eye area was released.

Netizens noticed her onscreen expressions in Never Dance Alone were very unnatural, since her face seems abnormally taunt and there are no wrinkles around her eyes in crying scenes even under high definition cameras.

When reporters spotted Rachel in Sai Wan last week, they also noticed her face appeared stiff and lacked expressions.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley  for JayneStars.com.

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  1. ” A photograph of Rachel having a substance injected near her eye area was released.” Anyone has a pic of that?

    Botox/PS is an addiction, and people that go through this are never truly satisfied with their looks, so they will do it again and again. I hope she doesn’t develop mental disorder from this. Everyone has to age anyway so I think people should just let nature run its course….

      1. Thanks for the photo. No wonder she looks younger than the others even though she is older. We all age and get so might as well do it naturally. I personally would be scared to death of having needles poked into my face. Ouch…the pain and price of beauty. Did you guys ever see that one lady that injected too much stuff into her face that she looks like an alien now? Boy,I feel bad for her since she was so attractive before.

  2. No wonder she looks so young in “Never Dance Alone”. True she does not have wrinkles around her eye areas.

    1. omg yea. i was wondering why too… i guess it was pretty obviously, i just didn’t want to think of her that way 😛

  3. No wonder Loletta/Rachel has no wrinkles. Ewww botox.

  4. She is the oldest of the 7 girls in never dance alone but she looked younger than Fennie, Angela and flora

  5. I heard Botox is bad for you and will damage your nervous system. At her age, health should be more important than looks.

    1. I guess it is hard for celebrities not to worry about their looks especially if they are not financially sound. They need to film more movies with their good looks to stay well off.

      1. True but I think if you are a truly good actress, then you can still do well. There are other actresses way older than her who are still racking in the bucks.

  6. Body wise she looks great. Looks wise she looks good for her age. Botox or not, it is her choice. Not like she is some award winning actress like Nicole Kidman, so Botox or not shouldn’t ruin her, unlike Nicole Kidman.

    1. Rachel Lee’s performance in Ordinary Heroes earned her a Golden Horse Award in 1999 for Best Actress. She also acted some category III movies.

      She still looks very pretty, but I hope her Botox will not damage her face in future.

      1. She was also won Golden Bauhinia Award & nominated Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress.

  7. no wonder she looked weird in the drama…especially when she in dialogue, her lips kind of stiff.

  8. she looks very good for her age, good for her. she’s still very attractive.

  9. rebecca zhu and rachel looks like twin sisters!

    1. I have seen a lot of comments saying that they look alike. Rebecca should have gotten the role as her daughter instead of Eliza Sam.

  10. My god, this is why many of these actresses don’t want to come back to the screen. So many gossips and rumors.

  11. I’m not chinese so when I first look at her, I didn’t know who she was. I googled Loretta(Loletta)/Rachel Lee and found that she was in The Greed Of Man. She played Fong Ting who falls for David Siu’s characher. OMG, she looks totally different. Would never have guessed it was her in the first place.

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