Rainie Yang Returns to Taiwanese Drama Industry

Five years after she starred in the idol drama Sunny Girl <陽光天使>, Taiwanese singer/actress Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) is making her return to the Taiwanese drama industry. Her newest project is titled Roseleaf Bramble <荼蘼> and is penned by award-winning screenwriter Mag Hsu (徐譽庭).

Helmed by Taiwanese screenwriter/director Wang Xiaodi (王小棣), Roseleaf Bramble is part of an eight-drama series that will span 52 episodes and begin airing in August. Roseleaf Bramble is scheduled to begin its broadcast in October and will consist of six episodes.

Despite her five-year absence from the Taiwanese drama scene, Rainie is eager to support well-written screenplays from her native country. In order to participate in Roseleaf Bramble, she begged her management company to suspend her current projects and reportedly rejected an offer to appear in a mainland Chinese production that would have netted her 110 million NTD.

Rainie recently shared that Taiwanese artiste Chung Hsin-Ling (鍾欣凌) was one of the reasons she accepted the starring role in Roseleaf Bramble. “I went to see [Hsin-Ling] after she gave birth to her second child,” said Rainie. “We just happened to talk about how much I admire Mag Hsu’s screenplays. Then, not even a month after that, I received the offer.”

Although not much has been revealed about Roseleaf Bramble, Rainie’s excitement about the series is sure to draw attention. She also spoke up about why she stepped away from filming dramas, even though staying in the television industry would have led to many lucrative endorsements.

“I wasn’t willing to go in this direction,” Rainie explained, adding that she wanted to diversify her acting repertoire. “You can’t stay with a similar type of role just because you think viewers will like that. Viewers also have expectations of us.”

Roseleaf Bramble screenwriter Mag Hsu previously won a Golden Bell Best Screenplay Award for her work on In Time With You <我可能不會愛你>. Director Wang Xiaodi has also received several Golden Bell Best Screenplay Awards, most recently for the 2013 drama Boys Can Fly <刺蝟男孩>.

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Raine Yang sure looks different and matured. It must be hard for her fans who wants to see the eternal silly schoolgirl who throws tantrums and screams. It must be an impatient wait those who are waiting for her to marry Mike He. Raine does look grown up and sophisticated in that picture,

  2. Raine still look so pretty and young. Best of luck in returning to film a drama in Taiwan!!!

  3. ^dunno if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I am slightly disappointed that rainie isn’t all that cute anymore. I mean she first won fans over with her cute image and after she gained a foothold, she flipped 180 and wanted to venture into mature territory. It’s fine – I get it. Artists should try to evolve their work and image over time. Not everyone can be miss cute forever and if they attempt after a certain age, it can be cringey. But I am still a fan of her cute image back then – it was endearing. So while I admire her new trajectory and her acting as a whole, it feels like something is missing.

    1. @coralie
      LOL…I thought, she looks old up there already and starting 30’s really isn’t all that old yet but then again everyone ages differently thou.
      I mean, take k-star Chang Nana – she still looks babish even in her mid 30’s now.

    2. @coralie It is natural that our impression of and expectation for any artist remain contant despite the passage of time; however, it is also natural for them to move on and mature in their work as they age. You are right that the most cringeworthy and ridiculous thing for them to do is to keep doing the same thing even as they mature. The most notable of such “Peter Pan” acts can easily be found among HK male actors including all the current male leads in TVB. They (the proudcers) believe that as long as they use articifical means to keep them look young and then pair them up with younger actresses (daughters/nieces age) that they can continue to sell the same snake oil over and over again. In fact, I think what they were doing was a disservice to the actors they kept being boxed in and never able to mature as actors even as they age chronologically.

  4. I am actually quite surprised that Rainie has never been asked to partake in a TVB drama despite the fact that she is actually 100% Cantonese and acted on some HK movies (produced by Eric Tsang) when she was only a teen.

    1. @aiya i don’t think rainie speaks fluent canto – her canto is barely passable ’cause she grew up in taiwan. but her pronounciation of some words is proper ’cause she’s had practice from her mom.

      the other point is that tvb is not exactly famous enough to render it an inviting place for popular celebrities. like you’d never see show luo, jolin tsai, rainie, etc. on their network ’cause it’s really not big enough.

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