Ram Chiang: “I Won’t Make a Musical Comeback”

Although Ram Chiang (蔣志光) always delivered memorable television performances, last year was the first time TVB recognized his talent with the Best Supporting Actor award.  Come on, Cousin <老表,你好hea!> also allowed Ram to showcase his vocal talents, helping him win a slew of media attention and fans overnight. While enjoying this newfound popularity, Ram remains humble and modest.

Ram began his acting career in 1993 and is a recognized face in playing diverse supporting roles in TVB dramas. Already 53 years old and retired from his singing career, Ram did not contemplate the possibility of achieving fame again in his career. However, his portrayal as an initially deadbeat, but talented musician in Come on, Cousin reignited the audience’s affection for his soulful voice.

Through his love for music, Ram was able to overcome the struggles of identity crisis that many young actors now fight. “When I first began acting, I often asked myself: ‘Who am I?’ My own identity and my portrayal of the character blended together. The television world is simulated and the characters are made up. But music is real and authentic both inside and outside of the television world.”

Will Not Make a Musical Comeback

In the industry for thirty years, Ram is aware of how the entertainment industry runs. Despite the audience’s hope for Ram’s musical comeback, he has no such intentions. “I don’t like to look back. After all, this is everyone’s memory. Soon, the audience will crave for something new and fresh.”

A Simple Man Living Amongst the Crowd

For Ram, fame and fortune are meaningless. He said,”Even if they elevate you very high, you can be buried equally deep.” Rather than being idolized onscreen, Ram prefers living a normal life. Craving the joy of living amongst the crowd, he chooses to ride the subway despite his celebrity status. Ram’s familiar face often attracts many keen-eyed citizens when he steps out in public.

“After watching the basketball game [recently], someone saw me and waved, ‘Hi, Ram!’ It was not the greeting that a superstar would receive. The feeling is that Ram Chiang is the everyday neighbor that you see.” Ram shared that he enjoyed this type of attention. Rather than being admired as a celebrity, he enjoys being viewed as everyone’s friend.

Source: stheadline.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i hope a good song come to him, and he sings well, he don’t need an album, a good song is what he needs

    anyway, he always amazing supporting cast

  2. I hope he gets cast in better roles as Ram is a talented actor. Particular liked his portrayal of Linda’s effinminate uncle in Witness Insecurity. Many deserving actors who won Best Supporting still end up playing forgettable roles – Koo Ming Wah, Ben Wong, Evergreen Mak, Kenny Wong. Only Wayne got the breakthrough.

    1. i think wayne’s supporting roles are more memorable than his lead roles,after rosy business most of his lead roles are forgetable,but of course his acting is always good even if his roles are fogetabble.i like his versatility when he was supporting.

      1. Yes, I totally agree! Wayne was more memorable in supporting roles than lead. He was good in Safe Guards, Gentle Crackdown, Moonlight Resonance, Pages of Treasures, Fantasy Hotel. Perhaps I should say that I hope the winners of Best Supporting get better supporting roles with more substance than forgettable ones.

      2. And if you look at Koo, Ben and Evergreen … the year after they won BSA, the were not nominated for anything. Shows even the supporting roles they were given after their win were mediocre. (Ben was only cast as lead after Roger turned it down). And I’ll like to see the following win BSA: Joseph Lee, Power Chan and Lee Seng Cheong.

    2. That’s true in scared he would just fade in the background too.. At least Ben Wong & Kenny Wong are leading series now… Sad for Koo Ming Wah, Evergreen Mak & Pierre Ng though… They’re still playing supporting..

      1. I wouldn’t say Evergreen is just doing supporting roles. He certainly has played bigger roles since he won the award. Look at House of Harmony and Vengeance, Return of the Silver Tongue, and Storm in a Cocoon. He’s not the first lead but one can argue he played the second lead in those dramas.

  3. >>> believes fame and fortune are meaningless. He prefers living a normal life

    Wise! He sounds introspective and down to earth secure … knows what he wants/enjoys in life.

    More than can be said for some outwardly- successful, idolised but inwardly-starved and insecure people up there.

  4. It’s his life he can do whatever he want. So proud of him that he won Best Supporting Actor award. Beside acting hope he will consider to be hosting on the reality show.

  5. He is so down to earth, so humble! Great actor!Liking him more!

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