Roger Kwok and Charmaine Sheh Win TV King and TV Queen at 2014 TVB Anniversary Awards

Continuing their domination in television awards this year, Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) won TV King and TV Queen respectively at the 48th TVB Anniversary Awards, which concluded on December 15.

Crime drama Line Walker <使徒行者>, which was praised for its suspenseful plot, won Best Drama. Line Walker received 20.3 percent of 50 percent of viewer votes and 41.6 percent of 50 percent of TVB professional judges’ votes. The series was overwhelmingly popular when it was aired on Mainland Chinese streaming platforms, receiving 1.4 billion views.

Roger Kwok Credits Children for Making Him a Better Person and Actor

Roger Kwok Chilam CheungAs the guest presenter for Best Actor, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) attempted to lighten the tension by cracking a joke. Chilam said, “You can win the award even if you’re absent from the ceremony.” Roger’s expression turned serious and viewers thought that Raymond Lam (林峯) may be the winner. However, Chilam unveiled Roger’s victory and announced that Roger received over 60 percent of combined viewers and TVB professional judges’ votes for his performance in Black Heart White Soul <忠奸人>.

Although this is the third time that Roger has received the TV King title, he was still nervous in accepting the award on stage. He said, “When I dropped off my son at school this morning, I told him Daddy will not be home tonight since I have to attend the awards ceremony. My son told me to bring home all the awards. I told him, ‘Son, I have already taken all the awards. After you and your sister were born, both of you made my love grow, allowing me to lessen undesirable traits such as jealousy and arrogance. This allowed me to face my work comfortably, and for my emotions to flow freely [onscreen].’” Roger thanked his wife Cindy Au (歐倩怡) and his children for their love and support.

Charmaine Sheh’s Popularity is Unbeatable

Charmaine Sheh 9Making a strong comeback in Line Walker, Charmaine’s popularity has been unstoppable. Aside from Best Actress, Charmaine also won the My Favorite Female Character award. Charmaine received all 50 percent of votes from TVB’s professional judges’ votes and 28.6 percent of the 50 percent of viewer votes to secure her Best Actress win.

“Thanks to TVB for making my life more interesting. It’s not easy to win an award. It requires many sacrifices and much luck. I’m very lucky to have landed this role and come across a good producer in Jazz Man (文偉鴻).” With tears in her eyes, Charmaine said, “I frequently have a lot of stress, but [my mother] always has a bright smile for me. I’m very grateful to have you by my side.”

Line Walker also boosted the popularity of its cast members, helping Benz Hui (許紹雄) secure the My Favorite Male Character award.

Ram Chiang and Josie Ho Win Best Supporting Acting Awards

Ram Chiang Elena Kong kissLoved by peers and viewers for his talent, Ram Chiang (蔣志光) won Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Come On, Cousin <老表,你好hea!>. Elena Kong (江美儀) was so thrilled, she kissed Ram on the lips when presenting him the award.

“A swift horse needs a talent scout’s [recognition]. Twenty years ago, this happened but I loved my freedom. Twenty years later, a knight appeared and said he will help me get to my destination. Many thanks to Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍)!” Ram thanked Cho Lam for creating his breakout role in Come On, Cousin. As Ram concluded his acceptance speech with a few quick musical notes, Cho Lam, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Virginia Lok (樂易玲) broke into tears.

Dark horse candidate Josie Ho (何超儀) beat out Sharon Chan (陳敏之) in winning Best Supporting Actress. Although Josie is not a contracted TVB artiste, her powerful performance as an inmate in Tomorrow is Another Day <再戰明天> left a deep impression.

Louis Cheung and Priscilla Wong Win Most Improved Artiste Awards

Louis Cheung (張繼聰) had a breakout year and showed his acting range in Black Heart White Soul and Come On, Cousin. While the 35-year-old singer is not a newcomer to the entertainment industry, he has found a successful niche in TVB television dramas. Accepting the Most Improved Actor award before loud applause, Louis thanked TVB management and producers for casting him, as well as the station’s staff members. Louis is also grateful for wife Kay Tse’s (謝安琪) support and his family.

Priscilla WongAlthough Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) was rumored to be cast on the sidelines due to internal TVB politics, she beat out hot favorite Samantha Ko (高海寧) in winning Most Improved Actress. In her acceptance speech, Priscilla said, “Many thanks to Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍)  for giving life to my artiste career and Sandy Yu (余詠珊) for singling me out when I was still a student. My weaknesses haven’t changed much; fortunately my strengths are still here. Thanks to Virginia Lok and everyone who loves me.” Priscilla’s boyfriend Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) smiled proudly at Priscilla’s victory.

Veteran actor Tam Ping Man (譚炳文) received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Returning to TVB after a decade-long absence, Tam said, “TVB is popular where there are Chinese people. There are many Film Kings and Film Queens who originated from TVB! Hope TVB’s ratings continue to rise and earn big money so everyone can be happy!”

Below is a complete list of winners at the 2014 TVB Anniversary Awards:

Best Drama: Line Walker <使徒行者>

Best Actor: Roger Kwok (郭晉安) for Black Heart White Soul <忠奸人>
Best Actress: Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) for Line Walker <使徒行者>

Best Supporting Actor: Ram Chiang (蔣志光) for Come On, Cousin <老表,你好hea!>
Best Supporting Actress: Josie Ho (何超儀) for Tomorrow is Another Day <再戰明天>

My Favorite Male Character: Benz Hui (許紹雄) for Line Walker <使徒行者>
My Favorite Female Character: Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) for Line Walker <使徒行者>

Most Improved Actor: Louis Cheung (張繼聰)
Most Improved Actress: Priscilla Wong (黃翠如)

Best Theme Song: Line Walker <使徒行者> ending theme by Jinny Ng (吳若希)

Best Hosts: Nancy Sit (薛家燕) and Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) for Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk <Sunday扮嘢王>
Best Informational Program: Guardians of Life 2 <守護生命的故事2>
Best Variety Special:A Time of Love <愛情來的時候>

Professional Acting Awards: Chu Wai Tak (朱維德), So Yan Chi (蘇恩慈), Li Ka Ding (李家鼎), Law Lok Lam (羅樂林), and Ram Chiang (蔣志光)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tam Ping Man (譚炳文)


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  1. I prefer last year’s format where they revealed who were the Top 5 and showed the breakdown of votes (names were however not revealed in the votes breakdown). At least we know how the competition fared in comparison to the winner.

    1. Me too! And, btw, as much as I thought the winners are good, TVB did sorta rig the results in the sense that all 50% of the judges votes went to the winners.

      I MEAN COME ON, is it possible to not win if you have 50%??!? Even if you win 1% in popular vote, you’re still win lol. I have no idea what tvb is thinking, not as democratic voting process than what they claim to be lol.

      1. Roger and Charmaine has been the hot favourites all along. Nothing is wrong if the judges think highly about them too.

    2. Actually I think this year it’s rigged. From Ram’s speech you can tell that the professional judges are ‘TVB artistes and crews’ all along. These people obviously will vote for the veterans who have been with them for a long time as opposed to newer entries like Ruco for example. TVB is full of political bull—-

      1. TVB totally rigged the results. That’s why they can’t even reveal the top 5 for Best Actor or Most Fave Actor. TVB wants to give who they want to give. Ruco definitely deserves something, as his fan base is super loyal, hardworking & united when comes to voting and he’s also popular. Ruco came out tops in other polls like Yahoo or Sina.

      2. Right right why couldn’t TVB reveal the top 5 this year? Ruco at least deserved that honourable mention to the public as the top 5. I’m sick of this bias towards the oldies that TVB is doing.

    3. 50% pro judges’ votes went to Roger and Charmaine, that means Wayne, Crystal… worth 0 vote? Are you kidding, DADDY tv?

  2. Congrats to all the winners!! I think this year’s result is pretty fair except for Priscilla Wong. I think Leanne Li or Samantha Ko deserves the Most Improved Award more than her.

    1. Agree, correct me if I’m wrong, but I only remember seeing Priscillia in one series the whole year, and she didn’t impress.

  3. This is the first time I think Charmaine deserves the award. I couldn’t stand her acting in Heaven Dragon Sword back then when she first joined the entertainment industry.

    Have Roger and Chilam acted in a TVB drama together before? I would love to see them in a drama together if they haven’t worked together before.

    1. This is only her second win. Her first one was with the Four Maidens drama.

    2. As you said, Charmaine’s acting in “Heaven Dragon Sword” was her first drama series, of course her acting was not good. She never enrolled in any acting class before she stared her acting career. She got into TVB only after her winning in Miss Hong Kong Pageant Show.

      Lots of artistes act almost the same after being an actor/actress for more than 10 years. At least Charmaine has improved a lot in her acting skills, and she can handle different types of characters.

    3. they have collaborate before, the series was called A Herbalist Affair back in 2002. 🙂

    4. I felt nothing when Charmaine won the first time back then, but this year I was rooting for her and love her performance.

  4. Who is that gal with bangs and dark eyeliner sitting behind Charmaine in the group selfie pic ?

  5. Lai Dan should of gotten the Professional Acting Award.

    I rather see someone else get BA than Roger. He’s not that good. I rather see Michael Miu, Benz, or Raymond.

    1. Benz is in the supporting category. Michael? Maybe lifetime achievement. Raymond? Which one?The one who did not attend? NExt to Roger, he has much to learn. It is to me either ROger or Wayne.

      1. Michael Miu for TVB’s lifetime achievement award? His age is still in the middle-age range. I think some fans might think he doesn’t deserve it and he himself might be embarrassed to get this TVB’s senior award. I know he has been in the field for many years, but this award is usually meant for old actors / actresses who are elderly and have been in this field for probably over 40 years.

      2. By the way, which Raymond? However, I don’t think Raymond Lam’s acting is above Raymond Wong. They are about the same level. They are good but not as great as Wayne, Roger and Michael Miu.

    2. Who else? The best performance this year are by Roger and Ruco, tied. Followed by Michael Miu. Others have a long way to go.

    3. Roger indeed wasn’t that good. His acting was exactly the same or less than what he did in Last One Standing. Frankly if there is no rigging involved Ruco would’ve won fair and square. As usual TVB play their rigging and politic card. How many times more must TVB give face to mediocre oldies when there are great younger generation sadly waiting to be recognized. Look at Ruco had to rush back from filming Captain of Destiny in mainland to attend the ceremony to only getting nothing despite giving best performances of the year. Only Amy Wong I must thank for recognizing Ruco’s talent.

      1. Roger is good but not great. Totally over-rated in BHWS to get BA. Ruco, on the other hand, gave an outstanding performance as Carson in ROE. He did all the stunts himself. His facial/eye expressions were superb when he was physically or emotionally hurt. It looked so real that one would think Ruco was experiencing the physical/emotional pain. When he had to act playful (when courting Aimee and during in-camp training), he did it just as convincingly. His performance in ROE was great…just like how he acted so well as Sam in BK. I’m not a Roger hater, but just feel that Ruco deserves the BA award more than Roger. Ruco can take on Roger’s role in BHWS but Roger definitely can’t portray Carson. @Panda: agree that Amy Wong does have an eye for talent. Ruco was simply great in The Other Truth. Can’t get enough of barrister Keith Lau or Ruco Chan !! 🙂

  6. Power should have won BSA. He’s a better actor than Ram. But Ram’s a likeable guy.

    1. Power will get his chance. If there’s any year to deny him and give it to Ram, it is this year. They are both very good support actors and underrated.

  7. Charmaine’s performance in Line Walker is highly praised, I admit since her beginnings when people criticized her for her pronounciation and “lisp”, she has really improved in the last couple years.
    But… her dress for the Annivarsary award is just ridiculous.

      1. I don’t know which is worse, Charmaine’s choker dress or Him Law’s heavily patterned oversized winter jacket.

      2. All that you mentioned are ridiculous. May I add Kristal Tin, Sammy Sum and Ruco Chan to that lineup?

    1. Charmaine’s dress is a joke. Got sabotaged big time by her stylist 🙂

  8. Before Line Walker, Roger role in Black Heart White Soul got my attention. But after I watched Line Walker, I would have prefer either Raymond Lam or Michael Miu. I don’t understand what was so great in Roger’s role that he is making clean sweep of all the awards at TVB HK, Malaysia, Singapore when Line Walker is like the best series in years.

    1. I don’t find roger’s role exciting. Michael Miu did a better job but knowing TVB, it would have pushed younger one.

      roger should have received the favourite male character instead of BA.

  9. Very well deserved wins!! I agree with all the winners, maybe expect Priscilla. I think her acting is a little unnatural.

    As for some saying they like Power Chan, as much as I think he is good, I disagree on him winning the award. BSA should be an actor who brings life to the drama, sorta like the saving grace. Ram really saved that drama. It was funny but his singing parts and chemistry between him and Evana made the series most enjoyable. Quite frankly, the other actors were just silly….. Ram is one talented singer and actor and should be awarded.

    Actually, I found BSA to be the most suspenseful category. So much good actors – Ram, Benz, Kwan Lai Kit, Power Chan, etc.!!! In comparison to BS actress, Josie’s win wasn’t that surprising. Sharon Chan’s crying scenes were a little over the top. And.. I didn’t quite pity her and Kobe’s relationship. I guess it’s because they didn’t touch me (but is that because of bad acting??).

  10. for the first time in a few years lol i agree with the winners! lol im happy with it
    but i think raymond should at least get something

    1. we all know Fung deserve something but since he leave Tvb do u think they will give anything to him even he act so well, 1000000% no cos they wann revenge on him ,line walker must have bao seed to make a good drama and he and Charmine character is the soul of the drama but did Tvb give him at least my My Favorite Male Character ha ?

      1. Agree! Without their chemistry and the ensemble of Benz etc. the series would not have been a success! Ray Char brought out the best in each other hence they should have received BAs or most favorite together!

        Weeweebee is a joke! Good riddance to them! Glad Raymond will not be used by them like a slave and for promos! He will shine for all to see!

    2. Oh come on, too many sore losers here. Roger is better than Raymond and Benz was indeed a breakout character as popular as Laughing Gor. Why else would they want to make a movie based on Foon Hei Gor?

      1. im not even a fan of raymond. not everyone wanting raymond to win something is his fans….
        i didnt say raymond should with BA…
        i said he should win something.
        we all know roger deserve to win BA. gosh. please read what i say before saying something supid.

  11. I am very pleased with the list of winners. Josie’s and Ram’s victories were the most deserving!!! Louis Cheung also a deserving winner. But what made me most happy is both Linda and Kate did not win anything. And that’s what the two deserve – zero awards. They should not have been nominated in the first place.The only complaint I have is Priscilla Wong. Just how much improvements had she made to deserve the award? Her acting is still the same now as she first appeared.

  12. I guess I’m the only one who finds Roger unconvincing as a villain in BHWS. No doubt Roger is a seasoned actor, but his expressions/eyes just didn’t do it for me.

    1. I don’t think Roger deserved the award. 3 of his series sux. He act the same. The only good series was when he played ah Wong. Michael Mui or Raymond Lam could of won.

      1. roger didn’t do a fantastic job…why give him the BA award? seasoned actor doesn’t mean he can portray role well. wish Michael miu receive the award instead.

    2. Yup, agree. Roger is a seasoned actor but he wasn’t great in BHWS. Ruco could have done a better job than ROger. Ruco is amazing both as a villain or hero.

      1. Ruco is more versatile than Roger, but both were great and the best among other nominees in BHWS and ROE. I was fully backing Ruco but I don’t mind Roger win. It’s an honour for Ruco to fight with a seasoned veteran as Roger although he didn’t win. Of course if someone else won, the feeling will be different.

  13. >>The series was overwhelmingly popular when it was aired on Mainland Chinese streaming platforms, receiving 1.4 billion views.<<

    Does anyone know if the series is dubbed into mandarin for the mainland chinese? ..or are the viewers mostly from Quangdong?

    1. All TVB series has Mando version on tudou and dvd.

      And LW in China got 2.1 billion views overall. 1.4 billion is old number. A hard record to break as the second one only got 1.1 billion views.

  14. Elena kiss to Ram was so inapproriate and gross. A peck on the cheek would’ve been better and more tasteful. You can see Ram’s like noooooooooooooooo and look weird lol.

    1. Just another publicity stunt. Elena Kong/江美儀 is getting more and more annoying.

    2. Yeah, next thing you know, she will be cursing during the awards ceremony. I like her as an actress though..

  15. Elena kiss to Ram was so inappropriate and gross. Pecks on the cheeks would have been more tasteful. She didn’t even act with him… Eeew!

  16. Yay Josie won! I really enjoyed Tomorrow is Another Day because of her and Vincent.
    On another note, the awards ceremony was SO BORING with its presenters.

  17. Don’t know why Michael Miu didn’t get nominated. Thought he did pretty well in Line Walker.

    1. Michael Miu & Benz Hui are 2 great actors…one received best character which he deserves…but Michael Miu also deserves the award.

  18. i feel so sorry for bosco,he have to watch how myolie was flirting with johson lee on stage,while just could watch with a big smile on his face.

    1. Agree but it seem like Bosco didn’t give a stuff tvb arranged that to happen hive myolie and Johnson together last night

      1. Johnson has no chance everyone knows his a playboy his going after myolie ex wish we could see Johnson expression at myolie birthday when myolie spent most of the night with Kevin cheng

      2. i hope so,not a fan of johson lee,when he ask the public if they they match or not,many gave a disaproving sign lol.

      3. I think Kevin is better than Johnson. Although Myolie must be happy and proud that Johnson flirted with her in front of millions of audience in live show and together promote their series but personally Kevin has a better background and looks. Of course Ruco or Kenneth will be better than Kevin, Ron and Johnson. Myolie should choose wisely.

      4. kevin has already said they are just good friends and want to stay being good friends,so no chance.i dont know why you mention ruco and kenneth they are not even close with each other,they are just colleague’s.ron is a big question,it seems they have great chemistry,if ron make the move i think everything is possible.but in the end i still hope boscolie will reunite again.

  19. I dont understand how Priscilla Wong got the Most improved award? Her acting didnt really improve that much. I think Samantha Ko had much better improvement.

  20. If true to the award name, either Samantha Ko or Leanne Li should get the Most Improved award. Both showed marked improvement in their acting, especially Leanne.

    1. Agreed….Leanne Li’s performance was unexpectedly impressive in both drama and comedy. Acting definitely improved heaps and bounds. She was robbed definitely!

      Samantha Ko also did well but overacted in some scenes but if she won, I would say, ok fair enough, I see the effort in improvement in multiple series.

      Priscilla Wong had no business in this category. I do like her, but she is over rated now.

    2. I think Leanne should win the most improved more than Samantha

    3. Ditto! I doubt Leanne or Samantha will have another chance at MI.

  21. No matter what cermoney and who is the winner there win be fans un happy but this year roger and a sheh came first with the most votes most support from tvb artist and professional judges votes

  22. Oh..I was rooting for Ruco too. I guess he will need to have more luck next year? I still think he is a great actor, such a hunk ;-). Not sure if Priscilla deserved the award. I like her hosting gigs more than her acting. Find her voice annoying at times. I’m just wondering how many actors will announce that they will leave TVB in the near future if in fact, the results were “rigged” somewhat.

    1. Ruco will depend on EITS and COD next year to get this BA award. Both look like big enough productions but I’m scared that Grace and Tony will bother Ruco’s chances in COD although I’m happy TVB filmed majority of thr scenes in Hengdian.

      1. Yeah…I hope Ruco would not be sidelined again next year for BA award. He has been acting in small productions (except BK) and alongside weak co-stars whom he has to babysit all the time. I can’t wait to watch EITS and COD next year. Re COD, I hope Tony and Grace do not drag down the ratings. Again, Ruco is made to babysit these 2 newbies.

    2. @mungoo: I was rooting for Ruco too. I think many viewers were rooting for him too. He’s a great and versatile actor and definitely deserving BA for his role as Carson in ROE. I don’t hate Roger but I think he’s over-rated in BHWS. Ruco can definitely take on Roger’s roles but not vice-versa.

    3. Ruco is not just hunk…he is eye candy. He’s a really nice guy with great personality. His sportiness and humility makes him really sexy and attractive. Plus he’s talented and a great actor. He’s like the total package.

  23. Congratulations to all the winners except Priscilla! This year’s result was pretty fair except Priscilla! I was rooting for Ruco all along for BA and MFC but Roger was great! No doubt about Charmaine, she was sticks out from the rest brilliantly. So happy for her for making a clean sweep on the awards whether by popularity voting or professional judges!

    I’m glad Sharon didn’t win! But Priscilla didn’t deserve MI. Better Leanne Li or Samantha Ko.

    1. I’m happy too about Ram and Benz. The two veterans got standingg ovations from the artistes. For those who questioned Benz popularity because their fav lost, get a grip. Benz was a phenomenon in HK while LW aired, confessed by HK people. LW dropped it’s enjoyability to watch after his character ended.

    2. Many rooted and voted for Ruco. But as usual, TVB rigged the results and gave whoever they want to. Sometimes I feel this award ceremony is meaningless…it’s like a pity party for oldies. If the veterans or winners really deserve the award, by all means. But if TVB heavily advertised that it is based on public voting blah blah blah, then make it fair and transparent!

  24. Benz was super in LW. Besides the greats in this series, Charmaine, Benz, Raymond and Michael, the rest of the cast also did a marvellous job. Sammy, Elena, Oscar performed their parts very credibly and added brilliance to the series. the Line Walker will be talked about for a long time to come!

    1. High 5! I’m waiting to see if there will be any Jaynestyle too for the awards. My eyes were burnt by the fashion atrocity of Kristal Tin, Charmaine Sheh, Him Law and Sammy Sum. Omg omg my eyes

      1. And Ruco Chan too! Who looks like a hooligan instead of an award contender. I love this guy but his fashion sense are mostly miss.

      2. Agree with Risa. Ruco looks horrible. His outfit and awful beanie masks his handsome features. What was he thinking about or did some stylist dress him up like that?

      3. I don’t think Ruco looks that bad. Yes he was too casual but so is Sammy. It was just his beanie to hide his baldness and his glasses. Tony Hung looks worse and so is Oscar Leung with too much patterns on his suit! The worst of all is Him Law who has layers and layers of plaid pattern all over his body in his oversized coat and weird shirt. Now that is what we call real eye burning.

      4. I think Charmaine, Sharon, Priscilla, Linda, Tavia all went to the same bridal tailor LOL

      5. Speaking of burning, about Him Law, why did his skin look so bad in complexion? He was sitting among tanned guys and still manages to look burned in coal! He better not taking artificial tan and overly tanned his skin!

      6. Ruco’s outfit wasn’t that bad…it’s just too casual. Think only he can carry off that type of outfit coz he’s such a hunk and so manly. He usually looks good in his casual dressing. But somehow on occasions like this, the stylist always sabotage him (and others).

  25. love Priscilla Wong acting in swipe tap love. She deserve to win!

  26. there are not many guys who are dark and yet look good. I like ruco with hair.
    men in dark suit with bow tie are suave.

    1. Yeah…Ruco has a healthy and natural glow. Those with artifical tan looks too fake. With or without hair, Ruco looks hot hot hot !!! 🙂

  27. Ruco is naturally handsome but i wish he has a better dress sense. However, no matter how awfully dressed he is, we all just love him.

    1. Ruco looks ok most of the time in his own casual style. But of coz he has his off days…which he may be dressed by his or TVB’s stylist. But I thought for the TVB award, he still looks ok, just a little too casual. But totally agree that he is naturally handsome and so cool and manly!. I don’t care what he wears…I’ll take him anytime 🙂

    2. I never liked Ruco Chan’s outfits. He always tried too hard to look trendy and most of the time his outfits were not appropriate for the occasions.

      For a formal occasion, dressy outfits would be best for men, either dark suits or tuxedos, with dark socks and dress shoes, and not sneakers.

      1. How do you know Ruco tries too hard to look trendy? He doesn’t need to try. HE IS TRENDY just that he needs to improve his dress sense. He is usually very casually dressed and still looks good. Maybe he doesn’t earn enough to dress in expensive well cut clothes or he gets sabotaged by the so called stylist.

      2. Agree with Coco that Ruco doesn’t try hard to look trendy. He is trendy, chic and current. He looks good most of the time in his casual clothes as he has the good physique. At the Starhub and Astro awards, he looks really really good. Formal but yet not over-dressed for the occasion. With a bald head, it’s not easy to dress up. Ruco comes from humble background and rough start to his career. So if he’s not a big spender, I would totally understand. I don’t care what clothes he wears or whether he is bald or with hair, we all simply love this guy!! 🙂

  28. I noticed that quite a no of inexperienced artistes given big / leading roles come from very rich families.

    1. TVB management likes to rub elbows with the wealthy, who demands to be handed the best (women, roles, etc.) simply because they have money. Money talks. 🙂

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