Fans Urge Ram Chiang to Make Musical Comeback

Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!> boosted the popularity of singers and cast members, Ivana Wong (王菀之) and Louis Cheung (張繼聰), after their well-liked performances. Its sequel, Come On, Cousin <老表,你好hea!> has also increased the popularity of 1990s retired singer, Ram Chiang (蔣志光).

During episode 12 this week, Ram reunited with his partner Rita Carpio (韋綺姍) and performed a mock version of their very popular hit “You Needn’t Be Acquaintances to Meet with Each Other” <相逢何必曾相識>. Changing the entirety of the lyrics to fit a funeral scene, Ram belted out to the new version of his song, “You Needn’t Be Acquaintances to Burn Funeral Clothes” <相逢何必曾燒衣>.

Retaining its catchy tune and spicing it up with new jazzed up lyrics, the clip of Ram singing was soon uploaded onto various social networking sites and platforms. In a little less than 24 hours, one of Ram’s video clips garnered over 300,000 likes with fans urging him to make a comeback in the music industry. Fan messages flooded Ram’s Facebook page and netizens even dug up an old clip of Ram covering Danny Chan’s (陳百強) “Farewell Tonight” <今宵多珍重>.

Not only has Ram become an overnight Internet sensation, but his performance managed to boost viewership ratings. Come On, Cousin had an average of 25 points throughout its two-week broadcast. During Ram’s episode, the ratings started at 26 points when Ram sang the original version of his song with Rita. Rising to an all-time high, the episode peaked at 28 points when Ram chatted with the spirit of his onscreen deceased wife, Rita, in the park.

Chilam Cheung Encourages Ram Chiang to Make Comeback

Having worked under the same record company in the past, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) openly encouraged Ram to step his foot back into the music scene again.

Chilam expressed, “When we debuted, we were with the same record company. ‘You Needn’t Be Acquaintances to Meet with Each Other’ was competing with ‘Modern Day Love Story’ <現代愛情故事>. A month or two ago, Rita spoke about a reunion with Sarah Wong (黃寶欣) and Ram. They went for hot pot but didn’t sing. Maple Hui (許秋怡) was also supposed to attend, but her ceiling broke so she couldn’t come. But they plan to do it again. We welcome the idea [of singing together again], we did sing ‘Old Friends’ <舊朋友> and I want to sing it again.”

On the idea of Ram making a comeback, Chilam added, “He has to! Just wait for me to set this up [with the company].”

Ram Chiang Demonstrates Vocal Talent in “Come On, Cousin”

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  1. He has a very good vocal cord I didnt even notice he was a singer back in the days?!

    I like his acting alot he in all ways supherb I hope i see him more in TVB series!!

    1. It’s was so funny, I was watching episode 12 and the song … love it soo much!
      I asked my mom, was Ram Chiang a singer back in the days? She replied ‘Yeah, didn’t you know?’ I really had no clue that he was a singer and later became a actor (liked him a lot in ‘War of the Genders’):p I just watched 今日VIP (November 7th) and the presenter told me that a lot of younger TVB actors had no clue as well :p So we are not the only ones :p

  2. His voice now is better than before. That would be cool if he make a come back. I’m sure he’ll make more money and can sing tvb theme song and many more opportunities.

    1. I agree with you here. When I first heard him singing that Jacky Cheung’s hit song, I was completely floored with his performance!

  3. I remembered that song! It was such a hit back in the days. Yes to Ram getting back in the music industry. Maybe he could write songs for others. Such a talented guy!

  4. I don’t find that song nice at all. It sounds very weird even back in those days of JSG. The tune sounds funny to me, not very melodious.

      1. Thx, yes i heard the original and saw his performance at the JSG awards show itself on the cable TV re-runs of JSG a few years ago. I don’t like the tune at all. I also remember this song from Alls Well Ends well (the first of this Alls well series of movies starring Leslie Cheung too) and i was thinking to myself, “sheesh what an awful song” before I even knew that this was actually one of the Top 10 songs on JSG lol!

      2. That song was such a grate hit back then . Go Ram, you’re a legend.

  5. Episode 12 of Come On Cousin is definitely my favorite episode so far!   I was waiting for the Ram and Rita reunion to take place and was ecstatic that it finally happened in that episode.  Both of them performed the song beautifully and just hearing them sing it brought back so many memories!  Hearing that song again, plus his other hit “Old Friends” (which was also featured in the series) gave me the urge to go dig up those songs’ old MVs to watch and listen to all over again.

    I also love how episode 12 had so many references to Ram’s career in real life (i.e.:  how he started off imitating George Lam and also the “saliva songs” reference).  Definitely glad that Ram got the chance to sing several times in this series – he’s a great singer (as well as composer / lyricist)….it’s definitely the HK music industry’s loss that he decided to leave the industry.   If he does decide to make a comeback and releases another album, I will absolutely support!!

  6. So happy that he is finally getting more recognition for his singing.

  7. So not only is he a terrible actor, he is also a cringe worthy singer as well.

  8. Yes!!! I love his singing in this show! Didnt know he was a singer also..

    From when he first sang the jacky cheung aong in this show, i was already impressed.. And the two songs after, even the funeral one, IMPRESSED!!!

  9. I was very impressed with his vocal cords. He really should go back to singing… or at least mentor someone… (just like the show)

    He is not a bad actor, but always given less than meaty roles… (second tier actor?)

    I hope TVB can give him more opportunities.

  10. Ram is a lousy actor. He always looks like he’s going to laugh when he says his dialogue; even in serious roles he gives me the impression that he’s trying hard to stifle his laugh or smile. Can never take him seriously as an actor and I always associate him with simpleton Ah Fook roles. However he looks like a nice guy in real life. I do like him but just think he’s not a good actor. His singing is not that great either, back in JSG days or now.

  11. Ram is a good actor, and he is even a better singer. He has a very strong voice and he sings well.

    He never got a major role in TVB drama series because he is not ambitious. He just takes acting as a job, not a career.

    Ram’s only problem is his look. He did not look handsome even when he was young.

    1. I think he looks cute now and when he was young. Not the fierce handsome but the pleasant look of a soft man.

    2. agreed. Ram has a very “uncle” look to him. compare to other actors around his age like Michael Miu or Raymond Cho or Roger Kwok, he looks very old.

  12. oh yes,Alluka.I totally agree with you!
    Lets vote for him!

    1. this song very popular because 1997 HK hangover to China

      chorus part, sound like George Lam

  13. the best part of episode 12, Ram singing the classic it was sooo good! Hope he comeback!!

  14. Yes! Ram, please make a music comeback! i have bern waiting for 20 years! i think ram actually wrote the lyrics to that hit! he is very talented.

    Ram is not handsome and is losing his hair but i have always liked watching him act on screen. whether playing a wise adviser or a greasy rogue, ram has always been professional. even if he doesn’t make a music comeback, i will still support his acting.

    1. Yup…not only did Ram write the lyrics to 相逢何必曾相識, he also composed the melody as well (same with the other song that was featured in the series 舊朋友). He was one of the few musical talents back then who actually composed / wrote his own songs and sang them too. I know I keep saying this, but it’s definitely the music industry’s loss that he left.

      I also watched the Green Room interview that Ram did with Rita (I presume it was recorded last week, since it was before episode 12 had aired) and it was great to hear how happy the 2 of them are to work together again (and Ram was very sweet during the interview, humbly saying that Rita is many levels above him in terms of singing). It was also interesting to hear the behind-the-scenes stories about the filming of the series. I would definitely love to see the 2 of them collaborate again if there is an opportunity — and yes, if they do decide to reunite with Chilam, Sarah, and Maple to sing ‘Old Friends’ again, that would be awesome as well!

  15. I didn’t know he could sing either.

    Having watched TVB in years, but had enjoyed his acting – he doesn’t seem to have aged at all.

  16. I didn’t know he could sing this well too! Yes support him to come back to be a singer! Nowadays there aren’t worthy big HK singer successor after Eason Chan.

  17. Episode 12 is by far the best episode ,I have watched ‘All wells,Ends wells’ many times and never found the song to be appealing to me,until Ram when he actually singed it ,It was so surprising for me when I youtubed the mv and saw him as the original singer!!!!!!

  18. Ram, you are a great singer compare to some male artist I love your voice and acting in Come On, Cousin show. Its really hilarious! I love the drama and I support you all the way in your singing career.

  19. he always want to be a singer but back then he wasn’t popular as a singer so he quit with singing.

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