Raymond Lam’s Cousin to Enter TVB?

Since attending his younger sister, Regina ’s wedding, Raymond Lam Fung’s family photos have circulated online. Many netizens noted the physical resemblance between Regina and TVB comedian, Wong Cho Lam, and heavily criticized Regina ’s appearance.

On the other hand, Raymond’s younger cousin, Lin Xia Wei, received a high positive praise for her looks. Xia Wei’s beauty stood out at the wedding. As a theater performer at the Hong Kong Repertory, Xia Wei appeared on TVB’s The Green Room <今日VIP> for an interview earlier. Due to the public’s positive praise towards Xia Wei’s beauty, TVB allegedly asked Raymond to persuade her to join TVB. Perhaps it may be possible that Raymond and Xia Wei will form a “brother and sister” team at TVB!

Old photos student photos of Xia Wei circulated the forums and her star quality was obvious even in simple, everyday photos. Xia Wei possessed large, round eyes and partially resembled Lin Chiling andJennifer Tse Ting Ting.

At her wedding, Regina ’s looks were heavily criticized by netizens, leading to much unhappiness. As a loving brother, Raymond set aside time in his extremely busy schedule to appear at Regina ’s wedding. Through his manager, Cindy, Raymond posted on his blog about the incident. He praised Regina for being kind-hearted and filial to the family. Due to his appearance at Regina ’s wedding, Raymond felt disheartened that he brought upon such criticism towards his sister.

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Lin Xia Wei does have a bright and memorable smile. She looks quite elegant too. Although her nose may be a little big and may not fit everyone’s definition of beauty, she possesses a distinct look similar to Jennifer Tse.

It’s completely unfair to compare Lin Xia Wei to Regina Lam as they are different people.

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  1. Sighs. Did they have to do this? I don’t care if they praise how beautiful Xia Wei is, because it’s true, but it’s so unfair to drag Regina into this again. The previous article already hurt their family so much, now they have to compare her to a “prettier” cousin? I hope Regina doesn’t think much of this.

    On the other hand, if Xia Wei really enters TVB, I hope she can act. I’m so tired of new pretty faces who can’t act to save their life.

  2. His manager is Candy, not Cindy.

    Xia Wei is student of Beijing acting institute.

    1. Thanks for the info Fox! If she is a student of Beijing Dian Ying Xue Yuan then her acting shouldn’t be too bad, but lets see…

      1. Uhm, she acted in theater few times, in some movies and dramas. BTW, I don’t think she’ll sign with TVB :P. Being in Today VIP doesn’t mean she’ll be with TVB soon.

  3. At first when it said cousin, I thought that it was a male cousin. I feel sad for Regina since she was already heavily criticized at her wedding but is now being compared to her cousin too. I can tell that Raymond feels really bad for what happened to his sister. I bet his sister is a sweet girl but has to go through all this.

    At first glance, I thought his cousin sort of looked like Ariel Lin. It is more than looks, but sadly, the circle and the world are shallow so looks seem to be more important than anything. I find that sad since there are many talented actors and singers that just don’t make it because they simply don’t look “good enough” in the public’s eye.

  4. @Fox,
    I think you may be right because IF she is from CHina, then I highly doubt that she will sign with TVB. She may just stay in China and be in series and movies there. Why would she want to sign with TVB??

      1. Of course. She has a good career now in China, so I don’t think she’ll give up everything and start at zero in TVB.

  5. She is pretty and cute, but not outstanding compared to other actresses. I do agree that she has the “star look” though. Hopefully her training from acting school will give her a good push and praises in her acting. That will help her get farther in the future.
    And yes, I do feel bad for Ray and his sister. She was supposed to be very happy on her wedding day, but the reporters completely ruined her day by publishing those unflattering pics of her. Ray feels responsible because of his attendance. She’s his sister afterall, so he was just doing what any big brother would have done, but just because of his star status, he can’t even do something as simple as that without being photographed and having some protection and privacy for his family. It’s also unfair to compare the sister and the cousin.

    1. Yea and also since she is his sister, they have each other’s blood and genes. Therefore,I think for them to say bad things about his sister’s looks is sort of like indirectly saying bad things about him… The price they all pay for entering the circle.

      About his cousin, well it is more than looks anyways so I hope that if she has talent then hopefully she will be successful. Good luck to her!

    2. I agree with you about the unfairness in comparing the two cousins. I really hate that! It’s funny how in this world that some people just have that much time to criticize others. They don’t even look at themselves first. I get compared to my cousin from my moms side also I got compared to my neice that is my age on my fathers side. I hardly talk to them. It’s always thief sides of the people that finds time to hurt my feelings. I think I’m both as pretty as my cousin and neice but have to be repeatedly compared to them. How ignorant is that? Honestly, it really does hurt my feelings. My cousins wife obviously knows I look better than her and have to smear my face saying nasty things to me but not directly. These are really cruel people with ugliness written across their forehead. I’ve been trying to stay away from gossip my whole life but they just keep coming.

  6. you make way more money in mainland anyways. all the tvb stars shoot mainland series for a reason. can she speak cantonese properly?

  7. I don’t think she’ll sign with TVB too. There are more better companies to choose from especially in mainland where the pay are higher. TVB pays their artistes very little and play favourites. She’ll make better fortune in mainland or in movies.

  8. Wow big nose is running in the family. It is very clear that Ray has his one fix. He looks totally different from when he first enter TVB.

    1. But he doesn’t look too different to himself when he is 15. So he changed his look when he enter TVB and then changed back to his old look before he changed? So complicated.

    2. Aren’t big noses notable for having good fortune?? But then again that can be a myth…

  9. “At her wedding, Regina ’s looks were heavily criticized by netizens, leading to much unhappiness.”

    Who caused this? It’s you guys, the reporters and the HK media. Who published a big picture of Regina in your papers and with big title saying Regina look like Wong Cho Lam? You guys. Who caused this unhappiness? You guys.
    Now, you just put the blame in the netizens when they main culprit are you guys.

    1. Lol, of course they do that. You think they will run around and say “here we are the ones who hurt her? Here we are the one who teased her?”

      1. Oh why not blame it on her parents for bad genes and his brother for being more gorgeous?

        Nothing wrong with being the less attractive one because she married a good looking guy right? She’s the only daughter, right? And she’s rich as well right? Netizens and the press can be insensitive and they can be brutally honest as well. You can all criticise her and all but at the end of the day she can weep into that latest LV bag she just bought, whilst we weep into toilet papers. She will survive this.

      2. haha…nothing wrong with being unattractive EVEN if she didn’t marry a good looking guy, is just a daughter, or is not rich… etc etc. Can’t help what god blessed you with.

  10. Oh and sorry I don’t think the cousin that exceptional. She’s slim, she’s fair and she’s young, 3 qualities that helps in “beauty”. If you ask me is she beautiful, no. Just nice looking.

    1. I have to agree! She’s pretty enough, sure but there were prettier girls walking down the street the last time I visited Chinatown.

      I don’t understand the comment about large round eyes though. Perhaps it’s because I’m Southeast Asian and eyes that her size are considered on the smallish side and NOT round. She’s very thin…I guess that’s fashionable, too. Thin, white skin, bright smile, enough qualities to be considered pleasant looking…however NOT beautiful.

      1. But I think she looks good enough and if she has talent and other great qualities then she can go far.

        Raymond’s sister will not enter the circle, so it doesn’t matter how she looks. She married a good looking guy, has a rich family that loves her, has a great life,etc… Therefore, I don’t think she will care about what others say about her. She a great brother like Raymond who loves her and attended her wedding in spite of how busy he was.

      2. Maybe the so called unattractive sister will be the one to take over the father’s business. So entering or not entering showbusiness is a rather redundant question. She may have set her sight on something bigger than entertainment and good for her is she does.

        And of course in chinese family unless you’re dead, you have no excuse not to go to your brother’s wedding, even if you’re mortal enemies. So I don’t see him going there as something out of the ordinary or exceptional. In fact if he didn’t go I would feel what kind of a brother is this.

      3. I think my typing skills sucks. I meant sister, I meant if.

      4. She is an accountant. Her job doesn’t require her to look princess but require her to have good skill.

  11. I think big nose kinda runs in their family. She’s pretty enough to be a celebrity though.

  12. Look like her acting (in theater) has a great remark. She is praised.

  13. @Funn,
    Well, I thought it is great for Raymond to go because he is really really busy… I can tell you that one of my friend’s cousin’s got married and none of her siblings attended because they hated each other. Therefore, don’t think that just because you are siblings that you will neccessarily go to each other’s weddings. My dad couldn’t go to one of my brother’s weddings since he was not in America at the time too. I think if you have a good reason to not go then that is understandable… Therefore, if Raymond was not able to attend due to some important reason then I would understand…

    1. Nothing is more important than your little sister and probably ONLY sister marrying. It is her big day and unless you’re stuck in some place cut off from transport totally, every other reason is a non excuse.

      And siblings who hate each other does not realise when it comes to the worst, family is family. I pity such siblings.

      1. Totally agree with you.

        It’s his only sister’s big day. No reason to not attend.

  14. wow seems like the girls in raymond’s family has really big noses. even raymonds nose wasn’t that big looking before he got surgery (i don’t care what you have to say, he CLEARLY did have surgery…)
    im sorry it doesnt matter how pretty xia wei is her big nose totally ruins the whole ‘picture’ im sorry if i am harsh but it’s the entertainment world everyone judge based on looks and talent, but mostly looks…

    1. well, charmaine sheh has a pretty big nose, not quite as big as xia wei’s but still considered big. Lots of tvb actresses are flawed one way or another.

      1. “Lots of tvb actresses are flawed one way or another.”

        I agree.
        Every human be it an actor, actress or just any other person on the street is flawed in one way or another. That’s just how humans are like. So for me, there is no such thing as a perfectly beautiful person. I know all these artists depend on their looks to attract people to them but it’s just plain unrealistic to expect them to look perfect because they are only human. Some may be excellent examples of human beauty but still there will be some small flaw that people will harp on about or is hidden from plain sight. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

  15. She is average looking. There is makeup, Photoshop, hair dresser and lighting that makes her look like this on the picture above. I look better hahahhahaha!!!!!!!

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