Raymond Lam’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Bed Photos!

In the latest issue of Next Magazine, bed photos of Raymond Lam Fung and ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan Shuangshuang, were exposed. From the camera angle, it appears that Mavis took the photos while Raymond was sleeping. The bed photos created a stir in Hong Kong and hurt Raymond’s feelings deeply. When reporters confronted Raymond about the photos, he admitted that he was previously engaged in a serious relationship with Mavis. 

At the Return to the Three Kingdoms <回到三國>costume fitting yesterday, Raymond admitted that he and Mavis had dated for several months. They met on the film set of The Jade and the Pearl <翡翠明珠> last year. At the time, Raymond was quite serious about the relationship; the pair even met each other’s parents. Due to differences in their personalities and Raymond’s hectic schedule, resulting in little time spent together, the pair agreed to separate amicably. Since their break-up, they have not maintained contact.

Reflecting on his past relationship with Mavis, Raymond’s eyes brimmed with tears. He indicated that the bed photos scandal hurt him the most since entering the entertainment industry. Raymond stated that he was unaware that photographs were taken while he slept. In regards to future relationships, Raymond will let fate determine its course and will not purposely avoid them.

Since Raymond and Mavis were very discrete in handling their romance, Raymond’s former co-stars, Charlene Choi and Miriam Yeung Chin Wah, were unaware of his past relationship. On the set of The Jade and the Pearl, Raymond and Mavis maintained their distance. Regarding the surfacing of Raymond’s bed photos, Charlene felt that Raymond had trusted the wrong person, alluding that Mavis may have revealed the photos for publicity reasons.   

Mavis Pan is a 24 year-old Taiwanese model and actress. Her voluptuous figure has earned her the nickname of “Little Shu Qi” in Taiwan. Mavis appeared in films, The Jade and the Pearl <翡翠明珠> and What Women Want <我知女人心>. She has appeared in numerous commercials as well.


Compiled from Tom.com and the Sun

Jayne: I believe Raymond and Mavis’ bed photos first circulated on line. Netizens speculated that Raymond Lam was the man in the photo due to the striking resemblance. Next Magazine then published the photos. 

Who you trust can come back to haunt you, especially if you are a big star like Raymond Lam, where association of any sort will mean instant fame. Raymond sounded very hurt because he had trusted Mavis. He said he never knew that photos were taken while he slept. The intention of Mavis leaking the photos was only to achieve fame. It’s an exploitation of her past relationship with Raymond. I think Charlene Choi was correct in her blunt statement that he had trusted the wrong person.

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  1. Raymond you got bad taste. First when looking for a girl she’s got to be attractive. Second she got to have a nice body. Face none. Body only boobs and very skinny. No guys like skinny girls or barrell body come on. You’re rich and you can choose so many beautiful girls and you chose her. What a shame to the guys

  2. why are people so surprised? Raymond is no different than any hong kong man… girls that are anorexic-ally thin with gigantic jugs. Hopefully he’ll learn and now look beyond the exterior!

  3. he likes her because she’s easy. maybe from the beginning, she got close to him just for this moment later. probably circulated/informed and sold the pics for a lump sum(or better yet, instant fame and publicity), secret deal between her and tabloids. these photos have always been on hand and her Plan B if the relationship sours.

  4. Im most surprised and disappointed that such a star as Raymond Lam could have landed himself in such a compromising situation. Thought he’d be more careful and selective who his bed partners are. Nowadays with all these easy photo-taking one just can’t but be more discreet.

    1. As a previous poster mentioned… beneath all the glitz and glam, he’s still just a typical guy. 😛 Only difference is that his fame allows him more easy access to girls than the average Joe.

  5. i cant believe this raymond..dissappointed 🙁

  6. I don’t think that just because a girl has big boobs, and has a good body doesn’t exactly mean that she is a bad person or that Raymond has bad taste. You never know she could actually be a good person on the inside. Not that a good person would relveal these pictures, but you never know.

  7. Yeah that’s true no one is talking about it anymore. Neither is he, since he’s too busy to sleep cause he’s filming a drama. I wouldn’t of said anything, but I just wanted to make it an even 190 comments. Hehehehe lol 😛

  8. it actually very ordinary things but maybe he is public person so when these picture was reveal,i think people who care about him was very dissapoint include me!!!!!

  9. I agree with Judy. Why is everyone surprised? He’s a normal healthy man, wouldnt it be more weird if he didnt sleep with women -___-

    Anyway, just very bad luck this has happened to him :/

    1. yes, of course! I agree with u! That girl want to fame so she used ray:-( how pity ray:-(

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