Raymond Lam Admits Crying And Drinking Non-Stop During Mavis Pan Scandal

Over the past six months, a thousand arrows pierced Raymond Lam’s (林峯) heart, due to the release of intimate photos with ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan (潘霜霜). Since the first series of bed photos circulated, the night before the publication of the weekly tabloids, Raymond waited for his “death” from a ticking time-bomb. The countdown led to a complex emotional mix of fear, loss, panic, and ugliness….

Aside from filming television series, Raymond became very insular during the photo scandal. He suffered insomnia, cried tormentingly, and turned to alcohol. “Reflecting back to that point in time, in fact, I do not know how I passed the time.” Today’s Raymond laughed over the matter.

After dying, Raymond came back to life. His family and the company’s support made Raymond not give up. With his fire burning again, Raymond continued to appear “chok” in his recent Hong Kong Coliseum concert. In private, he acquired a phobia to taking photos, similar to delusional disorder victims. Did the mention of Mavis Pan’s name equate to having a nightmare? Raymond replied, “No, they are a part of my memories.” Raymond held no regrets and remorse in love.

Coming from a wealthy background, Raymond’s career was smooth in recent years, and became one of TVB’s chief promoted artists. He filmed series continuously and performed concerts at Hong Kong Coliseum for three consecutive years. He received the Most Popular Singer in the Asia-Pacific Region for two years. Raymond’s fortune made many actors drool. However, the unexpected outbreak of bed photos and Mavis Pan’s complaints over their relationship caused Raymond to lose face and dignity.

Crying and Drinking Continuously

Mavis Pan was the first girlfriend that Raymond Lam publicly acknowledged over his 12-year career. Of course there was no other choice except for Raymond to admit his relationship with Mavis, given the release of their bed photos. However, the photo scandal was an unexpected storm. Raymond was filming Return to the Three Kingdoms <回到三國> at the time and cried over the photo scandal every day, causing him to become a puffy-eyed Zhuge Liang.

Recalling the bed photo scandal, Raymond occasionally heaved a long sigh, “It was an experience, a part of life.  Of course, there are sweet and bitter experiences in life. I was indeed very sad during those days. Aside from pouring my heart out to my manager, I did not know what else to do.  I hid myself away, which was quite autistic. Since I had to work every day and face the media and colleagues at work, I thought too much. What perspective did people look at me with? I worried too much. I had to also balance my work.

“Thinking on a deeper note, I was very fortunate to be filming Return to the Three Kingdoms at the time, forcing me to face the situation. The pressure was really high and there was no one to share them with. I can only cry–crying and drinking non-stop. I could not sleep at night and talked to my manager until dawn. However, I did not know what will happen next. Each day, I was very fearful. Thinking back, I do not know how I passed the time.”

When asked whether Raymond felt fearful or ashamed at the time, he noted, “I experienced all types of emotions.” Was Raymond afraid that fans will leave him? “All the emotions mixed together; it was very complicated.” Did Raymond feel that he died and came back to life? “I do not know how to describe it; I can not find the right words.”  Falling to his lowest pit, did Raymond consider leaving the entertainment industry? In fact, the thought did cross Raymond’s mind. “With life approaching this point, I did think of giving up because of fear. All along, I did not want the expectations of my ‘war buddies’ and people who love me to turn to disappointment. Each time, I will put in my best efforts.  However, suddenly this incident happened. How do I face them? I felt very guilty. ”

Never Upset at Mavis Pan

After dying, how did Raymond come back to life? Raymond’s eyes turned a bit red, “My family gave me wholehearted support from the heart. My younger brother and sister sent me messages, ‘No matter what happens, we will support you!’ Do you know how important this message was to me? I am very lucky to have fans who love me. My colleagues trusted me and my work, including Ms. Lok (TVB executive, Virginia Lok). I need this kind of support.”

Walking from heaven to hell, was Mavis Pan a nightmare for Raymond? He denied the allegation, “No, it is part of the memories of my life. We were happy when we were together.  I did not regret it and will not regret it later in life.” Revealing Raymond’s bad traits earlier, Mavis Pan may never let Raymond go. Raymond said he was and will never be angry at Mavis, “I’m not angry. I will not think about it anymore. I just want her to be well.”

Although once bitten by a snake, Raymond still needed to love. Raymond laughed, “I am scared, of course I am scared!”  Dating in the future, will he refuse to take photos? “When I go outside now, aside from taking photos with other people, I am even scared of the camera! When the opposite sex approaches me, my guard increases.” Do you have a phobia of the camera? “No, my entire team has a delusional disorder. Anything that comes across as suspicious or unnatural, we will mind.”

Allegedly, Raymond [felt] he was very handsome. “Of course I do not feel that way!” Before he finished his thought, the reporter asked whether the handsome Raymond had countless beautiful women throwing themselves at him when he traveled to mainland China? How would he handle the situation? “I will avoid it.” However, there were many hot women. “Then what?” The reporter stated that Raymond was a normal man. “If my work were abnormal, then I can not be a normal person.”  How did Raymond resist temptation? “I will stick by men instead!”

With his fear, will he avoid dating and remain single for the rest of his life? Raymond laughed, “I am quite happy now and easy to please! My love life is blank. I can achieve complete self-satisfaction through work. Playing with toys and computer games, as well as watching cartoons can also satisfy me.”

Caught Clubbing With Kibby Lau

When Raymond went to nightclub, Volar, he was spotted with Kibby Lau (劉俐). “It’s not a big problem to go clubbing. At the time, we were talking to each other.” However, dating was wrong and with his grandmother’s recent death, it was also wrong to hang out at night. Raymond admitted, “Yes, thinking back, I should not have done that. That evening, we had just concluded a meeting and there was no way I could not go [to the nightclub with everyone]. We were all good brothers working on my music together. When they asked me to go clubbing, it was already around 2 AM, after we had already had a few round of drinks. I said I will just go say hello [at Volar]. Immediately, a large group of people appeared before my car when we arrived. How can I not go inside? ”

Since Raymond went to Volar to meet his male friends, how was this related to being spotted with Kibby Lau? “There were many people there that night.” To pick up women? Raymond maintained, “Of course not! There is no possibility [of further development with Kibby Lau]. We do not know each other that well.”


Excerpt from Appledaily

Jayne: Why did Raymond have to feel so guilty about himself during the Mavis Pan photo scandal? Was he afraid that he disappointed everyone by his choice in girlfriend? Did Mavis’ racy photos make Raymond feel ashamed in dating her? He noted that he was very fearful during that time, lost sleep and afraid of what tabloids would write next.

Anyhow, Raymond appears to be a lot happier recently, especially after his Hong Kong Coliseum concert.

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  1. Dear Raymond,

    If the pictures were only bed pictures of you sleeping and you had to drink in your words continously and cry, what then of a proper sex tape? Will you jump off *insert any bridge in HK*? Come on… stop those stupid words, cry, drink, torment, scandal…be a man, be like Bosco who had it much worse!!

    With much love (NOT!)

    1. lol…so agree with u. bosco did had it worse. that is an embarassment right there. bosco didn’t even cry and drink over that matter. he was man enough to face the problems. i wonder why they didn’t bother myolie though???

      1. What to bother? There was no third party involve, everybody knew from day 1 they are in a relationship. But yes curious they never asked Myolie about the kisses, towel, nudity, closed curtain, etc

      2. Yeah. How come the reporters didnt pester Myolie about it? She totally acted like the incident was nothing lol…

    2. Yea.. Its just photos of him sleeping, not like Edison Chen’s s3x pics LOL. Why cry like a lil baby,Ray? I know feelings are hurt, but it’s not the end of the world. He prob felt stupid for lying to his fans that he’s still single.

      Hence, I wonder if Bosco was the same behind closed doors? At least he doesnt have a body of Bobby Au LMAO. Then maybe he will be balling on the floor.

      1. Nah I doubt so. He doesn’t seem like the type who will break down easily. I think I remember reading an article a few days after the “naked” saga where Bosco joked about it. Anyway, didnt Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Kevin joked about the incident to the media as well? Seems like the mood was rather okay

      2. I guess Raymond did not learn from artists like Andy Lau that lying doesn’t pay…

    3. Maybe Bosco didn’t cry in public, but then again Ray’s image(rather the characters he plays) alway involve crying, and he’s rather good at crying. Bosco on the other crying ain’t his thing. Maybe that’s why Ray and Linda are so compatible, they both can cry! Hehehe lol 🙂

    4. @Samche @Funn,
      After his nude pphotos, Bosco was asked by reporters about Myolie in his house while he was nude. Bosco’s explanation was that his photos with Myolie were taken on a different day, denying that he was nude in front of her. The reporters did not press about her in the bathroom with Bosco.

      Guess the public knew Bosco and Myolie were dating, so no shock here. The shock of the incident was Bosco’s nudity at home, even in front of the window. So everyone focused on Bosco instead and did not drag here further into incident. Furthermore, she was somewhat low profile after incident and did not go to file complaint at the Privacy Commision with Bosco, Vincent Wong, and Yoyo Chen.

      1. The naked part of the saga overshadowed the Boscolie relationship lol

      2. I’m amazed how ppl have forgot about the nude scandal and watch LOO happily as if nothing ever happened to him

      3. I’m amazed how ppl have forgot about the nude scandal and watch LOO happily as if nothing ever happened to him ROFL

      4. Myolie always showed that she’s an ambitious woman so I think she choose to not join the petition and stay low profile so that her career won’t be in jeopardy. After all she’s the choice to get Best Actress award this year.

    5. I guess that Raymond has had it too easy in life that even something like this will heavily affect him. Others have been through worse but they don’t act anything like him. I think it may be because they have had a much harder life so are emotionally stronger and can handle things like this better, while Raymond hasn’t. Therefore, this incident may make him a lot stronger emotionally so it may not be all bad afterall…

    6. Funn, the crucial point is he was having all these emotions ‘the night before the publication of the weekly tabloids’.

      So, what he was crying over and tormented by was not the sleeping pictures, but, what yet to come. He must have been very worried that there might be photos that are more racy than him sleeping. Maybe he even worried that there might he secret sex tape he doesn’t know about.

    7. he was crying cos of the breakup and the heartache. cant be compared with bosco’s incident.

  2. “Why did Raymond have to feel so guilty about himself during the Mavis Pan photo scandal? Was he afraid that he disappointed everyone by his choice in girlfriend?”

    No, he felt humiliated by personal photos. This is not guilt but embarassment, he was not in control for once

    “Did Mavis’ racy photos make Raymond feel ashamed in dating her?”

    If this is so, he wouldn’t have dated her. It was exactly her racy photos which attracted him to her. He was an idol, he had a career and probably some pep talk with 620 as well. So he was afraid if he is known to date, anyone for that matter out in the open, his career and idol status will suffer. The repercussions was what he was afraid of.

    “He noted that he was very fearful during that time, lost sleep and afraid of what tabloids would write next.”

    Then Raymond, quite simply remain chaste. Seriously I am losing respect for him. He now seems like a drama queen.

    1. “Anyhow, Raymond appears to be a lot happier recently, especially after his Hong Kong Coliseum concert.”

      That is because the scandal or rather this poor excuse of a scandal is now behind him. Publish more pictures Mavis and you will probably see Ray max out his credit card on booze and kleenex.

    2. Who knows LF might have a soft heart and cry easily. Gregory cried easily too.

      1. Gregory is justified. Ray dug his own grave. And remember it was news to the girl when he said they broke up?

  3. I think he should let it go, it’s over people if Hong King get over things fast! He is the one who brought it up again! It just makes him look emotional and stuff so people will show him some sympathy. But what ever, he can act and sing that all I care about! Jayne is right, he does look happier in recent weeks, I think this “three kingdoms” acting won’t be that good tho. He said so himself that he is actually going to concentrate in work, NOW? So maybe he wasnt that into it then.

    1. I think he’s happy because he’s about to start the blockbuster movie with Louis Koo, Vic Zhou, Wu Zun and many other top male idols in HK/China/TW

  4. No need to cry, Ray. Actually, he’s lucky that this incident did not affect his career like it did for Gillian, Cecilia, Edison, and them in that they had to leave the entertainment scene. He was fully clothed, and they were doing what most normal couples do. I also think that it was more of embarrassment and shame rather than guilt that he felt. He’s ashamed that he got caught lying to his fans that he was still single and would choose a girl that not most people would accept because he would be seen as shallow, and she would seem like she is using him to gain popularity.

    1. I really agree with you Aly! I think Raymond felt more ashamed since he lied to his fans about not dating anyone. Maybe it is karma?? He lied to everyone about dating and it came back to haunt him. I guess it is a lesson learned that artists should be honest, especially if they are caught in public.

      If he was already crying like this due to some bed photos, I wonder how he would have handled it if he was involved in something like the Edison’s sex photo scandal?? Boy, I don’t even want to imagine that…

      1. Look at Shirley and see what is the result of revealing break-up/relationship to the reporters. She honesty told ppl about the breakup and ppl told her “should shut up and tell Gregory only”.

        There is no difference.

      2. “She honesty told ppl about the breakup and ppl told her “should shut up and tell Gregory only”.”

        No, people told her she should tell Gregory first.

      3. I’m talking about ppl who told Shirley to tell Gregory only

    2. I completely agree! I should have read your comment before I wrote mine LOL!!

  5. Off topic: I think celebrities shouldn’t lie about they are being single or whatever. And a bit fed up when they said they do that so as not to hurt their fans. Be real, All they care are losing fan base.

    1. Maybe they’re afraid that it will be like Ron’s case ROFL

  6. Seriously, Raymond is really good at faking stuff. Stop acting pathetic and pitiful like a victim.

  7. Hmm…I’ll bet Raymond “secretly” loves women like Mavis Pan. I don’t mean anything by that personally to Mavis, it’s just that she’s his “secret indulgent type.” It’s like his “shameful secret” and “shameful” because his family, friends, and fans would seriously denigrate this choice in female companion..which THEY DID by calling Mavis a bimbo and gold digger. He probably wanted to keep her as a fling, then keep publicizing that he likes nice girls (because that’s what gentlemen like, apparently), until she outed him.

    Raymond should be more like Ron, just admit you like that type and don’t care how others judge you or the girl that you like. Because Raymond has handled this incident so poorly, I have come to believe that Raymond Lam is a “poser” and just as fake on the inside as Mavis Pan is on the outside.

    Getting photographed in bed next to a hot (but not approved of) girl is the worst thing that has ever happened to him? Wow, he’s sheltered.

  8. Looking back at Raymond’s bed photo incident, it really isn’t a big deal. It’s not like they were naked bed photos. There wasn’t anything revealed in those photos other than Raymond’s taste in girls, which I find completely a normal and personal thing. I don’t know if he lost any fans, but I’m pretty sure more people sympathized with him than with Mavis, whom everyone called a bimbo. I think it’s a bit extreme for him to to say that he was crying, drinking, and not sleeping because of the incident and didn’t know how people would view him.

    Why is it that I sense that he’s trying to gain sympathy from this interview? Like Funn said, I’m beginning to lose respect for him. He may be a sensitive man, but I don’t believe he’s as innocent as Gregory, who had it much worse than him. Gregory is someone I would sympathize with, LF, meh not really.

  9. I sense the comments and it’s truly like wat I expected! Haha, need to proud of myself.

    @Jayne: Alrite I’ll do the job of a fan 😛

    Why did Raymond have to feel so guilty about himself during the Mavis Pan photo scandal? Was he afraid that he disappointed everyone by his choice in girlfriend? Did Mavis’ racy photos make Raymond feel ashamed in dating her? He noted that he was very fearful during that time, lost sleep and afraid of what tabloids would write next.

    He said in this one, he dunno wat will happen next. Rmb when PSS implied of a sex tap, he said he dun rmb wat she did at all? He saw wat happened with EDC so his fear is understandable if PSS recorded a sex tap.

    Guilty because he made his all family involved in? Or making his fans disappointed? Or ruin his prince image? Or ruin his career? Or all of the above reasons. I blv the part he said he drank because he is in the top of his career and of course, he dun wanna lose this.

    From Ron’s incident, can see how fans react when a guy with good image has a sexy gf. From Benny’s wedding, can see how fans view the sexy women. He chose her, but how many of his fans will accept her? That’s what he didn’t know. But after this, he now can understand that his fans accepted this better than he expected :P. Maybe his fans know him so well to know he isn’t the innocent guy.

    Being honest, ppl should expect less on him. He isn’t an innocent guy at all.

    And after all of this, the naughty side of him might attract more ppl than he expected as well :P. Now he is even more popular than he was before the PSS incident. It’s shown by the concert. Then that’s why he appeared happier.

    I like this quote of him from the article:
    He can smell it.

    1. He is not innocent, but he acts like an innocent guy 🙂

      1. Yes, then expect him to be an innocent guy less :P. Now can see his true color and it’s perfect time to understand: Oh he is an actor.

      2. I don’t think anyone expect anything from him, he is the one bringing this up, he shouldnt say anything about this anymore, because people easy to get an impression that he’s trying to gain people’s sympathy.

      3. Not talking about now, from the beginning :P. Now is clearer but from the beginning, if no expectation, no sympathy.

        BTW, I see Apple Daily, the same company with Next, haha.

    2. P/S: Reading his news in 2011 is way better than previous years. More entertaining and interesting. His replies are always repetitive and “speak like he has never spoken”. Now it has some spices. That’s why I always like gossips and tabloids.

  10. The cause of Raymond’s suffering is his own mind. He react to the scandal the way many people will react when faced with problem, i.e. think of the worse case scenario.

    He most probably have the image of his career came crashing down and everything he built up for the 10+ years gone to waste. Before anything even happen, he already worried himself to death. But, the turn of events show him that it’s not the truth.

    “Although once bitten by a snake, Raymond still needed to love. Raymond laughed, “I am scared, of course I am scared!” Dating in the future, will he refuse to take photos? “When I go outside now, aside from taking photos with other people, I am even scared of the camera! When the opposite sex approaches me, my guard increases.” Do you have a phobia of the camera? “No, my entire team has a delusional disorder. Anything that comes across as suspicious or unnatural, we will mind.””

    Why, he and his team need to be so scared?

    This is silly. Raymond is not a monk. Why need to be scared when opposite sex approach him? Why need to be scared being photograph with the opposite sex.

    Is this for real?

    1. Kidd,
      “The cause of Raymond’s suffering is his own mind. He react to the scandal the way many people will react when faced with problem, i.e. think of the worse case scenario.”

      Good analysis. Indeed, the problem was magnified in Raymond’s mind. I do believe he will be more wary of women in the future, although the statement of the phobia in taking photos sound extreme to me too.

    2. I think he will be wary too and we won’t get to see Kibby Lau sharing the same bed photos

  11. feel so sad for raymond. can’t believe he actually cried and drank and went clubbing and partying for his problem. hope he won’t be doing drugs too

  12. Nothing wrong with having sex with random women like what LF had been doing, even if photos of him and mavis appeared on newspapers, online etc since he’s still single and no one can question his right of women selection etc.

    but imo, LF should decline all the interviews with any magazine on the scandal with mavis, the more he answers, ppl will think he’s an attention seeker. LF should just concentrate with his concerts, series or movies and let this scandal with Mavis dies slowly.

  13. poor Ray, i feel so bad for him, hope he will be strong to face to his life, dont worry Ray i will support.

  14. Oh dear, this article has increased my low view of Raymond. To me, he belongs to the same group of male artists who are blinded by the external rather than the internal woman, who lacks inner strength and insight, and whose rich, easy-comfy life background didn’t prepare him for the challenging role of an artist.

    I agree with those who think that he cried and drank due not to loss of romance/friendship (unless he genuinely thought Mavis was worth it?!) but loss of face (humiliation, embarrassment), and fear of potential damage to his image and possible loss of his popstar status.

    In other words, the whole fiasco caused a massive dent to his ego, and has proven (to me, anyway) that he’s still a little boy who lacks true self-knowledge and ability to make wise decisions.

    1. @impmuse,

      I know how you felt when LF were exposed by these sexy pictures of him and Mavis.. At first, I thought like you did too like (haha, serve him right got busted by this woman he slept with) XD

      I also find LF acting more like an attention seeker rather than a victim now xD. Even if you bashed him over the internet here, it still won’t stop millions or maybe billion of his fans to loves him.. I think this guy LF, just doesn’t care anymore of how you guys think of him since he has a large fanbase whether locally or internationaly.

      We’re just some tiny ant to him,one or two who stop buying his album won’t really matter to him.

      1. That’s the problem – the loyalty and love of his large number of fans will hinder him from growing up and taking life challenges on like a grown man.

      2. And he is forever a mama-boy, but watssup?

        @Veejay: Dun buy then can download :P. Cheaper.

      3. @Fox,

        My country has taken down alot of streaming links for music downloading XD

      4. Still have a lot of download links on internet, dun be worried.

      5. Yeah true, but i need to listen to his new songs to choose those i really like to download.

        LOL, impmuse will be confuse with my action now.

      6. ok i’ll take a look at the mv first on youtube 😛 before take any action hehe

      7. Broken’s MV hasn’t be released yet :).

        熱能放送 and Chok MV are included in the released first version. 人一個 and Broken MVs will be released later.

      8. Awww, i tot of watching the mv first before doing anything xD.. but since it’s not out yet then I will look up for his other new songs. Thanks for the recommendation.

  15. I think he is just trying to restore his broken-image as the goody guy. Tried to garnered sympathy. Not working for me. I’m off him – NO INTEREST. Superficial …

  16. didn’t raymond lam admit he was dating rain li at one point , like at least 5yrs ago?

  17. This article is not doing Raymond any good. LOL it made me laugh… I can’t believe he ‘cried and drank non-stop during Mavis Pan scandal’…. WHAT A SAD CASE. Be a man and man up.

    And its nothing man…. what’s there to cry about? Justin Bieber was half naked when caught with Gomez in a bikini. Raymond was just caught sleeping fully clothed with his gf. BIG DEAL. The girl didn’t even cry, he cries?

    You get no sympathy…. I don’t even feel sorry for him the pictures leaked out.

    And a few months down the track, he turns around and flirts with a random chic he hardly knows in a club. And he tries to deny it when pictures say it all. Everything he says is ironic.

    Get over it. Cry baby. Such a girl.

    1. no wonder Director Wong Jing took a stab at Raymond LOL .. i don’t blame him!

      1. Wong Jing’s incident with LF is different. Wong Jing dragged him in without any relationship.

        However, if you want to mention that maybe Wong Jing is in love with PSS so stabbed LF – the old bf – then you have a point :P.

      2. ROFL that Wong Jing incident jabbing at LF in his weibo.

      3. @lara,

        What did Wong jing said to LF in weibo?? I didnt follow the news or read anything from weibo..mind sharing?? thanks

      4. @Veejay: His new Da Tang series is criticized and bashed, then it seems made him angry so he posted on weibo: “Who say that Kau Chung and Tsui Tsi Lin (2 main chac of Da Tang) in the original novel are handsome? No. To choose actor, must based on acting and popularity. TVB’s Da Tang (aka TOB) has low rating because Lam Fung was too new (also can be translated as infamous or in low level of acting). I don’t understand how the fans think”.

        Note: Words in () is my explanation.

        Then the fans went to comment in his weibo. It fueled the fire and Wong Jing wrote a new weibo post: “Poor Lam Fung fans for loving him but he loves PSS more”.

        That’s it.

        Wong Jing defensed his Da Tang and dragged LF to this. Only LF is dragged. He dun mention of others in the cast.

        BTW, it’s quite ironic that thank to the new Da Tang series of Wong Jing, TVB’s TOB is a hot stuff on online sites now. It has double viewers than the new Da Tang series. And the new Da Tang is still being criticized. Ppl extracted Wong Jing’s word that the new Da Tang series will have better CGI technique than Avatar to tease him, too. It has a lot of faults in the new series.

        Being honest, I still think TVB chose actors who fit the roles than Wong Jing. Chen Guo Kun as a 19 years old guy? It’s so… =.=. His real age is doubled that.

      5. @Fox,

        Thank you so much for information of Wong jing and LF news. Although I dont really follow know what this Da Tang movie is about. I think Wong jing is someone LF and others shouldnt’ mess with. I heard he has some underground background/support and almost all profited movies are his production.

      6. I dun recall of any good quality and grand production produced by Wong Jing recently. Most of his series/movie are comedy.

        Da Tang of WJ and TOB both based on a wuxia novel of Huang Yi. Then both have the same “father”. It’s a series, not a movie.

        Recently, WJ has just casted PSS in his movie Treasure Inn something and her role is quite big. He commented on PSS “she is professional, tell her to take off clothes then she take all off immediately.” Then I guess it’s how the relationship between WJ, LF and PSS begin.

        Lol, I myself find this war is kinda nonsense and childish, for both sides. To think of WJ as a mid-age man and still petty enough to argue with fans, I find it’s cringe-worthy.

      7. yeh basically fans compared TVB’s TOB to Wong Jing’s new production and said the actors ain’t that good looking enough. TOB had Raymond Lam and Ron Ng as the 2 male leads. Wong Jing retaliated and said the 2 male characters in the book was never meant to be handsome. And then used Raymond as an example (because his well known to be handsome) and said that acting performance is more important than looks. He further said the original series TOB didn’t do well in the first place because TVB was using newbies (young siu sangs) – kids with not much acting experience. I will not use a particular person because of how many fans they have!!

        Ray fans got angry and bombarded his blog…. then Wong Jing replied and said something along the lines of: “I knew this would generated response/protests from Raymond fans. Sad Raymond Lam fans, even if you try so hard, but in the end he loves PSS more.” “不出我所料,一試就全冒出來了,就一批林峰粉絲在鬧……可憐的林峰粉絲們,再落力他也更愛潘霜霜!”

        Wong Jing is a pretty famous film director in HK. His dad was famous in the tv/film industry – kind of like a pioneer in production etc….quite respected in the industry and lots of big actors attended his funeral when he died. So the Wong family is quite powerful. Wong Jing won’t care what he says – not like he will be banned or blacklisted for saying this – and he won’t ever be out of a job. He says whatever he wants. To him, he prolly doesn’t think highly of Raymond Lam but instead just a small potato.

        I personally aint a fan of his films but yes he uses a lot of sexy girls/raunchy storylines in his films so ‘praising’ and using PSS is not a surprise.

      8. I think Wong Jing’s ‘praise’ towards Mavis is a backhanded compliment. He gave this ‘praise’ when the scandal first broke out (when reporters asked for him comment). At that time, I felt that he sided with Raymond.

        Personally, I don’t think WJ has anything against Raymond. He’s more annoyed with Raymond’s fans.

        I did find him acting quite childishly, arguing with Raymond’s fans. But, he’s not the first director who throw tamper tantrums. Feng Xiao Gang also threw tantrums on weibo quite often. Maybe he work in Mainland too long liao and has acquired the temper of Mainland director/producer.

        Anyway, I admire Wong Jing for his business mind. During the low period of HK movie industry, he provided work for a lot of actors because he’s one of the few directors who kept on churning out movies even in low period. His book is one book I’m looking forward to read.

      9. @Kidd,

        “His book is one book I’m looking forward to read.”

        Ooooo… he’s going to come out with a book? What will it be about, do you know? When will it be out?

      10. Kidd,
        LOL I would like to read Wayne Lai’s book on acting…see what the wise man has to say. 🙂

      11. I myself would read a book of 3-4 top actors talking about their approach to acting(in one same book or collections). Can have one actor for each different field :Films, TV Dramas, Stage Play etc..

        Book producer can invite the likes of Tony Leung, Sean Lau, Anthony Wong, Wayne Lai, Bowie Lam, Damien Lau or others…..haha

      12. Watched few eps of new Da Tang and 囧 is the only expression I can give out.

        Not that I can’t accept Wong Jing’s comedy because I watched a lot of his old productions (especially the ones with Dicky Cheung – my old time fave). Not that I dun like anyone in the new Da Tang series because I liked Alex, Chou Yan and Cherrie Ying a lot. Not that I dun like wuxia series because in fact I’m a big fan of wuxia genre, and a big fan of Huang Yi.

        But no, the new Da Tang is so… hopeless. It’s so OTT and the CGI technique, Wong Jing wants it to compare with Avatar? My gosh. Chen Guo Kun isn’t only too old for the role, his acting is also… hopeless. He has the strong look but why all of his actions are so… “siu yan” like this? I can’t feel the “hero” inside him, even can’t feel the “gangster” in him. Only thing I can feel is 囧. Alex is better than him but I also can feel the “man” that HuangYi wanna pull in these 2 characters. If read the novel, will understand that HuangYi put a lot of effort on the two characters, to make them become 2 sides opposites but together, they will be a round circle. But both of Chen Guo Kun and Alex failed to make ppl blv that they are like water and fire. TVB’s version changed a lot but at least they can do such thing.

        Not mention of the clothes because the dark color and messy clothes are just making the series more 囧.

        I can’t agree more with a comment that this series is Two Farmers of Da Tang than Two Dragons of Da Tang (both spell Lung).

  18. okay im so over every article about raymond and mavis!!
    it wasnt even that bad, so i dont understand all this crying and drinking thing!

  19. Why is he bringing this issue up again? Since to him is that shameful, he should just let it get buried. He’s such a baby.

  20. Boo Hooo….that’s enough Raymond with the pity party.

  21. Ray is afraid that stupid dumb Mavis took more than those pictures. she might have taken some naked pics of him while he was asleep. Just the thought of what if..is spooking him. She can be the female version of Edison Chen.

  22. I don’t think he wants to gain sympathy. He knows (from his concert) that there are a lot of fans supporting him and a lot of people who love him, why is there such a need to gain even more sympathy?

    Yeah, i think he really did cry and drink due to fear (whether it’s fear of more unknown, revealing secrets from her or how the public might think of him or even because he’s scared of losing his career status that he worked so hard to gain in these 10+ years)

    As a fan, i just want to say that i like his naughty side. 😀

    1. Agree with you,I like his naughty side as much his gentlemen image. Hope he will be given psycho,villain,murderer…roles

  23. From a different perspective:

    Most likely when they started dating, it was agreed upon that the relationship would be kept a secret. All of a sudden the photos started leaking out. No doubt coming from her or someone from her side. Then she does on 1 interview after another saying different things each time.

    If you were in Ray’s shoe, how would you react being betrayed by someone you thought you could trust in a relationship?

    On the point about crying, that’s a personal reaction where everyone will be different, so no need to comment.

  24. I think that what was he doing like crying,drinking,hard to sleep…all because he is out of love/heart broken,just like normal ppl will do when they are facing this kind of emotional problem after having such a good relationship.
    Don’t tell me that you’re laughing or even have a nice sleep at night when you’re out of love/heart broken or I’ll said that you’re crazy.
    Glad that Lam Fung has feeling too,and he is not crazy.

  25. i feel proud to him, now i know his true colour from him, hope he get over this Mavis soon.

  26. Lam Fung is a normal MAN. You know, like every other man on the street, taken off his actor’s cloak.
    YOU would have reacted like him( with some of those emotions, if you are human).
    It’s no big deal. let the MAN live his private life. Let the innocent man throw the first stone at him
    Granted , gossips on artistes are very entertaining.

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