Raymond Lam Performs at Xiamen University

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Raymond Lam Performs at Xiamen University

Earlier, Raymond Lam (林峯) and his wife, Carina Zhang (張馨月), were filming season five of reality show Viva La Romance <妻子的浪漫旅行> in China. With the celebrity couples journeying through Chengdu, Sanya, Tengchong, Nyingchi and Lhasa, Raymond and Carina were seen frequently showcasing their affection for each other. As the hectic filming schedule is now behind them, Raymond found time to fly to his hometown Xiamen to revisit his university.

Although Raymond is a wealthy second-generation to one of Xiamen’s wealthiest business tycoons, the actor never spent a day in the business world with his father Lam Kwok Wah (林國華). Choosing to reside in Hong Kong due to his career, Raymond is not in Xiamen often, but returned to his alma mater recently.

Attending Xiamen University’s 100th anniversary, Raymond was happy to celebrate the occasion with friends and former classmates. He even went on stage to sing his classic song “Love is Not Enough” <愛不疚> to the large crowd.

In his university days while studying architecture, Raymond already possessed a strong interest in music and often participated in the university’s singing competitions. He was ranked first in Xiamen University’s “Top 10 Singers on Campus” list.

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