Raymond Lam Premieres “Heart Attack” MV

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Raymond Lam Premieres “Heart Attack” MV

On December 1, Raymond Lam (林峯) held a premiere event for the music video of his comeback single, “Heart Attack” in the streets of Causeway Bay. The full version of the music video played for the first time on a large TV screen mounted on one of the buildings, attracting many passersby to stop by and watch.

Swarmed by fans after appearing on stage, Raymond was taken aback by the crowd’s enthusiasm. However, he was very happy at seeing such positive responses to the video. “It’s been a while since I’ve felt this nervous about appearing at a function,” said Raymond.

The actor and singer, who was very involved in his album’s marketing discussions, said he wanted to do something different this time. “Originally, we thought about holding an official press conference like in the past. My team and I worked on this comeback for almost a year, and wanted to make a more unique return to the scene. After all, it’s been two years since I last released a new song, and we want more people to know about it. The best way to promote it is outside in the streets, because not everyone has access to press conferences.”

Raymond will be turning 36 years old on December 8. He expressed that he would be working that day, and that he will be making many event appearances throughout December to promote his new single. Asking if he plans to go on a trip with girlfriend Karena Ng (吳千語) for his birthday, he said, “We’ll see if we have time, but she is Thailand right now filming a movie. I’ll be focusing on my music at the time-being.”

As Raymond chose to plug his new song in December, he may not be eligible to compete in Hong Kong’s four major music award shows this year. Raymond said that his new single was already ready to be released two months ago, but he decided to postpone the release date because he values quality. He will continue to plug new singles in the next few months, and will be releasing his studio album sometime in March or April 2016.

Earlier, Raymond revealed that he had turned down a role in movie version for the TVB drama Line Walker <使徒行者>, which is currently in production. The movie stars returning cast member Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), including new additions Louis Koo (古天樂), Nick Cheung (張家輝), and Francis Ng (吳鎮宇).

Raymond said, “This is a good cast, but the most important member should be the producer. As long as he is still here, then I have confidence in the movie.” Mentioning that TVB wanted to invite the original cast back to film the television drama sequel of Line Walker, Raymond said, “We’ll talk about it. I need to check my schedule.”

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Raymond Lam Premieres “Heart Attack” MV

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  • 15 comments to Raymond Lam Premieres “Heart Attack” MV

    1. looooooooooo says:

      Great song

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    2. jjwong says:

      Off topic question: why do fans hide their faces? If you’re brave enough and not shy and be there for your idol, why hide now? I see that on lelive audience shows too. It’s funny how in the West, ppl jump up and down for attention when they see a pro camera while the East, they hide behind billboards, cut outs and masks. Lol

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      • alien replied:

        @jjwong Me too have been puzzled. But, after interacting with others during events, I realise that it’s might be because there are photographer around taking photo of fans to promote the event. Hence, if they are working adults,their superior/customers who recognise them would/might feel that their unprofessional or nothing better to do. If they are students, teacher might use them as example which is embaressing sometimes especially when they do not wish to publicise their private life.Many also sees fans supporting their idol as waste of time and money. Asians are also much more reserved in nature, and it might be considered embaressing to some when they appear on newspaper used to promote the event and relatives may start gossiping and asking around. Or some are just shy in nature or more Low profile. Not everyone appreciate their pictures to be on cover page and television. Instead of getting all the attention, Asian fans most of the time just prefer to support their idols in a Low profile manner. Haha, some even cover their face when approached by their idol. Like in Chinese character, 默默支持

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      • alluka replied:

        @jjwong Protect the privacy. Moreover most of his fans are office ladies so they may not want to be the attention or talk in office.

        I will choose to hide as well.

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      • happybi replied:

        @jjwong Maybe they are calling in sick to work to go to these events. ehehheheheheh or probably don’t want people in the office to recognize them.

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    3. looooooooooo says:

      Not all LF fans hide their faces

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    4. jjwong says:

      1. I did not say all fans (LF’s or other celebs’) hide their faces.

      2. I get what you guys are saying. I still think it’s pointless, but everyone to their own. I know if I make an effort to go see my idol and actually be next to him/her. Last thing on my mind is to cover my face. If I skip work to do so, then oh well, I’ll take the punishment later. Lol. If you’re going out of your way, enjoy it instead worrying about this and that.

      3. I’m not putting down those who hide their faces or say it’s wrong or anything like that. It’s just not my style. I understand everyone is different. I’m just stating mine.

      Regardless, it only matters that you are support your favs 😉

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      • alluka replied:

        @jjwong Just to address to your concern about people at work: the above function was at 7PM so it was after work. I know most of the fans standing in first line and they are all employee. Most of them follow him for several years so they attend many functions. They cover their faces not because they are shame to go functions, in my opinion.

        I covered my face in functions as well. Reason is that I dont want to appear on newspapers. That’s all.

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      • alluka replied:

        @jjwong P/S: it is similar to when we choose pictures of someone else or non related pictures to be avatar on FB or social network.

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        • jjwong replied:

          @alluka I never said hiding face is a shameful thing. Once again, I’m not saying those who do is bad. I personally won’t do it and dom’t think ppl need to. Again and again, everyone to their own.

          Can’t someone ask a question and stating what they don’t understand without being accused or implied of putting others down? Lol. That was never my intention. Anyways, I’m done with this matter.


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        • alluka replied:

          @jjwong Anyone have mentioned that you are putting others down by saying that? Seem not.

          Anyway, in the ending of the day, you also agree that each person will have own behavior, therefore it isnt any strange when a fan covers her/his face.


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        • lam86 replied:

          @jjwong hehe jjwong kindly click on the youtube link above and listen la. Heart attack heart attack…hehehe
          Dont bother why others covering their faces. Heart attack heart attack..kekeke..

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    5. looooooooooo says:

      Heart attack should be released in mandarin

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      • aiya replied:

        @looooooooooo I totally agree because pain should be shared by all.

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    6. looooooooooo says:

      God bless aiyo

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