Raymond Lam to Become New “EEG Heavenly King”

Confirming that he signed with media giant EEG earlier, Raymond Lam (林峯) held his official press conference yesterday. Raymond was welcomed by EEG Chairman Albert Yeung (楊受成) and Joey Yung (容祖兒) as the newest member to the EEG family.

It is speculated EEG will be putting Raymond, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Leo Ku (古巨基), and Hins Cheung (張敬軒) as the Four Heavenly Kings to help promote and expand EEG’s business. Allocating their resources according to each artiste’s skill set, EEG plans to use the Four Heavenly Kings to break into all areas of the entertainment market.

While Nicholas’s own company managed to thrive and expand in a short couple of years, Leo garnered success in the Mainland Chinese market. Hins is currently solely concentrated on producing music, while Raymond has a stronghold in all three areas – music, film, and television.

To further help their artistes in their careers, EEG invited six prominent directors to show their support at Raymond’s press conference. Yuen Woo Ping (袁和平), Benny Chan (陳木勝), Derek Kwok (郭子健), Felix Chong (莊文強), John Shum (岑建勳) and Alan Mak (麥兆輝) were present.

Joking about his rumored $100 million HKD contract, Raymond said he will try his best so he can indeed be “valued at $100 million HKD”. His first major project may be starring in Sandra Ng‘s (吳君如) new movie Golden Duck <鴨王>, although negotiations still need to be finalized.

Having previously filmed with TVB in the past, Joey was highly supportive of Raymond during the conference. Stating that Raymond is an excellent and hardworking actor, Joey expressed, “You’re half dead by the time you finish filming a drama. In all these years, Raymond still has his good looks and has a great physique – he really is a well-rounded artiste. Even now, he is not boastful. He even has a girlfriend and treats her well. As the saying goes – you only get rich if you love your wife. It’s worth contemplating. Raymond is my male God.”

Sources: On.cc; On.cc 

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It sounds good but according to what I understand – Nicholas Tse does not really sing (well) while Raymond Law is kind of idol singer with a large fan base. Hins Cheung is the first time I hear his name but I am not from HK/China so I might miss something.

    It is true that HK must do something so HK singers can compete with Korean/Japaneses/even Taiwanese singers. Since Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai, others are not known.

    1. @ lkv,

      If you have not heard of Hins Cheung before, you should check out his work. He’s great singer and he composes songs for himself and other singers. His voice in on the soft side. Not the loud/soft kinda soft, but, the soothing type. Also, his voice is on the high side, so, he can hit the high notes.

      1. I love Hins’s voice and songs but sometimes I think he overuses high notes. High notes in the end is a gimmick he uses for most of his songs. It is my tiny complaint for Hins. Other than that, he is such a brilliant singer.

    2. You really dont know Hins?

      Singing wise, I really dont think that HK singers cant compete with Korean singers. Singing techniques and voices are what I refer to, not the MV or dance or clothes. I cant recall a handful of can-sing singer in Korea.

      Japanese runs different music scenes. Its music is awesome but different to music scene of the other three. I really doubt that you have ever listened to Japanese music to have a comment like that.

      Btw, other than Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai, there are many other well-known singer.

      1. I am not from Chinese community nor I speak Mandarin/Cantonese. In 80s and 90s, my country translated a large number of Chinese songs to our language but in recent years, we moved away. Young generation only listens to our native language, Koreans, and English.

      2. *Korean.
        I was born in early of 80s and probably the last generation pays attention to HK entertainment industry.

        Some news in our native language still randomly post some news about a few HK actors/actresses but people rarely pay attention (low view/no comment) while there is a new about some Korean artist, people start to post how much they love this artist, etc.

      3. Im curious where you are from. If you are Korean, then why English is your native language? Because I dont know there is a country speaking both of Korean and English as native language.

      4. @Alluka , I meant our native language + Korean + English. Korean and English are not my native but people do listen to them.

      5. Music is now globalized in my understanding.

        Btw, it explained why you compared baselessly. It also explained why you think LF is kind of idol singer with a large fan base or you dont know Hins. Have you ever heard their live singing?

        I suggest you to listen to some HK singers before giving a baseless judge like that.

      6. I do not know Hins, it is fine as I have not said anything about Hins.

        While Lam Fung I did listen to him and I had 2 bluray of his concerts (Let’s get wet and light up my life?), very professional concerts but not really impressed like Andy Lau’s or Jacky Cheung’s. Whether he can become the next heavenly king will really depend how much he can improve.

        I like music. When I travelled to Hong Kong, I went to Joey Yeung concert which was very good too. But my best Asian concert Experiences were with Rain and T-ARA. I went to some of the American singer like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Carrie Underwood – well company tickets but I notthing compared to Korean ones.

      7. Oh well, you watched two of his old concert. I do think his latest concert had much more improvement. However, his concert still lacks some factors to be great. He still has room to improve. Heavenly king is just a way to call, nobody is the shadow of other, to be fair.

      8. Btw, I only referred to the voice and singing techniques. I truly agree that HK artists arent as good in showing like Koreans. The HK MVs are worse than Taiwanese and Korean ones. The HK artists do not show all they have for entertainment purposes.

      9. Japanese music is great. Most of the tvb 90s background music was done by a Japanese. I can’t remember his name now… He did the Return of Condor Hero 1995 background music. Actually most of the Jin Yong series in the 1990s background music was done by him. Some japanese people on the internet said that tvb didn’t pay the copyrights to him and ripped off his music. Not too sure about that. But I went to his youtube page 2-3 years ago and saw the concert music that he did years back (all of which are tvb music) and it was pretty impressive. Can’t remember his name now though.

      10. @KK: Actually I have heard the instrument of Laputa no Hokai at least twice in TVB series and also Chinese series :).

        I really like Japanese music. Not really the pop icons but also rock icons :D. I think in Asia, Japanese has the best rockers. My most favourite is L’Arc-en-Ciel

    3. “Raymond has a stronghold in all three areas – music, film, and television.”

      Since when is Raymond a stronghold in films????? Simply exaggerating only.

      And how can he be worth $100 million, now or in the future?
      HK cinema can’t even give an actor fees for HK$20 million, unless he is in the China market and sponsored by mainland productions.

      And Sandra Ng ‘Golden duck’ certainly can’t get much mainland revenue, the comedy is so local, so Hongkong, small market exposure for Raymond.

      1. @fat hope: Well it’s the trend now to exaggerate an artiste’s value by the company as a publicity generator. Obviously this media is invited to this event write exaggerated good stuff for the EEG idol Raymond Lam.

        Sadly, HK entertainment industry relies too much on connections with the big guns and background power to make an idol. Talent comes way laterrr.

      2. The actual interview didn’t say or at least Raymond Lam didn’t say he has a strong hold in films. In fact he says he is very raw but cherish the opportunity now to partake in films. But he is certainly capable in this three areas but how successful ,time will tell.

        As to whether he is worth 100 Million, somebody or a few parties (include companies in China fighting to sign him over) must believe his worth to give him that amount. And anyway like Hins say Raymond is certainly able to generate that amount even now due to his popularity. And that is 100M for 3 years and currently per last Forbes results he was already making 20+M (1 year). Just a stretch for him, he has to move forward.

    4. @ Ikv,

      I agree with you. Most newbies in Korean Ebiz are at least decent in singing. Koreans do a lot of prepwork behind the scenes. You can’t really say the same about HK singers. Majority of them don’t even undergo extensive vocal training.

      Not to mention, there’s one blinding disadvantage that cause HK to fall behind other countries’ singers – the language. I think Cantonese is one of the hardest languages to sing in. It’s very choppy and hard to enunciate. And the way it’s written isn’t even similar to how it’s spoken. So meaning gets lost in the lyrics.

      And the industry just doesn’t put a lot of internal effort into their stars. They package them, sure. But no investment into talent. Singers don’t really reap anything other than “image.”

      But, that’s not to say there aren’t still miracle singers in the biz. Joey Yung, Gem Tang, Hins Cheung, Raymond Lam (yes I went there), Jade Kwan (who has sorta retired), etc. are still keeping the industry buoyant. But I don’t know how long that can last.

      1. I agree. Although I do not understanding Cantonese I would like to listen to HK music. I am not very young so I often listen to the old songs and I can feel about the song. New songs from new singers are catchy but I just listen to a few times and lose my interest. There may be lot of new songs that retain my interest but I find songs by youtube and luck.

        When I go to a concern, I want to include/demand other things besides music and lyrics and singer’s voice. Kpop is crazy good for catching my attention. When I truly listen to music, I am at home listen to music without noise/interference.

        A little bit far away from the topic:
        HK music/movie/series will always last but their popularity is lessened. When I came to US, my grandma and my uncle had TVB channel for their cable services (TVB offered the service in our language) but a a few years ago they no longer had. When I asked them, they admitted that TVB programs were no long interested them, all shows were similar themes and so predictable, and many actors and actresses were not very good. Knowing Jaynestars, I figured out even Cantonese speakers feel the same way.

        In 2014, I could only stand Line Walker and BHWS , have not watched overachievers. I recently gave up on Tiger Cubs, the first one was good to watch, the second was so bad (my personal opinion)

  2. I find this whole situation a little funny, Raymond left EEG and then within the same year rejoins EEG and they’re making it into such a big deal with this big press con and everything. it just seems a little comical to me, like Raymond can you make up your mind?

    1. His contract with EEG as a singing label through TVB ended in 2012. That means while contracted to EEG, he is still an employee with TVB and hence all his earnings, TVB takes a share.

      His employment contract with TVB ended in mid of this year. Now he is officially an artist with EEG and no longer with TVB that means now his earnings goes to EEG after being paid 100M by EEG to him. So now he is EEG’s product and hence the big press con is for marketing purposes and the company also wants their return on investment.

    2. He left Music Plus which is a music recorded company under EEG. And it is just a record contract, means Music Plus helps him to release album and organize concerts. He was TVB managed artist during his time with Music Plus. His contract with Music Plus ended in end of 2012.

      His management contract with TVB ended in July 2014.

      He is now managed artist EEG. As my2cents explained, his all functions and works will be managed by EEG. Perhaps Music Plus ended his contract in order to avoid the conflict to the next contract between him and EEG.

    1. Then come here to comment something random for nothing? Nobody force you to be interested of these singers, nobody force you to come and comment.

      1. I understand you’re annoyed but everyone has a right to leave comments as long as they meet community guidelines.

  3. All 4 are singers, but, only Hins really build his fame solely/mainly by music. The others all have booster from other areas such as movies and TVs.

    1. This is why he puts the priority only on music. Other three ventures out in different markets. EEG is having right paths to put 4 in 4 different ways to enhance their strength that way.

    2. I think Hins is the most talented anong the 4 to be promoted EEG artiste but has the least luck in the industry.

    1. To me – no one stands close to the late Mr Leslie Cheung . . . a genius in movie and music. A genius in lyrics as well.

      1. Yes, leon is also famous for singing offtune & dancing crap

      2. Leon Lai is the King of “Lum” songs and no one could ever came close to his level not even LF or Chilam.

    2. I don’t think anyone can replace the original Heavenly Sky Kings. I remember years ago when Alan Tam appointed his version of the New Heavenly Sky Kings which also included Leo Ku as well. This is laughable too.

      1. i definitely agree! i remember that Alan Tam appointed his version which went downhill pretty quick. I think this will be the same as well.

  4. raymond lam is just a lucky siu yeh who has the right opportunities to be a tvb idol and later now eeg idol with screaming fans. sure enough we already know that tvb and now eeg have long want to make him the next andy lau and put so many resources on him.

    1. joey’s comment about raymond shows how much she think of him as merely an idol. mostly conment on his coughplasticcough looks and rich boyfriend image.

      1. You seem to miss the part she said he is an excellent actor out :p. Why an actor can be excellent at acting and handsome at the same time. Btw ,idol is nothing bad, an idol can provide brilliant performance in the right thing, right moment and right person. An idol contributes good thing to the world.

        Btw, with 16 years in the ent. circle, if there is any luck to keep him famous that long, it must be a huge luck. A luck that many people wish to have.

    1. LF should acted in jackie chan & donnie yen films to upgrade his movie status

      1. Emperor movie have produce many jackie chan & Donnie yen movie. Maybe can give a booast to LF movie career

  5. I agree with souLuckee. I simply adore the late Leslie, a truly talented all rounder artiste. He can sing, dance and act. Truly devoted and committed to his art. I miss him so much

  6. I doubt Raymond Lam, Nicholas Tse, Leo Ku and Hins Cheung will make it as big as the original heavenly kings. It’s all just a marketing and publicity ploy.

    1. How do you judge as big as the original heavenly kings? put a part of Andy Lau who is another perfect all rounder. The other 3 were not that big also. And how do you judge as big? By earning power? Now is just the beginning of EEG promoting LF. And dont forget during the 90s, there was no competition like Kpop, jpop, and others. Now the competition is so intense. Except Andy, the others 3 were just so so only. aaron and leon the less significant. Jacky at least his love song will be remembered forever and few more decades to come. Andy no need say lar so handsome and keeps on filming for movies and keeps his popularity..

  7. NICCEEE! Congrats and much success to LF!
    LF Love FUNG! ❤️

  8. It show that somehow is rich got treat so differently like the others. They made him like he’s on top of everything like God or something. Arrived in luxury sport car and such, the only thing they haven’t do are bow down to him or kiss his feet

    1. they do the same thing with chilam. it’s called appreciating your artist.

      i can see raymond, leo and raymond in the mix, but nic? i dont even remember the last time he made music. he’s more of an actor than a singer.

      when it comes to experience in the biz, few can compare with the likes of leo. when it comes to musical talent, few can compare to hins. when it comes to an assortment of the above, few are as good as raymond. which finally leaves nic…he’s really good at generating gossip and scandals and business ventures? but i just don’t see how he’s good at anything else…

      1. They are called the for heavenly kings of EEG, Emperor ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, so it doesn’t just include music.

  9. Raymond Lam should quit the E biz altogether & go to run his father’s business. A rich playboy like him only acts like a male version of a prima donna – lazy & un-creative. EEG better off signing someone who is hungry, single & with loads of natural talents. Whoever likes RL dance routines must be weird. Very painful to watch.

    1. That’s why I hope EEG will give him a totally diff choreographer like the one Joey and Reason uses and also give him better songs to sing.

    2. Hi ignorant rustynails. So who do you think so hungry, single and with loads of natural talents that eeg should spends HKD100million with? So you think that the EEG company is stupid to spend that hundred million on him right? i see, successful businessman and big boss of EEG all very stupid one. Only you alone very the clever yea..DUH..

      1. EEG can say anything they like about their HKD100 mil. investment. But has anyone seen Joey’e MVs as lavish as Taiwan’s Jolin or any of the top Korean acts eg.Bigbang,PSY,2NE1. One must be crazy to believe in this EEG exaggeration. Fact is RL’s fan base is local & not international. Long way to go before even comparing with Andy, Jackie or Aaron. RL is 100% mediocrity. Better off investing his own money.

  10. Rusty nails,
    Please make your statements rights, LF fan base is not only in hk but also rest of the world. He has held multiple 12k capacity concerts in Malaysia, Singapore,australia, china, usa,canada,macau.

  11. just reading everyone’s comment made me laugh so hard. i’m an oldie, so i definitely support the Original Heavenly King. I’d say the Bleep*** w/ the so called New Heavenly King. Although, I do support Hins Cheung! I love his work. i guess in this HK market, they gotta do what they gotta do to attract attention and publicity, which i think they’re pretty much succeeding.

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