Raymond Lam to Win JSG Most Popular Male Singer?

Aside from Raymond Lam’s ( 林峯) high chances to win TV King this year, he may also take home Jade Solid Gold’s Most Popular Male Singer award. With TVB implementing the one person, one vote system to determine the winners of its major awards ceremonies, Raymond Lam’s chances are overwhelming in his favor due to his massive fan base.

Every year towards the end of the year, the major music companies in Hong Kong will focus on year-end music awards shows.  The most noticeable and important one is certainly TVB’s JSG awards, since it generates a lot of discussion. Last year, the show received a great deal of attention due to the disputes over the contracts between the 5 major record companies. The winners from last year’s show were primarily from Emperor Entertainment Group and East Asia.

Leaked List of JSG Winners 

Many have already questioned the fairness of the awards, so it was surprising to find a list of nominated artists so early in October for JSG’s year-end awards leaked on the internet.

Recently, in a Hong Kong online discussion forum, a netizen claimed he received a list from a TVB employee revealing this year’s JSG award winners. The netizen claimed that the list is 99 percent accurate. Last year, Raymond Lam won the Asia Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Male Artist Award. The leaked nomination list revealed that he will be the winner of the Most Popular Male artist this year. Also Leo Ku (古巨基), who won in the past two years, will only win Asia Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong male artist. If the list turns out toe be true, this will surprise many viewers.

The leaked nomination list did not include any artists from the 5 record companies who have not settled their contracts with TVB.  Kay Tse (謝安琪) recently signed a contract with Stars Shine, and therefore escaped the burden of the disputes. Kay has been making regular guest appearances in some TVB shows lately, and perhaps that is why the list revealed she will the receive the award for Most Popular Female Artist.

Destined to shock the viewers, the 7-time Most Popular Female Award Artist, Joey Yung ( 容祖兒) will only win the Asia Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Female Artist Award.

Actually there were already rumors about Kay Tse costarring with Andy Lau in a TVB series spreading all over the internet earlier this year. Did Kay agree to film the series in exchange for JSG top honors?

However, the authenticity of the nomination list still remains to be proven. Many times in the past, rumored lists of winners were posted online, but none of them have exactly matched the final results.

Below is the circulated the rumored list of JSG winners:

Most Popular Male Artist– Raymond Lam

Most Popular Female Artist– Kay Tse

Asia Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong  Male Artist — Leo Ku

Asia Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong female artist — Joey Yung

Golden Melody Gold Award — Leo Ku’s  Love Without Love <戀無可戀>

Most Popular Group: RubberBand (Gold), C All-Star (Silver), HotCha (Bronze)

Source: 3 Weekly #677 via kuangaitvb.com

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    1. Last times no one boos him if you watch the award. But feel free to change his wiki with all the Eason fans lOL

    2. Boo ur head? If LF not talented, you think he can be so successful now especially china more than 10 billions people, most of the teenagers will like LF. He indeed the best package in the history of hong kong. Can dance, can sing, can act, loveable, good back ground, natural good attitude unlike that shit eason attitude like shit. LOL. Only those failure haters will jealous.

  1. no way kay wins joey. TVB can only rely on EEG now, no way they anger EEG like that

    1. Miriam won over Joey recent years, Joey either receive Asia Pacific or HK, that’s the share she’ll get. And LF is EEG too.

      1. The last time miriam won over joey was 2009 and Kay is not up to that status yet.

  2. So can I pretend to be a tvb employee and “leak” a winners list? I want to make the news too!

    1. Oh please, the reason they go against him is not because he not deserve the award lor. They just love bashing him so I rather him grab all the big ones, it would be more fun.

      1. I thought Leo Ku sings several good songs lately so he lose to LF in the end? lol…

      2. Leo has the Asia-Pacific, do you see the list, lolz. Leo hasn’t had Asia-Pacific but he already had 4 Most popular singer. Meanwhile LF had 3 Asia – Pacific and 0 Most popular singer. Just switch it because Leo also wants to have an Asia-Pacific. No win, no lose, just switch the titles.

      3. But Leo isn’t famous and popular outside hk.just moderate fan base in china and none in south east asia

  3. Not a fan of HK music anymore, but goodluck to all artists.

  4. I want Joey to win lol. Weey those news are made so people can get shocked when the awards won’t be given to that person the news has been telling audience about 😛

    1. Can’t be shocked if LF wins the 4th Asia-Pacific, Leo the 5th Most popular, Joey again with Asia-Pacific or Most popular and someone else (Kay?) with Most Popular or Asia-Pacific. In the end, EEG and East are still the winners.

      It’ll be a shock if the winner is Linda, perhaps. Not really a shock but a shake to the entire city.

      1. It’s expected that LF will win most popular male singer. But maybe it will lessen his chances of winning best actor.

        But I would be shocked if Kay wins over joey for most popular female singer. Like shake the city shocked!

      2. I find the two awards Asia-Pacific and Most popular in HK are merely the same.

        Btw Txb TV award is before JSG, so the decision for JSG is supposed to made after the TV award? Guess that if he wins Best actor, he will win Asia-Pacific the 4th time, lolz.

      3. Asia pacific is more pork award.

        That’s why I worry this article come out too soon. If after he wins best actor, it can mean double winner. But it comes out now, it means he will only win my fave character again. Poor LF, always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

      4. If it happens, I hope he can end the contract with Txb before the deadline. Just a Txb award, why is so stingy and not giving to him IF they really promote him like ppl say?

      5. Faye Wong,Andy lau ,Kelly Chen, jacky cheung and Aaron kwok are multiple winners of Asia pacific most popular singer. They are the titans in concert show performing and can reach 15k hk dollars per ticket.

      6. It’ll be a shock if the winner is Linda, perhaps. Not really a shock but a shake to the entire city.

        Linda has good voice and her albums sell well why she can’t be winner? You are too biased.

      7. Linda’s album never reach platinum and her live singing sucks

      8. if really 100% based on votes, confirm LF will win both awards. But i not sure something. Is it a singer can only either win most ppopular or asia pacific? Because i remember since last time dont have any singer to win both. But LF is indeed superb famous in hong kong n china now. Its more a joke if let Leo Ku to win asia pacific

    2. Did some one miss out on ivana wong? Hope she ” lam Chung” for Asia pacific for the second year. She is all rounded talented musician

  5. Raymond improve a lot of his singing..dancing and acting…his slow songs are great…Support him to get any award that TVB willing to give him…

    1. Yes. His fast songs aren’t bad either. Like almost all the songs in his new album especially 一刀切 and 顽石. I feel that his popularity is not beneath that of Leo Ku, yet he lost the Most Popular Male Singer award to Leo.

    1. same here…watch out to see if we can vote for him….TV King or other music award!! thx

  6. Raymond has proven that he is a terrific singer with his latest Self Portrait showing off many different styles. I still love his dreamy slow songs the most. His voice is magnetic! Enjoyed his three concerts last July. Counting the days to his four concert dates in January.
    Love and support fabulous CHOK 峯 forever!

    1. Yes. …I love his latest Self Portrait…You can tell that he has put lot of work and heart on it…support…althought i can’t go to the concert because i am in US…but will buy his concert DVD as support

  7. He is actually a good singer. I love his voice! I don’t understand Chinese but I like listening to his songs, just so I can hear his voice. =))

    1. Same with me,don’t understand Chinese but love to listen to his voice,even when he just talking and not singing

    2. Raymond’s voice is magnetic, dreamy and comforting! I enjoy his Mandarin songs as well even though I don’t understand all of the words!

  8. haha..some of u guys here really a joker. If earlier of this year january that time, u can boo raymond. But this year LF already has so many good song on hands and definitely eligible to grab all the big awards. PlS la, leo ku as Asia Pacific Most popular? dun laugh my ass out pls. China will surely vote for LF la. I got big feelings LF will win Hong kong most popular and also asia pacific together because indeed in hong kong LF most popular now and china no need say la sure LF la. LF already proven that he well deserved all the awards and those haters better F off.

  9. Multi-talented singer and actor, charismatic, handsome, humble, caring and loving to his Honeys = LF !!! Love Fung! Always and forever!!!

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