Raymond Lam Wants to Marry Karena Ng By 2015

Since announcing his dating status publicly, Raymond Lam (林峯) has been spending a copious amount of time with girlfriend, Karena Ng (吳千語). Besides enjoying each other’s company in Hong Kong, the couple has also gone on several romantic trips across the globe. A reliable source even shared that Raymond had actually proposed marriage on their trip to Okinawa!

Currently in Hengdian filming Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou <陸小鳳與花滿樓>, Raymond could not concentrate well on his work, and is often on the phone, either talking or sending text messages, presumably to Karena. Since Karena has no projects at hand now, she had planned to fly over to Hengdian to accompany Raymond. Because of the H7N9 bird virus spreading in China, Raymond would rather sacrifice time spent together rather than have her visit his Hengdian filming set, which is dangerously close to Shanghai and Jiangsu where most of the flu virus cases are found.

For now, the lovers will have to be satisfied with Raymond’s occasional overnight trips back to Hong Kong. Karena said, “Raymond is afraid that I may get ill so he prefers that I do not visit him. I’m also worried for him and often reminds him to be watchful of what he eats. Meanwhile, I have prepared a lot of dry food so that he can bring them over.” Raymond has been taking safety precautions by donning a mask whenever he can.

Will Not Film for TVB Dramas This Year

Without Karena by his side, Raymond could not focus on his work and is often distracted. Instead of going through his scripts, he spent most of his time on the phone. As a result, he ended with many outtakes during filming, and exasperated the crew.

Even in scenes he was supposed to film, Raymond would reportedly push them to the body double, and make his appearances only when his face can be seen on camera.

It has also been alleged that Raymond has made it clear to TVB executive, Virigina Lok (乐易玲) that he wants to take a break after filming Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou and does not want to be involved in any work, be it filming or singing, so that he can spend more time with Karena. Hence, Raymond will not be involved in any series for the second half of this year.

Plans for Marriage

A source close to Raymond revealed, “Raymond is really serious about Karena this time. He is sure Karena is the one and plans to marry her within these two years.  Actually, when they were in Okinawa, Raymond already proposed to Karena and they have even bought their rings. However, the proposal wasn’t really serious as Raymond was merely testing his chances. I believe he will seriously propose to Karena again.”

Source: Next Magazine #1205 via ihktv.com 

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Awe I’m going to miss his singing and his acting! But it’s great he’s taking time off to hang out with his girlfriend!

    And I’m glad that both parties seems to be in love with each other! As a fan, I do hope that Raymond is happy!:)

  2. I personally find it marrying too young is not a good thing. In most cases they end up in divorce or in an unhappy relationship.

    1. I agree that there is a higher chance/risk for people who marry young to end up in a divorce or in an unhappy relationship but in a few years’ time, Raymond would be in his mid 30s. And I do agree that Karena is real young and may not be ready to be in a marriage. However, I have some friends who are in their mid 20s (22 and 24 respectively) and they are getting married in two months! And there are those rare scenarios where people do marry their highschool sweethearts (also rare but does happen).

    2. That is not necessarily true, but I can see why many would think that. It varies from case to case…

    3. Fully agreed… I think they should date a few more years, maybe 5 years or more, then only think about settling down. Karena is just too young and may not know what kind of commitment is requires when comes to matrimony. The only thing I can see right now is that the couple is blinded by love…

  3. i also think their relationship will turn out well,but don;t stop your work for too long LF or we will be bored ,from your fan!!!

  4. Come on, Raymond. You are a professional, stop dreaming about your girl!

    1. raymond does sounds unprofessional if this report is true. a true professional know how to separate work and personal matters and won’t let personal matters interfere with work and cause trouble to tean members.

      1. Haha, and maybe Zhang Meng isn’t a member of the team because she has just told the reporters that they are collaborating very well :P.

        And maybe the ppl with V on weibo who are working in Hengdian for another LXF series because they praised LF’s working attitude.

    2. Yea, if you are professional than you should separate work from personal. That is harder to do for some people than others…

      1. yes. some people tend to bring their personal matter to work and affect their job. which is worse when they work in a team such as what this report said allegedly of raymond.

    3. Also, I think they are still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Once you are an older and more serious couple, you actually like being away from each other for periods of time and are fine with it.

      1. I dont think experienced couples actually like the time apart but theyre more accepting towards the distance since theyve been together for a duration and trust builds. I mean really after a couple of years or decades, you can only do so much with the same person.

    4. He may be a professional, but he is also a human man in love. There is nothing wrong with him dreaming about his sweetheart. Who do you want him to dream about

    5. yeh i no in this report he sound so like he doesn’t car bout his work. but i think he’s change since he had a girlfriend and that he wants to time off. i mean he’s way too early to get marry and specially the girl is too young and she could cheat on him!

  5. I am believing more and more that when he finds his mrs right, time to pack his bag and live a merrier life.

    Best wishes for him and his girlfrannnnd.

    1. He will find mrs right… on this website! lol

      Raymond, just do want wait it to long til 65 years old

      1. Id be creeped out cause more than half of this site’s females are probably not of legal age. 19> 17> 12…..LOL

      2. @Crystal: Depending on where you live. LOL. In some places, 13-14 is considered as legal age.

      3. That is true.

        But people probably ignore the law and vomit at the number!

        I mean some ridiculous thing going on in this world…13-14 legal age? Man, their limbs arent even at the maximum growth yet. Scary. Scary.

      4. Yeah that is definitely true and I definitely agree with you on that.

      5. Ah, the thought of child marriages occurring to this very day – some not even 10 years of age… It’s shocking reading the case of Nujood Ali.


        Back to the article. No wonder celebrities prefer not to disclose their relationships. Granted, LF is one of the more popular HK stars and will naturally command much more tabloid attention, but the amount of focus on this relationship is insane. It’s almost as much as the press here in the UK going on about what Kate Middleton is wearing.

  6. Raymond, you ever only propose once. There is no test case. It will be cruel to go down on your knees and say “Will you marry me?” and she says yes and you jump up and say “Well, that worked! Ok test done! Next time I will try this style!”.

    1. That was a good one Funn and you are right. He should not use engagement as a test because he would not sound serious if he really did that.

  7. hope that kevin cheng will do the same thing to charmaine sheh

    1. I really like their pairing! Every time they are in the same drama, they have really good chemistry! 🙂

  8. can’t 100% believe the whole thing from the reporter…i don’t care/don’t mind whom Raymond marry with…hope he is still concentrate on his work…this report sounds like Raymond can’t concentrate on work and has poor work attudite…i don’t believe it and hope it is not true…

    1. Don’t believe this tabloid. Ray’s peers in LXF like Zhang Meng and some others has no complains about him. Never heard anyone from the crew complain about his work attitude yet. The reporter must’ve been adding some made up story to make Ray look bad.

      1. yea…here is some positive report…
        【新聞】拍戲期间,為避免淋雨後造成补妆的麻煩,他让助理為他打伞前行。当看到自己的行套落地要被溅湿時,他干脆自己打伞在雨中快速前行。此举在内地演員身上极少發生,一旁看客露出新奇眼神,而这些细节對於一個演员来說,是最基本的敬業舉動http://t.cn/zTcRwzo #林峯##陸小鳳##陸小鳳與花滿樓#

  9. actually i don’t think marry with the person who age different with 10 years is not a good thing. i don’t think they can not communication when their age in the different stage, mostly relationship will
    end up in divorce.

  10. I wonder if Karena is willing to marry so young. In 2 years time, she will only be 21 years old.

  11. Looks like some Leon and Gaile’s situation.. Gaile is younger by Leon by 10 Years+ i guess… so chances of Karena dumping LF in another few years is likely high.

    1. Didn’t the reporters make like Leon dumped Gaile and Gaile hurt herself many times to get him back but can’t?

    2. LF snatched Karena from her 4-year relationship with former boyfriend,
      Chester Lim (林建億) [son of 1985 Miss Hong Kong Ellen Wong (王愛倫)],
      who crashed his ex-gf’s wedding giving Karena a good excuse to dump him.

      I’m not sure that Karena’s parents will allow her to dump LF since they are living under LF’s roof.

      In this case, “money = power” (not “money = love” like Florinda Ho/Joel Chan). 🙂


  12. A recent video shows Karena Ng saying to reporters that she is too young to marry. People usually don’t really know what they want in life at that young age and end up being the obedient younger partner (with little decision-making power), which they later resent. Another disadvantage of 10+ years age gap relationships … haha.

    Hopefully, LF is not being extra lavishing towards current gf in order to tick-off ex-gf. It all seems too much too soon.

    1. Well, Karena also once lied in interview saying she is not interested in Raymond Lam because he is way older. They were actually already dating.

      1. I guess LF convinced her otherwise (with lots of gifts and benefits). 🙂

    2. There’s nothing wrong with the gap nor with being an “obedient younger partner.” I’m 10 years younger than my husband, but he lets me have my way all the time, hehe. But in bigger decisions, I honor his wisdom.

      But I do agree with a former comment that marrying too young might mean she doesn’t understand the marriage commitment yet. It was already hard for me at age 24, what more for her at 19.

  13. He is already approaching his mid 30’s, and I don’t think he need to emulate matinee idols to stay single until his forties or get married secretly.

    1. Maybe they’re engaged. Did she suddenly wear any new jewelry?

  14. Ray and Karena can date or marry as they wish. It’s their happiness. The press is too fussy and busybody. I guess Ray is too famous for them to neglect.

    1. I know. People are free to do whatever makes them happy (be the 3rd party, be a two-timer, sell their daughters, etc.).

      1. what RAYLEILAFAN mean is have happiness but not hurting other people! Ray and Karena can date…get marry…how long is the marriage…those are upto them…of course…they will have my blessing! I love Raymond as long as he has positive attudite toward his work…one day he is in the industry, he continues give his best to perform…this is what i love him for…one day he decide to get marry, return to his family business…it is okay…i wish him the best…and he and all his performances would be in my heart!

  15. No guarantee that a marrige wsurelyonly work if you date each other for many years. Hence I feel it is fine for a couple to get married after dating for 1-2 years provided both have the same marriage view and a healthy communication between them. I agree that 21 year old does appear to be too young to enter the next adult phrase but there will always be an exception.

    Things will work well if both have the heart to make it work.

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