Raymond Lam’s Ex-Girlfriends Comment on His Relationship With Karena Ng

After the Hong Kong paparazzi’s recent slanderous reports against Karena Ng (吳千語) and her family, Raymond Lam (林峯) finally admitted that he has been dating the 19-year-old beauty. This came as a sudden 180 degree turn for Raymond, who maintained a lower profile in handling past relationships.

Ex-girlfriends, Rain Li (李彩華), Mavis Pan (潘霜霜), and Liu Yuqi (劉羽琦) were asked to comment on Raymond’s new romance with Karena Ng.

Rain Li— Dating after filming 2003 drama, Lofty Water, Verdant Bow <雲海玉弓緣>, Rain was considered as Raymond’s first girlfriend in the entertainment industry. Each time Raymond’s romantic news surfaced, Rain was asked to comment. Over Raymond’s acknowledgement that Karena is his girlfriend, Rain said, “I’m not shocked because Raymond has always been a person to bear responsibility. When we were dating in the past, we both considered admitting the relationship publicly. We were both newcomers at the time and our companies did not wish us to announce it. Times have changed now. Artists will announce their dating and wedding plans now. I’m happy for him and wish him the best.”

Mavis Pan— The leaking of Mavis’ bed photos with Raymond Lam in 2011 had stunned the public. Two years later, both Mavis and Raymond have found new lovers.  What does Mavis think of Raymond’s public announcement in dating Karena? Mavis said, “Isn’t it normal? Actually it doesn’t really pertain to me!” When prompted that Raymond did not declare Mavis as his girlfriend in the past, she replied, “It’s not the same then! He is already this age, he should have responsibility; otherwise which woman would be willing to be with him? At least, a woman should be given her status.” She added, “Without responsibility, he is not a man!”

Liu Yuqi stated that she had slept at Raymond’s apartment on several occasions, implying of their intimate relationship, which Raymond never acknowledged. Currently in mainland China, Liu Yuqi did not wish to comment on Raymond’s latest romance.

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) has shared the high and low points of Raymond’s career over the last decade, including helping him handle the stressful Mavis Pan scandal. Raymond is one of Ms. Lok’s favorite artists, yet he did not consult with her in advance and only told her after making his dating announcement.

Ms. Lok said, “He is a big boy. He should bear responsibility over his own actions. All these years, I have supported him each time he encountered setbacks. This is happy news; I will support him! If he feels the need to do something,  I will support him. As his senior and manager, I will give him unlimited support.”

Ms. Lok did not believe that Raymond’s announcement will endanger his work, as many TVB artists have gotten married and started a family.

Some members of the fan community on the other hand were much more vocal in protesting the couple’s relationship, unable to accept his new girlfriend.

Sources: Oriental DailyOriental Daily; Oriental Daily

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  1. Be careful Karena, some of ur boyfriend’s fans are crazy.

    1. Well I for one am supporting his decision to reveal his relationship. It’s better to be truthful instead of beating around the bush.

  2. I feel surprised that drama queen Liu Yuqi dun have any comment, or no comment will bring her more news than a good/bad comment?

    But nice to see Rain said that they wanted to public the love.

    1. Simply bcuz it never happened!
      LF don’t even know who is she, I also have no idea who she is >.<||

      1. Nope, I mean that Liu Yuqi dun use this chance to cry out loud is such a surprise to me, I always think that there is nothing between LF and LYQ as he isn’t his type, for sure.

    2. haha fox, did you sad or cry? because i can sense from ur posts before this that you dont really can accept LF dating karena and you think he is dating other. hehe. dun sad ler. As long as LF enjoy and sweet.

      1. Sad or cry? Kidding? LMAO~. I can’t accept LF and Karena? Haha, I even cheer them up before anyone, in the first stage of their rumour :P. I did guess that he’ll announce with Karena when Baby Blues come, but he wants sooner, then ok :P.

      2. huh fox i read b4 that you think raymond is dating but not karena? then how do you think he will announce they r together when BB come out??

        wow BB have so many meaning now lmao but i want to watch BB. when is it coming out??

      3. It’s said to be in May.

        I have to promise to keep silent and let ppl think of no Karena until Baby Blues when he reveals. He revealed now so this promise is already invalid :P.

  3. No…. Raymond Lam news everyday make me puke… Not hating on him, but come on. I rather read about Eric Tsang vs Kenny Wong. What happened to them anyways…

    1. You can always choose not to click, but you click in and it’s your own decision. Enjoy.

      1. if u no wanna read abt rayena, den no click on dis link. u no like? u no read… go back to eri tsang. u no nice talk, den shhhhh….

      2. Miu. What in the world do you live in? Your English is trash. Go back to school in China.

        “U no nice talk” dam FOB. Hahaha

      3. While Miu does need to work on her English, there was no need to say “dam FOB”. If you’re Asian, maybe Chinese even, don’t address someone like that unless you’re secretly referring to your parents as well. You could have said, “Miu, I am struggling to understand what you’re saying” would have suffice.

      4. The English Miu typed were more of a slang than anything else …

      5. thank much crystal. u talk nice to me.

        to mlove, u a boy or girl? me dont wonder y u talk mean to me wen me just tell u u no like story, u go read new paper. no read this story much. u go.read eric tsang story okay??

      6. Haha, when I see FOB, I immediately think of FOB and CIF in maritime terms instead of immigration slang :P.

  4. That is a very good picture of Mavis and she looks gorgeous in that picture.

    1. I like the way she handled the situation and how she answered the press.

      1. Her plastic percent is lower than many Txb girls :P. And I always say that PSS is a smart girl but before, ppl always said against me.

  5. I love Rain, too bad they don’t last 🙁
    Sorry to all LF fans, I still feel LF best suited with Linda 😉
    I guess if the announcement is he is dating Linda, everyone will send their blessings!!
    Rose Chan Karena..they just resemble Linda ;P
    Is it because LF just can’t forget of Linda but the same time Linda vows to NO ERHERMM B4 MARRIAGE that got him choose others?! Hahas xD

    1. lmao what! i dun think it is becuz he cant forget linda but becuz the sweet innocent looking ones are his type

    2. Just because Linda is under his type and he is loyal to his type from the start, not that he can’t forget Linda.

      And Linda, although she dun admit, has Philip Ng.

      I dun see any different or better of Linda than Rain or Karena or PSS.

    3. Just joking ya 😉
      Don’t know why since the gossips between LF n Linda many years ago, I always wish some day it will be true, better after Linda in one of her interview admitted that she once considered bout LF.
      Linda got the look, brain n $$$$
      I don’t mean to be harsh on Karena, compared Karena with PSS, I dislike someone who boost bout themself

      1. I mean Karena lied about lorr her family n her studies. She tried to make herself an angelic image. And this really errrkksss me.

      2. Karena also has the look, brain and $$$$. He said that her family is quite rich.

        And since LF dated Linda but have a peaceful breakup, now it’s good both move on with Karena and Philip without any thing bad about the other.

        Btw, there is nothing to ensure that Karena lied about her family and studies other than the reporters said (only a picture of Karena in highschool uniform was posted and hardly can’t tell it was from HK or Aus).

      3. actually hk reporters are some of the best in digging up info, they have uncovered 80% of the real couples dating. of course raymond will have to lie for karena, its likely she is not from a well off family, otherwise why only recently do they move to a nicer living place? even from her recent income, it cant be enough so soon, so i think raymond is also chippping in but he doesnt want her to incur bad rumors and likely her parents want him to clarify for their daughter as well. they’re all pretending they havent met and putting on another show like usual for face.

        nobody should listen to any sly Fox, obviously this person is wrong each time, covering up her idol’s tracks for the oddest of things. someone insisted ray and karena were not dating proven flat wrong to her face. need i say more?

        karena has dated rich men at a young age, nothing angelic, already aiming high. just like isabella leong, cecilia cheung, michelle r, angelababy, hannah, they’re not innocent, they’re like mixed clones of one another, if anything they are likely more wild-streaked and gold digging than their image. remember angelababy’s text msg to HXM “i dont want to be just your f-buddy.” the most aggressive women stake their men.

      4. Wow, such a big talk of ehhh.

        You think Karena lie, but what if she didn’t? And even if both lied about the house, wat’s so wrong? You wanna him to break up with her and come back to Linda? Lolz, that’s so funny and even more of a fan’s love.

      5. @fox hmmmmm…
        It’s OBVIOUS that she LIED!
        Or else lorrr your comment make me feels like u know either LF or Karena WELLLLL-PERSONALLY!!
        She lied bout her family and her Educational achivement! Or else she already come forward lorr!
        For me, she and Linda, is just HEAVEN and HELL!
        She is no way better or even near to Linda!

    4. I’m with you on this one Yen! I still and have always preferred him with Linda as well. They look great together. Too bad….

      1. Linda is more independent and conservative than Karena. Linda wasn’t co-habiting with any previous bfs nor her bf(phillip) showing she is properly raise and respect herself. she doesn’t look like the type that throws herself at men, thus she will never fulfill Raymond’s huge ego. also, phillip isn’t paying for her and her family’s living expenses. i think women like linda have pride and alot of self-reliance compared to these younger chicks that are born in a materialistic decade and are taught to use and fleece rich men.

      2. Let’s see, we had Gillian Chung and several old Yuk lui to be revealed :P.

    5. Actually, never even knew they have dated before, all along thought it was just rumors. She must be young as well back then….

    1. Yes they all do with the long hair, average height, big eyes, high nose and sweet innocent look….well except for Mavis on the last characteristic.

      1. the barbie type?.i think vivian chow is his youth dreamgirl then.

      2. PSS looks sweet and innocent when she dun do the poses for model. Among the girls, I think she looks sweetest.

      1. rain and linda do not look good there. I think Rain is the prettiest.

  6. Rain and Ray seemed to end on better terms than Mavis for sure. It is great that Rain sent her blessings. Mavis seems a bit petty and tends to hold grudges. Hasn’t she gotten over it yet???

    1. Look like so, due to her recent posts on weibo. Maybe she is still in love with him. But her answer this time sounds more calm.

    2. haha because she drilled by LF and yet LF didnt admit their relationship last time. Confirm will angry till now la.

    3. why do you guys always find a way to take a dig at Mavis? if anything, you are the bitter ones with a grugde like the rest of the comments here. Mavis already has someone new, she’s moved on so she can say what she likes.

      1. IF Mavis has found someone new,then why is still being so petty???I am not trying to pick on her, but look at her response(if she really say that). IF she was more graceful like Rain then no one would pick on her. Usually when someone finds someone new, they would let it go… But in her case, it seems like she is still not over Ray or something so still responds in that way… You can’t help but think that…

      2. HTS, you took the words out of my mouth. If Mavis truly has moved on, she could have said simple things or don’t answer the question at all. People rock hard on how Raymond was a cold hearted freak for treating her in such demeanor but the girl don’t seem innocent at all. I said it earlier, relationships takes two, arguments takes two, you can’t possibly be arguing and be unhappy with yourself? If so, that is a psychological issue.

      3. Well, if you are her fan, you must know that she did want her fans and supporters to stop calling her Mavis and she changed to Angelina. If you are simply not a supporter, I can understand but you are showing yourself as a fan/supporter of PSS, so shouldn’t you stop calling her Mavis?

  7. Rain looks gorgeous in that picture. They definitely must have parted quite amicably, because that was a good response. Mavis sound a tad bitter, but given their dramatic break up, who could blame her.

    1. i dont think she’s bitter, she has always been straightforward like that. i like her kind of personality, no frills.

      1. No doubt why I find your avatar looks that familiar in a different name. Your typing style make me rmb you. Last time you were TY’s fan, now Linda fan, what’s up next?

  8. thanks virginia for admitting your unlimited support for chok lam. not that we never realized how much you loved him while you spread hate at others until they have to leave tvb.

  9. Ray not telling Ms. Lok first shows that he is ready to move on and not renew with TVB.

  10. Dating is very normal…he is 33 year old…he need a girl friend…he need to have a family…as his fans…i will love for him to find a true love…and I will even love him more because he is responsible to his relationship, his love and his family…honest to his fans is important too…Support him and love him more 🙂

  11. mavis actually has class this time, still feel bad for her, and she’s right, he probably learned from past experience on how he should handle it. karena is lucky mavis was the guinea pig first.

    as for raymond, still dont think he is a man of good character, esp what he did to mavis and all the four timing rumors involved. he’s a player that now sees that if all he did was play, eventually all the women leave to a man that commits instead and he is left with nothing, therefore he has to choose one or lose all.

    1. I don’t see how people feel bad about Mavis. I just don’t. I’m a lady, perhaps a little too strong minded at times but when Mavis showed those photos, despite whatever struggles the two were having underground, it was no way acceptable IMO. All I saw in those photos were, “We can’t seem to agree on what we want for this relationship, therefore screw you, I’m telling the world. Hello world, this is me Mavis, please look at me. I’m supposedly sleeping with my boyfriend Raymond Lam. He denied me? Well here’s your proof. I look intimate for the camera? Please promote me after all the man next to me is Raymond Lam.” A picture speaks 1000 words. However, she didn’t have ONE picture, she had plenty in extravagant poses as well. Well she is a model, no? Promotions alongside a super idol for free is great.

      Raymond may not be the greatest potential spouse in your beliefs, but there has yet to be SOLID proof he cheated other than the worldly speculations being made of the man for his so called “scandals”. It’s funny how this man gets barked left and right, hated top to bottom but no one ever realizes or can’t face that there are plenty more and much more deceitful men walking on this land. It could be the man next to you, it could be the man outside your house, but because they’re just not significant enough, we don’t bother judging or correcting their deeds.

      1. Well said Crystal! I agree with you and you took the words out of my mouth…

  12. Didn’t even know he dated Rain Li? BTW, where is she now? It’s like she disappears from HK.

    1. In China. She signed with a new China company and act in series there.

      1. She does?? I have seen many China series and have not seen a single one with her in it. I thought she has retired already..

      2. I don’t know how about you but I’ve watched a lot of series ft her. The latest one was a series with Hawick Lau where she acted a villain.

      3. Really?? Which one is that?? I guess the ones that I watch just happen to not have her casted in them.. Can you name some series that she has been in?? I thought she was long retired.

      4. HTS, I’m surprised that you have not even seen one Mainland series with Rain Li in it. I don’t watch many Mainland series, but, I already saw two with Rain in it.

  13. Raymond should be more patient in selecting a girl friend and I think someone like Linda Chung is classy and more suitable to his status.

    1. Maybe Linda finds it a burden to date him- he’s too famous & that attract too much attention.
      Price one has to pay for fame. The good girls might stay away.

    2. I agree, too. Karena Ng ……. I do not know. Personally I think she is too young and immature for Raymond Lam. Linda Chung seems to be more down-to-earth and sincere.

  14. support both of them…it is very brave to admit a relationship…they both put some committment to this relationship too…hope they can work out…honest to fans is a plus…Love you Raymond…wish you have your love family soon and have little raymond and little karena!! as Raymond’s female fans…I totally support him…hope all his fans will be the same!

  15. Does anyone know why Rain and Ray broke up back then?? I think they were a great couple… so sad that it didn’t work out.. I guess they had yuen but no fen…

    1. She said: Differences in characters and then they know they aren’t meant for each other.

      1. Really?? that is sad but I guess it just was not meant to be… Like with Michelle, if they did date at least they are still good friends and at times being good friends for life is even better.

      2. Also if it did not work out with Rain,I really wonder about Karena??? Lets see…

  16. Mavis Pan looks really beautiful in the picture. She looks a bit like Gigi Lai here.

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