Raymond Wong Continues Acting Hiatus

Raymond Wong (黃浩然) and Niki Chow (周麗淇) appeared at a recent promotional event for Geox. Diagnosed with Behcet’s disease earlier, Raymond has taken a hiatus from filming series to allow his health to recover.

Raymond said, “When I went back to the studio, my coworkers said they’ve never seen me more spirited. I can’t do very intense exercises right now and I have to maintain a nutritious diet. I can’t film series yet; I’ll only be attending events for now.”

Attributing his speedy recover to his wife’s special care and herbal soups, Raymond has been eating more regularly meals at home. Taking daily walks, Raymond disclosed that he would monitor his health and diet more carefully from now on.

Niki Chow on Staying Fit

Appearing at the same event, Niki Chow revealed the secret to maintaining her slim figure. “I always exercise.  In the past few years, I’ve become addicted to yoga – I always do yoga even if I’m busy. He [Jeremy Tsui (徐正曦)] is very inflexible so he just goes to play ball himself.”

When asked if she is keeping up with a fitness regime to get ready to become a bride, Niki added, “No, it’s for my health so I can continue to film series and movies. It helps me relax.”

Having focused on her career in Mainland China, Niki has not filmed a TVB series in a long time. Despite earning more money in China, Niki praised TVB for being a great place to learn and improve acting skills.

Sources: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. One of my fav on screen pair! I hope to see them together again! Raymond lucky to have such a caring wife!

  2. wow! Raymond Wong is so lucky and having good meals of food each day!!!! i really want to see more of Niki to film in TVB more often haven’t seen her for ages since when she went back to mainland,China to film TV series!!!! 🙂

  3. Lol I haven’t been up to date on their news so when I saw the article’s picture I was desperately hoping that it was a pic of a promo event for their upcoming drama or something…oh well. Hopefully their next collaboration as romantic interests will be soon after he recovers!

    1. :/ even on the above photo, his smile is so fake :/ as an actor, you can’t pull a smile convincingly -.-?

      1. Have a heart when commenting because having Behcet’s disease is terrible and he maybe in agony.

  4. Wishing you quick recovery Raymond! Glad you are taking a break as your health is the most important. Especially when you have a family.

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