Raymond Wong Feels Blessed to Be Alive

After seven years of non-stop work, Raymond Wong (黃浩然) emerged as one of TVB’s top leading actors. However, filming five series a year came a price. Unable to handle the hectic schedule, Raymond was diagnosed with Behcet’s disease earlier this year. His illness caused Raymond to re-set his priorities, “Nothing else is important; the most important thing is to save my life.”

Raymond added, “The doctor said the disease can relapse at any time. A critical case can lead to death. It’s the first time that I felt death can be so close. Right now, I’m trying my best to recover my health.”

Taking a hiatus from filming since his hospitalization in September, Raymond recalled his unfortunate experience. “It’s fate – what’s yours is yours. I used to be stubborn and upset because I had to turn down a series. But I realized that the world won’t stop for you. If you’re not there, a second person will easily take your place. On the other hand, your family won’t be the same without you. When I heard my wife cry about how she only has my two sons and I left, I cried on the spot.”

Learning to spend more time with his family, Raymond took the rest of the year off from filming and will only be making promotional appearances in the interim.

Although Raymond’s health is almost recovered, his face is still swollen from the medication he took during hospitalization. To ensure better health in the future, Raymond recently made changes in his everyday diet. Previously, Raymond would always rush his meals, but now, he makes certain that he eats enough vegetable and fruits. He has taken up a better exercise regime to stay in shape.

Source: stheadline.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So glad he is recovering! What a scary incident for sure!! And yes, your health is top priority for your family sake!

  2. Admittedly one of my favorite actors in TVB at present. Hope he makes full recovery soon.

    Am enjoying his performance in Overachievers. Wondering if the script would allow him to rise to the same extreme level of the villain he played in ATV’s Central Affairs.

    1. I agree. I hope Raymond keeps up his health and brings us lots of happiness as well as for his young family.

      Johnny is hard performance to beat. He was very good in Central Affairs. But Raymond os doing very well in Overachievers. I’m sad that he is not paired with nancy cos they looked cute in ep one when they were pretending to date to get rid of the annoying clingy girl.

      1. Unfortunately, with the predictability of TVB script nowadays, I daresay Nancy will figure quite prominently in Raymond’s character’s downfall towards the end of the series. The setup is all there from the first 4 episodes. Alas.

      2. I can’t stand this anymore! Why is Hugo sleeping with every female that moves?

  3. But I realized that the world won’t stop for you. If you’re not there, a second person will easily take your place. On the other hand, your family won’t be the same without you.
    It is absolutely tree. No one is irreplaceable in the work force, but every one is irreplaceable in a family.

    1. What he said really makes all the sense in the world, and really left me thinking hard. Everyone tries to work hard to make a living and to support their family, but without good health in first priority, nothing else will be possible to achieve, and your family will be the one who will suffer.

      I really realllly hope he recoveries completely and never has a relapse again. Raymond seems like a really genuine person with a good personality, not to mention a good actor in my opinions it’d be sad to see something like this happen again in the future if he is not careful. All the best to him and his family !

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