Raymond Wong Says He is Hard to Please

The actor admits his temper and unwieldy traits, and is thankful for his wife’s support.

Married to wife Kaka Mok (莫家嘉) for 14 years, actor Raymond Wong (黃浩然), who has two sons Kayden and Ransley, admits that he is not an easy person to get along with. He thanks his wife for her immense support through the years. 

Fortunate to Marry Such a Capable Wife

The couple met on the movie Love Undercover <新紮師妹> for which Kaka was the stylist. Getting married after four years of courtship, Kaka is not only her husband’s image stylist, but is also an accomplished chef, learning Thai cuisine and getting certified in addition to currently picking up French cuisine recently. Besides publishing a cookbook in July, both her sons have earned places in branded schools under their mother’s guidance.

Calling himself “troublesome”, Raymond said, “I am a classic Virgo, difficult to please and often offend others. As I manage my own career at the beginning, there’re many grievances from work which I bring home. My temper will act up and I’ll start lashing out at others. My wife often say I am someone who can’t express myself well and often offend others. Many years ago she started playing the role of a middleman and arranging jobs for me, as she understands my thinking best.”

Besides His Mom, Only Raymond’s Wife Can Tolerate Him

Describing himself as “lazy” and yet having the habit of picking on others both at home and on travels, Raymond is thankful that his wife would remind him to be more tactful when speaking. “I am slowly changing, but it is actually very hard for two people to get along. It has been 18 years since we knew each other until we got married. You really need to learn to get along in order to continue in the relationship. Maybe those around us think we appear to be very loving, but actually we throw our temper on those dearest to us. Every day we work very hard to make it work. She is really good to me and my family, and is really a multi-functional wife in real life. Not only is she great at cooking and taking care of the family, she also has her own career. I am very lucky to marry her, because not many people can tolerate me. Besides my mom, she’s the only one!” he shared.

Impresses Wife with Handmade Gifts

Being parents to two young children also creates additional stress on the couple’s relationship, as both their patience would be stretched. “Though I seldom scold her directly, but I would flare up without a thought for the consequences. After that, I know it is my fault so I keep silent to prevent things from getting any worse, and would remind myself that all is alright after waking up. An apology is still needed, of course,” said the actor, who would hand make his own cards or use flowers to make up for his temper.

Recently, Raymond DIY-ed a memorable gift for Kaka during the family’s recent vacation to Taiwan, which reminded him of how he had also glued crystals on a watch as a Valentine’s gift for her 14 years ago. As December 1 was their 14th wedding anniversary, she had suggested him to make a floral lamp, saying it would make her very happy. Having said the same thing many times to no avail, Raymond’s wife had not expected it to be any different this time, which explained her joy when she received his handmade gift. “To be honest, it’s the thought that counts more than money when two people have been together for so many years.” Indeed, Raymond shared that his Mother’s Day gift of a star-shaped ring which he had chosen together with their two sons along with a hand-drawn greeting card, had made his wife feel exceptionally touched.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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