Reality Show to Include Aaron Yan’s Bathroom Moments

Taiwanese heartthrob Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) has agreed to reveal his personal life on camera. The 27-year-old former member of Fahrenheit (飛輪海) recently filmed reality series The Aaron Time, which will premiere on Facebook in September. The show will document every aspect of his daily life, including some of the more private moments.

Although he enjoyed immense popularity as a part of the boy band, Aaron truly solidified his foothold in the industry only after splitting from the group. He achieved success with his solo music, branched into song writing, and has already held several concerts. He was also able to further his acting career with starring roles in top idol dramas, which has happily ensured his continued presence in tabloid headlines in recent years.

With many stars turning to gimmicks to raise their profiles, Aaron’s music label has convinced him to join the ranks with this reality show attempt. Filmed over a period of one month, The Aaron Time follows its star 24 hours a day with the help of 21 cameras placed all around his house. While most reality shows forbid recording in private areas, Aaron’s producers have shockingly installed cameras in his bathroom.

Despite knowing about the recordings beforehand, Aaron admits that he lived in constant fear of showing too much on screen. He was so nervous that he only changed clothes in his sister’s room, and made sure to cover up the camera lenses in the bathrooms whenever possible. To his surprise, his company has decided to include these private footage into the show and on May 6 teased curious fans with stills of him using the toilet.

Many fans expressed concerns about this blatant violation of privacy, though his record label assured that Aaron has no complaints about the show’s contents. Admitting that he was initially shocked about the decision, Aaron has since made his peace. “I was very shocked when they told me that they will include clips of me in the bathroom! Later I was able to adjust my attitude about it, and now I just see it as a short documentary.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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  1. Is that Aaron in the pic? Make up does wonders, even on male stars. He looks totally different in TV dramas. LOL

    1. yea, he doesn’t look attractive at all in the pic.
      anyway, i feel bad for him about the camera in the bathroom.

  2. Wow, When I first read Aaron Yan I thought the wrong article was posted because I didnt recognise him lol

    He looks totally different (because he’s not got make-up on?). A bit like how women look when they strip their make-up….except men dont usually look that different.

    1. I heard that he wears thick make up. I find it strange how he says he prefers girls with natural beauty and no or less make up but he wears a lot himself. It is sort of sad to be so dependent on make up.

  3. Taking a poop on a reality show is enough to make me barf.

    1. I guess none of you have any bathroom humor.

  4. dont look like his pants is down to take a number 2!

  5. I guess these reality TV shows are going where no man has gone before…

  6. How could you not recognize him? Yeah he looks different, but not THAT much. I’m not a huge fan of his or anything but I could tell that it was him.
    Have to say though, filming him in the bathroom? That’s just weird.

  7. Well some people do like to read newspaper sitting on a toilet bowl fully clothed.

    This is nothing.

    Watch 2 Days 1 Night; even got shower scenes, but camera always respectfully above the waist. The stars had to trust the editor to edit the improper bits.

  8. Guess things get desperate if toilet business is included to boost a reality show’s rating. Nowadays the whole world wants to be a Kardashian.

  9. I think reality tv should exclude the bathroom and toilet. Those should be private places.

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