Requesting Extended Vacation, Edwin Siu and Priscilla to Get Married Secretly?

Since meeting on set of Madam Cutie on Duty <師奶Madam>, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) have already been dating for nearly three years. The couple is not shy about displaying affection and often shared sweet tidbits of their relationship. Meeting each other’s parents, the couple also admitted to viewing one another as potential marriage partners.

However, Priscilla is currently being heavily promoted by TVB and hopes to continue expanding her career. With Edwin turning 40 years old soon, he wants to start a family. Priscilla will also be turning 36 years old at the end of this year, which may lead to a high-risk pregnancy if they continue to delay marriage plans.

It is reported that Edwin has successfully convinced Priscilla to marry him. In order to lessen the impact on Priscilla’s career, the couple has agreed to get married in secret.

Both Edwin and Priscilla have requested for extended vacations in August. Reporters contacted Virginia Lok (樂易玲) about the news. She responded, “They are indeed taking vacation in August. The company has approved it! [But] I don’t know [if they are getting married]! Let me ask them about it!”


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  1. That is an awful photo of Priscilla. And I want them to be married so he can be stay at home husband and leave entertainment world alone.

  2. Well, not to be ageism. However, I think TVB is dumb to promote someone who is around 35 and might going to get married or pregnant soon. TVB is also dumb to promote actors in their late ’30’s approaching 40 to be a rising star. Edwin and Priscillaa do not really deserved to be heavily promoted because their acting is still not there and they don’t have much potential to be a rising star.

  3. I don’t think Edwin has any fans. He’s an average singer and a much worse actor who has been gifted an acting career by TVB.

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