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awards starThe results for the 2012 Best of TVB Awards @ are now available! Readers were asked to vote for the winners in a three-week period in ten awards categories. The Hippocratic Crush swept multiple awards categories, including Best Series and crowning Kenneth Ma as Best Actor! Tavia Yeung won Best Actress for her performance in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles.

Many of this year’s winners are “underdogs” who have struggled and persevered for many years in the industry. Through our 2012 Best of TVB Awards, we hope to celebrate their acting achievements with a global fan base.

Best Series: The Hippocratic Crush

The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, is the overwhelming favorite among JayneStars’ readers. Praised for its touching story and acting performances, The Hippocratic Crush received 1,825 votes, or 31% of total 5,806 votes. Aired in February, the drama left a deep impression among audiences who longed for a quality medical drama for years.

Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> came in second place with 940 votes, or 16% of total votes. The crime thriller started off with a big bang, until loose plot holes started cropping up in the second half of the drama. Nevertheless, the performances of Raymond Lam, Michael Miu, Kate Tsui, and Ben Wong, made it one of the more memorable dramas this year.

Although Witness Insecurity <護花危情> was treated as a neglected stepchild at the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards, JayneStars’ readers voted the drama as the third best series of 2012 with 469 votes, or 8% of total votes.

Best Actor: Kenneth Ma

This year has truly been a breakout year for 38-year-old Kenneth Ma in many ways. Kenneth has a versatile resume which was showcased brilliantly, from playing a kind-hearted doctor in The Hippocratic Crush to ruthless killer in Tiger Cubs. Acting accolades aside, Kenneth’s romantic rumors and even personal style took a more colorful turn this year as well.

The Best Actor race was extremely tight between Kenneth Ma and Raymond Lam (林峰). Due to his extremely popular doctor role in The Hippocratic Crush, Kenneth Ma won 1,787 votes, or 27% of total 6,623 votes placed at JayneStars.

Raymond Lam received 1,403 votes or 21% of total votes for his performance as Happy Sir in Highs and Lows. Raymond remains as one of the coolest cops to grace TVB dramas this year.

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) may be an understated actor, but JayneStars readers appreciated his refined acting skills in No Good Either Way. Ruco came in third place with 1,048 votes or 16% of total votes.

Best Actress: Tavia Yeung

Over the last 13 years, Tavia Yeung (楊怡)has grown as an actress. Sweeping Best Actress awards this year across Asia, it came as no surprise that Tavia won JayneStars’ Best Actress award as well! For her performance in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, Tavia received 1,793 votes, or 31% of total 5,877 votes, proving her strong fadan status among fans.

Kate Tsui (徐子珊) received 1,273 votes or 22% of total votes. This year has been a breakthrough year for Kate, in which her Drug Queen role in High and Lows brought a new peak in popularity and acting recognition.

Although Witness Insecurity was an under-promoted series, fans appreciated Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) fine acting skills. Linda received 1,069 votes or 18% of total votes.

Best Supporting Actor: Koo Ming Wah

Koo Ming Wah 5Koo Ming Wah’s (古明華) performance in Divas in Distress was so popular, he swept the Supporting Actor awards across Asia, as well as at JayneStars. Koo received 1,132 votes or 27% of total 4,254 votes.

Power Chan (陳國邦) was an extremely close contender for Best Supporting Actor, winning 1,082 votes or 25% of total votes for his performance in The Confidant.

The reliable Ben Wong  (黃智賢) earned raves and hate mail for his performance in Highs and Lows. Ben received 643 votes or 15% of total votes.

Although Koo, Power, and Ben are all stalwarts of acting, they experienced extremely trying financial situations throughout their acting careers. Struggling to pay their bills, they even considered quitting acting, but fortunately their passion for their craft remains strong, allowing audiences to continue to enjoy their multi-dimensional performances.

Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Wu

Nancy Wu 3The race for Best Supporting Actress was highly competitive between Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Elena Kong (江美儀). Nancy Wu won by a very slim margin with 1,092 votes or 27% of total 4,022 votes for her performance in The Confidant.

Elena Kong received 1,077 votes or 27% of total votes. Selena Li (李詩韻) came in at third place with 396 votes or 10% of total votes.

Best Onscreen Couple: Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

Once again proving the popularity of The Hippocratic Crush, Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung received 1,747 votes, or an overwhelming 34% of total 5,138 votes. Kenneth and Tavia will surely delight fans in the upcoming The Hippocratic Crush 2.

Linda Chung and Bosco Wong’s romantic pairing in Witness Insecurity won 870 votes or 17% of total votes. Closely following in third place were Kate Tsui and Raymond Lam in High and Lows with 755 votes or 15% of total votes.

Best Villain: Kenneth Ma 

The Best Villain race was largely between Kenneth Ma (Tiger Cubs) and Ben Wong (Highs and Lows). Kenneth won with a hairline margin with 1,299 votes or 32% of total 4,030 votes.

Ben Wong received 1,263 votes or 31% of total votes. Ron Ng received 324 votes or 8% of total votes for his role in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles.

Most Improved Artist: Mandy Wong

Mandy Wong (黃智雯) has been earmarked by fans since her early TVB career. As one of TVB’s most promising emergent fadans, Mandy was voted the Most Improved Artist with 1,148 votes or 28% of total 4,095 votes for her fine performances this year.

Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) had a breakout year in 2012, winning wide recognition for his versatile acting skills. Oscar received 886 votes or 22% of total votes. Hot hunk, Him Law ( 羅仲謙), is also not overlooked for his acting skills, receiving 847 votes or 21% of total votes.

Star of Tomorrow: Eliza Sam

Eliza Sam 12Eliza Sam’s (岑麗香) stardom is proving to be very promising. Although appearing in only three TVB dramas to-date, Eliza’s charisma has earned her many fans. The Divas in Distress actress received 818 votes or 21% of total 3,932 votes to win the Star of Tomorrow award.

Closely following in second place is Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), receiving 782 votes or 20% of total votes for his performance in The Hippocratic Crush. Child actor, Pako Au (區珀豪), is also regarded as a highly promising talent due to his commanding Emperor performance in The Confidant. Pako received 441 votes or 11% of total votes.

Best Theme Song: The Hippocratic Crush

The Hippocratic Crush was voted with the Best Theme Song, which is performed by Joey Yung. The song received 1,167 votes or 26% of total 4,482 votes.

The songs from Highs and Lows and Witness Insecurity received 1,112 votes (25% of total votes) and 593 votes (or 13% of total votes) respectively.

Thanks for your participation and support of the “2012 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars! Congratulations to all the winners!

For the complete voting results in each awards category, please click here.

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  1. Based on the above results, I can tell most of the readers (voters) here are quite young in age, between 20 – 40 years old.

    1. Is My Astro On Demand Awards the replacement for Astro Wah Lai Toi Awards? Or both of it are totally different?

  2. Congratulations to all the winners, especially Kenneth Ma, Nancy Wu, and Ruco Chan. All these artistes had worked very hard in the past years to achieve this kind of recognition.

  3. Congratulation to all winners!! Yeahhhh, Kenneth & Tavia and THC!! I am looking forward THC 2!

    1. Yeah! Big sweep to On Call! So happy 😀 Man, so close for Power & Elena for the supporting awards 🙁 Sobs

  4. All the results were all very close to being a tie. How many people here voted more than once for one actor in one catagory. I know I didn’t, I voted multiple times, but for a different actor each time in each catagory. I don’t think the results would be that reliable if some people vote for one actor more than once in one catagory while other lazy people only vote in each catagory once. But anyways, I’m satisfied with the Results and the results show that there is nothing wrong with Ray goin home with no rewards this year, though I do like his acting a lot.

      1. Is that true? I thought Raymond Lam has many fans everywhere, both in Hong Kong, Asia, and North America.

      2. Yes, he does have many fans. But it’s very hard to keep voting everyday. I think it’d better to limit to 1 time vote per person. Oh well, no big deal either way. I still love my RayRay. 🙂

      3. Agree. I only voted 3 or 4 times because I kept forgetting. Also if you did NOT have the Topic bookmarked, you would have to look for it before you could vote. I felt lazy after a couple of times, and then forgot the whole thing until someone mentioned it again.

        I also support a one-time voting system, a lot easier and less time-consuming. Also we had to vote every 24 hours, not every day. If you didn’t vote at the same time every day, you will lose your chance during that day.

    1. Maybe this site owner Jayne may enlighten us, before the actual TVB award result, who is leading ? Especially Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress .
      I have a feeling before the TVB award result Ray and Kate leading ?

      1. cleo,
        based on my assumption. Notice comments shown before actual tvb award

      2. Cloud9,
        The current winners always lead the respective awards categories since the beginning of the voting period. There were no last day bursts in sudden, out-of-nowhere votes.

      3. Thanks Jayne for the infor also Big Thanks for organizing 2012 Best of TVB Awards” @
        JayneStars Rock!

    2. Raymond Lam does have fans everywhere, but not all of them read this site.

    1. Mandy so funny on Friendly Fire, pregnant Hakka women from China. She really acts well

      1. Yea I agree! 😀 she’s the main reason I’m watching this series besides Tavia

      2. Oh, didnt realise it was Hakka accent!

        Prettying like Kwan yee so with an accent.

      3. I didn’t think it was a Hakka accent.

        It’s just how some southern mainlanders speak Cantonese.

      4. @pop , a friend told me is Tong San dialect, somewhere Guangzhou

      5. earlier Mandy says EAT RICE, sound like Hakka, that the reason I was thinking Hakka dialect.

  5. hahaha only Mandy Wong and Eliza Sam based on my voting choice 🙂

  6. At the Best Supporting Actress category,
    I’m a fan of both Selena & Nancy. I believe it Selena was given a bigger role at TC, she would have a good chance as a competitor to Nancy (: Would actually love to see both fadans good at acting competing for the award 🙂

  7. Yay, everyone I voted for made it to top 3. Congratz to all the winners 🙂

  8. Eliza Sam is too new. doesnt have much experience in acting. I think a lot of other actresses in the business should be recognised or given a chance. she’s a bit over rated in my opinion.

  9. Will not say the results is very accurate because this is more like an English site, alot of fans who do not understand English will not come to this site.

  10. Way to go Kenneth.
    Like the TVB anniversary award, this result came as a surprise as well. Thought Raymond will aim this one.
    Really proves that in years to come Kenneth will gain more popularity and honour that he deserves.

  11. Congrats to all the winners! They all deserved the recognition 😀

    Anyway Jayne are you gonna do a “Top Ten Hong Kong Entertainment News of 2012”? Since is almost end of 2012 already. I wonder which news would be the NO.1 top view/read news @ jaynestars

    1. Violet,
      I’ll try to post the “Top 10 News of 2012” next week. I have to gather some statistics on pageviews before I can compile the news.

      Boscolie breakup is on the list for sure. For 2013, I hope that their reunification happens. That is one of my personal New Year wishes, especially after seeing Bosco look at Myolie so longingly at the TVB Anniversary Awards. 🙂

  12. The results are very close to what I voted for. There are only 3 differences.

    Best supporting actor: Power Chan
    Most improved: Edwin Siu / Vincent Wong
    Star of tomorrow: Pako Au

  13. Tavia’s the best for this year… I hope she will win again nnext year for HC2…

    1. Tavia said she going to win 3 times TVB Queen just like Wayne wining 3 times and I believe she can do it.Even next year Rosy Business 3 Myolie and War & Beauty Sheren Tang around , Tavia will crown TVB Queen.
      Tavia still the best.

      1. I don’t think Tavia Yeung’s acting is the best in TVB; hers is only good among the top five fadans. If TVB only promotes and gives awards to her top 5 fadans, then perhaps Tavia will get another award in future provided none of the other four fadans will improve their acting skills

      2. IMHO sheren tang much much better. Looking forward war and beauty drama

      3. If Sheren Tang has signed up with CTI, TVB will surely not give any awards to Sheren Tang no matter how good her acting is. Just look at Maggie Cheung Ho Yee in “The Last Steep Ascent”. Aimee Chan was nominated for Best Actress award in “TLSA”, and NOT Maggie Cheung, and Aimee was only a Support Actress in that drama series.

      4. Because of her(sheren tang) popularity she have the bargaining chip to negotiate with various tv station’s. She will never let a tv station tie her feet where pot’s of money to be made in china, furthermore age is catching on her

      5. Next yr myolie’s rosy business 3 either will crown her the queen title or destroy her image. Very critical as she will be compared to sheren’s image in every part

      6. Good luck, Myolie Wu. It is TVB’s decision to compare her with Sheren Tang. Her acting is only 1 to 1.5 compared to Sheren’s 9 or 9.5 out of 10.

  14. I really like the results. Seem to be fair.

    Tavia & Kenneth are really popular this year.

  15. Congrats to Tavia & Kenneth! I thought Jaynestars readers are mostly Tavia haters. So surprised but she totally deserved all the acceptance & recognition as Best Actress in Astro, HK & Jaynestars! Hooray!!!

  16. Eliza Sam! ewwwww she has poor acting skills and ugly, too dramatic on screen and has a lack of fluency in Cantonese! I’d rather have Christine Kuo!

  17. Oh raymond Lam lost? What are the fans going to blame it on this time?

  18. I thought Fala cut her hair short. How did she had long hair in the award show?

      1. A simple answer would be nice instead a reply filled with sarcasm. I don’t need this. I am not a man but you are definitely an ass.

  19. Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung were no surprising winners; they are undoubtedly two of TVB’s best. As a matter of fact, every winner deserved every single vote, though I’m a bit disappointed that Niki didn’t receive any recognition. I’ve been a huge Niki fan since I was about 7-8 ;).

    However, I wish you guys would’ve picked a better picture of Tavia in the collage with Mandy and Kenneth. Mandy looks good and Kenneth is just way too hott for his age, but Tavia looks incredibly scary; the picture does her beauty no justice. -.-

    1. Yeah, agreed with u. Tavia’s pic was not good at all! Should have picked a deserving pic for her beauty & victory!

      Mandy & Eliza’s pics were awesome while Nancy’s pic was so refreshing & pretty.

  20. I think Eliza is really overrated. Don’t like her. She acts in only 1 drama And got so much promotion. I rather Tbb promotes Elaine yiu!

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