Ricco Ng’s Indecent Video is Leaked

Although Ricco Ng (吳偉豪) rose to popularity after appearing on TVB sitcom Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛.回家之開心速遞>, the 22-year-old actor was branded as a womanizer. He was linked with Miss Hong Kong 2018 contestant Honey Ho (何泳芍) and non celebrity Charlotte, who is older than him by 10 years. To make matters worse, Ricco is implicated in an indecent video controversy.

In a leaked uncensored video, a man resembling Rico is seen showering and rubbing himself. In the 12-second clip, the camera zoomed from the man’s chest to a shot of his lower body. Rubbing his lower body, he flashed a smile while looking directly at the camera.

The video attracted a heated discussion, as many netizens tried to find proof that the man in the video is indeed Ricco.  The actor has the same physical characteristics including similar body shape, dimples, and two moles on his chest as the man in the shower.

Although Ricco did not respond to the media for comments, Come Home Love: Lo and Behold producer Lam Kin Cheung (林建祥) said he is unaware of the situation. TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) confirmed that Ricco has turned to the police for help, “He and his family filed a police report. The police is going to investigate into the matter.”

Sources: On.cc [1,2]

This article is written by Sammi or JayneStars.com.

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  1. Very far from Edison scandal seriousness, a man filming himself self pleasuring or rubbing if that’s the case in a shower not such a big deal, question is who leaked this video must be an ex. lol

    1. @vodka you really need to lay off the Edison video scandal. As much of a bad boy as Edison was , or is, that video scandal was not his fault, or any of the women involved. In fact, Ricco Ng should have learnt a lesson from rhe Edison Video Scandal and not make such videos. I also have a beef with the original journalist who wrote this article, not the Jaynestars translator. What is wrong with dating Miss Hong Kong, and what is so terrible about dating a woman ten years his senior. Come on Asia, this is freaking 2021. I only blame him for making the video in the first place.

      1. @renren People shouldnt be blamed for making videos. Invasion of privacy is just wrong. Ricco is definitely the victim here.

      2. @luye Yes, I agree he is a victim, and that video should not be leaked. That is going to ruin Ricco’s career, as Asians dont understand that these celebrities do human things. I really pity these people. He should know by now not to make such videos.

      3. @renren I agree, 22 or 42 plating with yourself is not wrong in anyway…. Now if you were cheating that’s a different story. It is only unfortunate video was leaked.

      4. @luye he should learn from the Edison video scandal that this was not a good idea. Yes, he is a victim, that’s for sure, and shame on whoever leaked it.

  2. This is news? Lordy! Just unfortunate a video was taken but a dude of 22 in his own shower is hardly news. haha lol

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