Roger Kwok Announces Wife’s Pregnancy

In a radio interview, Roger Kwok Chun On, disclosed that his wife, Cindy Au Sin Yee, was two months pregnant with their second child. “I knew of the pregnancy after Cindy called me on the phone with the news. We do not know whether it is a boy or girl yet. In this pregnancy, she is vomiting a lot.”

Did Roger’s two year-old son know that he will be a big brother soon? “Before Cindy got pregnant, we discussed the idea of having a second baby in the family. He did not have too much of a reaction.”

Cindy’s second pregnancy was planned. In September, there were rumors that Cindy was with child. Roger laughed, “If she was truly pregnant at that time, I have to ask who is the father? I was filming for two months in China at the time!”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Congratulations to Roger and Cindy. Roger still looks incredibly youthful, you really forget about his age!

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  1. Wow, congrats to Roger and Cindy! I am so happy for them and wish them the best. Thanks to Roger and Cindy for sharing their joy with everyone! Hope that Cindy’s pregnancy goes well.

  2. Roger is getting close to 50 yrs of age when women in his age bracket are menopausal which greatly accelerates increase of wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. Obviously men don’t go through menopause so don’t have these problems. Visible signs of ageing on men show much later.

    Not Roger yet, but men also tend to look suave with greying hair (like my uncle) while women tend to look old. Not fair, is it?

  3. Well he looks youthful BUT when near he seems to wear a lot of powder on screen.

  4. Well doesn’t that go for all actors and actresses? My aunt said that she went to a concert of some singers and saw them in person and said that looked really ugly and old in person. However, on screen with all the making and lighting, they seemed to look really nice and attractive. IN person…. a different story.

  5. Congrats to Roger n ur wife. U my all time favorites actor…most of ur sries is funny except for the last one standing with Kevin….u pretty creepy in that one. You did a creepy good job. =)

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