Ron Ng Gives Tavia Yeung a Ring on their Birthdays

TVB artists, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲), threw a joint birthday party with more than 200 fans on August 26th to celebrate their 33rd birthday. The fans presented the birthday stars with many gifts, a large cake, and Chinese birthday buns. Tavia also blew Ron a birthday kiss on the cheek!

Asked for his birthday wish, Ron, whose birthday is on September 2nd, revealed that he wished good health for everyone, “I wish for success in work; the ratings of my dramas are successful and my family will have good health.”

When asked if he felt lonely now that he is single, Ron responded, “I am always busy. In fact, I have to work on Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> on my birthday. I also have fans accompanying me on my birthdays every year.”

Reporters pointed out that Ron is still following his ex-flame, Viann Zhang (張馨予), on Weibo. Looking noticeably irritated, Ron sighed, “I changed my phone. I have not been on Weibo in a long time!” Ron also assured that he changed his Weibo password a long time ago.

When reporters continued asking Ron questions regarding Viann, he immediately said, “I will not comment. I will not comment on things that do no deal with me!” Asked if he kept in contact, Ron replied, “I have nothing to comment!”

Tavia, whose birthday is on August 30th, also expressed that she will have to work on the day of her birthday, “I am working with Alex Fong (方中信) right now. He looks very young and takes good care of his health! Age should not matter and Alex is a great example of that!”

Asked if Tavia has plans to celebrate her birthday with rumored boyfriend Him Law (羅仲謙), whose birthday is on August 28th, Tavia said, “Even if I had a boyfriend, I will save that that day for my mom first!”

What kind of birthday presents did Tavia receive? Tavia happily answered, “A ring from Ron!” When asked if Him Law also gave her a ring, Tavia immediately said, “I cannot accept a ring from just anyone!” Asked why she accepted Ron’s ring, Tavia said, “Because it’s like receiving a ring from a girl friend!” Tavia joked.


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  1. Love them together <3 Such great friends, hope they can celebrate their birthdays together every year! 🙂

  2. TaRo was soooooo sweet together yesterday! Love how they party together almost every year!

  3. That’s a creative Joint Birthday party I would say.. Ron and TY joining b’day is a rare combo and they really look great together.. Maybe TVB can tailor a series with these 2 as leads? mmm

  4. I think it is so rare for people to remain friends after so many years and I think that both Tavia and Ron have been through a lot together so I’m happy for them that their friendship have grown another year older. Happy Birthday to them!

  5. Thank god Ron is not pairing with Tavia Yeung. He can get better looking girls!

  6. Very clever publicity. It’s good to see how supportive they are towards each other as workmates and as friends.

    1. I think they have like the same manager or something? I remember seeing them doing a lot of birthday celebrations together and that’s the main reason why.

  7. It’s nice that Tavia and Ron are able to celebrate their birthdays every year together for their fans! 🙂

    Happy Birthday Tavia and Ron! 🙂

  8. aww they seems so comfortable with each other, they look really cute! Been friends for years has a different.

    1. Haha, yes. She does look more young and fresh. I thought it was Natalie Tong at first.

    2. I think the longer hair places less emphasis on her nose – She should keep I that way! =D

    3. She looks really good with longer hair and especially with that hairstyle (half tied up). It definitely does make her look younger and more feminine compared to her shorter hair that she had for ages. Good change!

      On a side note, are those extensions she put in her hair because from what I remember, her hair couldn’t have grown that fast over such a short period. I remember her hair wasn’t even touching her shoulders when she was filming Justice Attack a month ago.

    4. Ron’s hairstyle also changed too. Must be part of his new look to start fresh again.

  9. lol..Ron and Tavia so funny and cute together.Ron seems very playful with Tavia. When the time he held Tavia hand to cut cake together, he kept pulling Tavia hand backward few times refused to cut cake ..tis pissed off Tavia and I cant stop laughing.

  10. Ron and Tavia are best buddies…I wish they could write a script up for a TVB series and pair up with the following ppl lol……..

    Kenneth Ma n Selena Li

    Ron Ng n Linda Chung

    Bosco Wong n Tavia Yeung

  11. Ron is also a drama queen? He was depressed a lot with the relationship with Viann when Viann announced break-up with him and now when Li Chen announced, Ron is acting like nothing happened. Lolz.

    Btw as a half Ron fan, glad to know that he is running out of the news with the girls. He should hang out with guys or girl-look-alike-to-guy in order to avoid any news.

    1. lol I agree, for time been maybe he should stay away from girls 😛

    2. He and Ray – the other drama queen – really should start hanging out more again. No wonder they’re such good bros offscreen!

      1. They should consider to be lover, not hangout only. Yup, when they are lover, the girls won’t have any chance to climb on them.

    3. Maybe if Ron hangs out with TY in future, there wont be much gossips or news about them? seeing no one here seems to care of TY….

      **Just to make myself clear, I actually quite watching TY in drama series**

      1. Ron threat Tavia as like boy friend and Tavia consider Ron like as girl friend..both of them spark very well in off screen as best buddies.Even they holding hands walking on streets, they does not seems will provoke gossip link.

      2. Ron likes young pretty gurls like Viann and Cathryn. Tavia is not as pretty so Ron treat her like brothers. Do you all think Ron will send Tavia his half nude pictures? What will Him law think?

      3. Ron said he often sent friends these type of pix through SMS. Lolz.

  12. Yup, I agree that they look good together. It’s kind of weird but I think they have better off-screen chemistry than on-screen. They were ok in “The Academy” but I thought the chemisty was seriously lacking in “YSSS” but then again it was not a well written series.

    I saw the video interviews during the bday party. Ron doesn’t seem happy. I hope things will get better for him. I agree with the comments about him needing to stay away from girls.

  13. Tavia is wearing extensions. It’s her look in AGWTC2.

  14. The article report seems misleading about Ron gives ring on their birthday. Based on video interview, the reporter asked Tavia what birthday present tat she wish to received ,was it proposal ring? Tavia replied “should not simply received proposal ring but Ron have given me ring before”. The ring she mentioned was on 2006 during working outdoor together with Ron, she saw beautiful accessories ring ,she requested Ron bought the ring to her as gift.

  15. Yeah, Tavia looks much better with long hair. I hope she will grow her hair and please don’t cut it again.

  16. It’s really good that for once there are no adverse comments on Tavia. Anyway, I’ve always liked her and her acting. Both of them look so happy together. Didn’t know they were souch good friends. A very Happy Birthday to them both!

  17. It is really good to maintain such good friendship after so many years. Hope their friendship will continue to bloom and grow. Tavia looks really pretty in the picture. Happy Birthday to Ron & TY. Cheers!

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