Ron Ng, Michael Miu, and Mandy Wong Promote “L’Escargot”

Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Michael Miu (苗僑偉), and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) arrived in Lam Tsuen’s Wishing Tree to promote TVB drama, L’Escargot <缺宅男女>. Since Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) was sick, she was absent at the event. Portraying Linda’s boyfriend in the series, Ron Ng said, “During the filming of the series, Linda was worried that the audience will not accept her character.” (Her character is self-contradictory?) “Things will be straightened out in the finale.”

Since Ron was at the Wishing Tree, will he pray for greater luck in love? Ron laughed, “I’ll let things run their natural course. Two days before Lunar New Year Day, I already purchased peach blossoms for my home!”

During last week’s broadcast of L’Escargot, the ratings peaked at 33 points.  Michael Miu reacted, “You can say that the ratings are now normal! In my dreams, I never thought that L’Escargot will be aired during the Lunar New Year holiday! Many people would shut their television sets upon seeing Linda cry bitterly during the New Year time frame!  Hopefully the finale will garner higher ratings!”

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: I think the finale ratings for L’Escargot should be quite high, given the juicy ending spoilers that have been revealed.

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  1. I think the ending would get really high ratings too. Actually, I’ve noticed that the finale ratings for the last few series have all been really high too.

  2. lol I understand why audience feel the need to turn off their TV when Linda is crying, and the cause is not necessarily the Lunar new year time slot.

  3. Hmm… I guess MM isn’t aware that his character is really annoying too.

    Ron’s beanie or whatever that is on his head, makes him look like a thief.

    1. he does look weird and unflattering with the beanie. He’s hotter with hair. Better take it off 😀

      1. Agreed too! Ron show off your gorgoeus hair! Get the ugly hat off your head!

      2. Am I the only one here who actually liked they way he put his hat and glasses on at this function? I think the hat and glasses matched his face really well. It covers up his tired eyes and he just looks better and less tired like this.

      3. no I don’t like it. The hat not suitable for him and covers his gorgeous shiny hair

      4. I think Ron looks fine in his beanie… Not bad at all and it’s a new look for him so I don’t mind at all.

  4. I like Linda but her crying scenes make me want to skip it. I mean she did great in the crying scenes but too much crying in one episode. And seeing her cry so hard like this, I can’t imagine her having a difficult time pulling out of this character. But so far I can’t wait to see the last episode.

    1. From the spoilers Linda might cry hard again in the last episodes.

      1. Crying over Ron being in the hospital? I would like to watch her cry over Ron in the hospital to see if it’s gonna be a different kind of cry and see what exactly her character in the drama wants cause right now, she seems like she likes Jim, but then sometimes, she rejects him?

    2. Same here Linda’s crying so off that I want to FF her scenes! Crying good isn’t about how much tears you can cry out! Linda should know this!

    3. Yea too much crying for anyone and any series gets annoying and overdone just like with anything…

  5. The poster for this series is so off, one would mistaken it for a comedy rather drama.

  6. Everyone’s crying seems to pee me off nowadays LOL

    Linda – She can cry but she cries like a school girl its irritating

    Tavia – She loves to scream when shes crying and when she has no line (eg when her co stars speak)she makes noises (its like shut up i wanna here what xx is saying)

    Raymond Lam – He cries like he has a blocked nose and when he speak/cry its like his trying to raise his voice but his voice is stuck down his throat

    Kate – okay im not gonna talk about her crying more a habit of hers that bugs me… why does she ALWAYS use her “baby” voice? its like for 5 sec she tries to be cool and tough then BAM the baby voice has arrived

    so many more i have complains about but id rather not bore you guys LOL

    1. Crying of the big 5 fadan!

      Myolie – 囧囧 and ott
      Linda – irritating and ott
      Tavia – used to be the queen of crying but now face too squinted and her nose gets in the way
      Kate – her acting and crying always bad I can’t remember any of her crying scenes
      Fala – no memorable crying scene too. Need to improve

      1. Myolie has improved her crying abilities. Her crying in WAS was beautiful without any gwing face 🙂

      2. Agreed. With Fala all she does is frown and talks in a “sad” voice and pretend shes got snot to “suck back in” (lol its late where i am cant find the exact wording but you know when your nose is runny and your try and make it go back in? lol ewww =p) yeah her crying basically sounds fake actually her acting is rather fake in general. shes like .05 secs off timing, theres like a lag when she speaks

        I never use to pay much attention to crying till Linda came along. I think the girl can bring on the tears + snot well and her crying face is good but when she opens her mouth… gah!

        Tavia + raymond – ive been rewatching TVB shows back to back and those two crying scenes made me fast forward i was like were they always like this?? (seems so)

        I agree with @lol. tho Myolie has the gwing face shes prob the least annoying cryer out of the bunch (to me anyways) but then again i dont have much to choose from haha

      3. Tavia was seriously a good and skillful crier and was praised for it until these few years when her nose starting to grow pinnochio style

      4. I guess Tavia can never get her nose of the way… I think Myolie and Tavia cry pretty well… Linda’s crying is decent… I don’t remember Kate or Fala crying… I guess it was because there were no memorable crying scenes from any of them yet…

    2. I used to love Tavia’s crying during the time of HOG, MR, SITS but after she did too much work on her nose her crying becomes not as pretty to look at 😛

      1. Maybe altering your face too much does affect facial expression ability. Kenix Kwok who I suspect had plastic surgery, becomes more wooden faced now than when she was younger.

      2. Agree about both tavia and kenix. I also think they did quite some botox. Both have that grinning skeleton look.

      3. Her nose is really distracting. Ever since her nose job she went from the girl next door to a witch. And im not calling her personality is like a witch i mean she looks like one now. Her nose makes her look evil and cold?
        During the Prominent Family trailer all i could do was look at her nose its like in Austin powers with that guy with the Mole on his upper lips.

      4. @KangNam

        Since the TAF series look drama and tragic, I can imagine Tavia and her nose crying!

      5. Well, you can’t blame her. Tavia’s the only Fadan in TVB that’s not a chinese pagent. So she doesn’t have the looks (well I think she’ pretty) compared to the rest of the fadans. If she doesn’t do some work, she might loose her spot to some prettier pagent.
        I’d rather see people who actually graduated from TVB acting class or some other famous acting skl than see pagents act in dramas though. Pagents are not trained to act like acting class graduates. Most pagents work in TVB only for fame and beauty, not cause they have a passion for acting. The more recent pagents suck especially. The older ones like Charmaine, Linda, … are better.

      6. I used to think TY’s crying is good but I agreed that her nose get in the way. Especially that the tip of her nose always turns red when she cry and that makes her nose stands out even more. I don’t know if it was during the time she was sick but her voice was different. I think TY is pretty and I don’t think she need any work done on her nose. At least not too obvious, for example like Michael Tse.

      7. Lol, why does every discussion end up being about Tavia’s nose? It’s really too distracting isn’t it. 😛

        @YYK No one blames her for wanting to look better. However, when she thinks it looks better, longer + taller = better?, it ends up looking worse to most people. That’s when it’s funny.

      8. @Nicole

        LOL ya maybe because the nose is too distracting and that’s why keep jumping in every topic and stealing the limelight! ROFL

    3. Uhm, you are rite about TY’s scream. I dun noe when but her voice is very lousy when crying like she is trying to show the whole world that she is crying.

    4. I think Ray’s crying is good. Ron’s also. Both of them are the few male actors that can cry good. (that’s my opinion) They actually bring out the feelings and touch me so that I cry with them too.

      I did use to like Linda’s crying, but then like everyone, it’s getting too routine and irritating. Tavia’s cries are not bad. As for Kate, I don’t remember her doing any crying scenes recently, but I remember ones she did when she first became an actor. Of course those weren’t that great.

      But I love crying scenes in dramas. I love it especially when they make me cry too.

  7. I hope that the ending is good. Many series are good but then have a lousy ending so it ends up messing up the whole series.

  8. Tavia is the best crier when my family watches her crying scenes my whole family would get teary..

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