Ron Ng Picks Up Girlfriend, Viann Zhang, at Airport

Since his debut in the entertainment industry, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) had numerous romantic rumors. Last year, Ron was rumored to be dating 35F mainland model-turned-actress, Viann Zhang (張馨予). Despite recent romantic rumors with TVB colleagues, Sire Ma (馬賽)and Kate Tsui (徐子珊), it appears that Ron and Viann never broke up! Yesterday, Viann flew to Hong Kong and Ron picked her up at the airport in his million-dollar Mercedes-Benz sports car. Ron helped carry his girlfriend’s luggage and drove back to his home in Ho Man Tin for a warm reunion. Aside from assuaging her longing to see Ron, Viann’s trip to Hong Kong was to secure her position as his real girlfriend amidst Ron’s recent romantic rumors!

Although good friend, Raymond Lam’s (林峯) intimate bed photos were revealed with ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan (潘霜霜), in March, the incident did not dampen Ron’s love of ​​beautiful mainland women. During the filming of Pretty Maid  <大丫鬟> last year, 31-year-old Ron met 24-year-old Viann in Shanghai. Last November, dating speculations circulated when Viann posted a photo of herself at Ron’s home. At the time, the pair claimed they were only friends and denied dating. However, Ron was caught at the airport picking up Viann, publicly revealing their dating relationship for the first time!

Viann Zhang Staying at Ron Ng’s Home

Yesterday at approximately 10 AM, Viann’s flight from Shanghai landed at the Hong Kong airport.  Wearing a tight top and micro-shorts, Viann’s voluptous figure was apparent. Wearing sunglasses, Viann was talking on her cell phone asking for directions to parking lot number four. She looked left and right, apparently afraid people may recognize her. Earlier, she haphazardly wandered to the taxi stand and the airport railway station, wasting fifteen minutes before reaching parking lot number four, where Ron was waiting for her.

At 10:56 AM, Viann finally spotted Ron in the parking lot. In her eagerness to see Ron, Viann got into the wrong side of the driver’s seat. Ron laughed and reminded Viann that the driver’s seat was on the right side of the vehicle in Hong Kong. Embarrassed, Viann quickly moved over to the passenger seat. After putting the luggage in the trunk, Ron smiled widely. The pair lingered only twenty seconds in the parking lot. Ron stopped by the gas station before driving home to Ho Man Tin in twenty minutes. For the remainder of the afternoon, the couple did not leave Ron’s apartment.

In the coming weeks, Viann will be busy promoting her pictorial and new film Days of Summer <戀夏.戀夏.戀戀下>. Her next film project will be collaborating with Jerry Yan (言承旭) and Cica Zhou (周韋彤). Since she had a few days prior to her next project, Viann decided to visit Ron in Hong Kong. Allegedly, Viann stayed at Ron’s apartment each time she visited Hong Kong. Ron would rent a 7-passenger vehicle to drive Viann around town. Ron and Viann were very cautious on their dates, thus the paparazzi were unable to photograph the pair together. Yesterday’s picture of Ron chauffeuring Viann was indeed a rare photograph!



Excerpt from Appledaily

Jayne: LOL, last year when Viann posted a photo of herself at Ron’s house, with his uniquely patterned brown sofa in the background, I knew they were dating!  The gesture just carried too many connotations and perhaps Viann posted the photo as a secret thrill, thinking no one would draw the connection to Ron.

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  1. Okay, are bra sizes different in Hong Kong than in the US? because there is no way that she is a 35F or anything near that.

    1. yea, US have different ways of measuring thing than other countries.

    2. Yea, the US definately has different measurements than Hk.

  2. I like the two as the couple simply because in terms of physical appearance, they look compatible. Don’t know if Viann ever had plastic surgery, but she looks very pretty.

    I can see her as Ron’s type. 🙂

    1. Chriselle,
      I agree that Ron looks very good together with Viann. I wonder how accepting Ron’s fans are of Viann?

      I think Viann may have gotten some plastic surgery on face to enhance looks. Perhaps chin area to soften face? She was pretty in old photos too but her current features have a certain perfect symmetry that is by product of surgery. I think her chest may be artificial too.

      1. I think Viann definately has had plastic surgery just like a lot of artists do.The only thing is that they just never want to openly admit it.

      2. Of course they won’t admit. Who dun wanna being praised as natural beauty?

      3. I read another article that said that the fans went on weibo to warn Viann not to hurt Ron. Of course some is hurt. Some are supportive. Others are just telling Viann not to turn into other Marvis and do the same thing she did to raymond and hurt Ron. Overall I think fans will be ok with it in time. For me, I’ll always support Ron.

      4. Well of course everyone wants to be praised as a natural beauty, however, everyone knows that their beauty is fake which shows that they were lying to their teeth.

  3. My question is how did Ron manage to take time off to pick up Viann at the airport at 10 am in the morning? I thought he was busy filming ATF Counterterrorism Unit?

    The paparazzi have certainly gotten very clever in breaking the latest celebrity dating news. They lingered at airport parking lot for only 20 seconds and reporter got such clear photos!

    1. Jayne, perhaps the crew is occupied shooting for other casts and scenes and Ron took the free time to pick her up.

      Natural or not, she’s indeed pretty and is a famous model in mainland China. Supposedly she’s more famous than Pan Shuang Shuang(before her bed photos scandal).

      1. Actually PSS is more famous than Viann Zhang (before her bed photos scandal). PSS has more invitations than Viann.

  4. Her face is too fake looking to be real. The people who does something to face all have that certain look in them where you can it’s not real. What is up with these HK guys going for all these girls in Mainland that seem to look a like in appearance? When I see Viann I automatically think of Mavis.

    1. amen brother.
      honestly, i think they’re only going to mainlanders for the sex and boobs.

    2. From what I have heard or seen that Mainland ladies treat men like kings. They are willing to do whatever the men ask them to do without any arguments. I know quite a few North American Asian men went back to Mainland China to marry Chineses women especailly from Shanghai. These men are in their late 20s and 30s, they are well educated and good looking too.

      So far, I know at least 1 or 2 Mainland ladies took the guys for a ride after they cleaned out their bank accounts. I too could not help but associate Viann with Mavis after the LF incident. Let’s hope Viann will not turn out to be another Mavis Pan. On a happier note, at least Ron has proven to HK media that he has a steady girlfriend.

      1. “From what I have heard or seen that Mainland ladies treat men like kings.”

        Quite the contradictory of what I see or hear. They are quite aggressive in speech and attitude toward their lover/husband.

      2. From what I have heard or seen that Mainland ladies treat men like kings.

        Are you talking about Japanese and Korean wives? I don’t think Mainland ladies treat men like kings but Korean, I blv. I dun understand why Korean women need to go university because after getting married, they all (well, maybe some exception but at least 80%) stay at home and become housewives. The pressure of university in Korea is way bigger than in China, so wonder why they have to go university.

      3. No, I am not getting the Japanese and Korean women mix up with the Shanghai women because I went out on double dates with these people. These Shanghai women actually treat the men very nice. Perhaps the ones that you know are totally different from the ones that I know of.

      4. It just varies from person to person, but from what I know about mainland women, they don’t treat their men that well at all. Japanese women in general may treat their men well, but it still varies. I am not sure about Korean women but the ones that I know treat their men fairly, but nothing like a king.

      5. @HTS: I’m talking about Korean wives in Korea, not the wives in other countries has the original of Korea.

        In Korea, the women are treated quite unfair. But they dun really care, so yeah, it’s their problem. They always say: “The pride of the husband is the pride of the wife”.

      6. The Korean stigma is one of the generation above. These days, females do have quite a bit of power in the relationship. Young couples everywhere have men carrying the handbags and doting on the women quite a bit! Plus, many females work due to the high living costs. When I was in Korea, most of the women I met were working. Only a select few can afford to sit at home. Even the older population of women work part time as house cleaners. Truthfully, I think that is a brilliant way of being self sufficient and decreases the need for foreign maids.

      7. @Fox,
        I think that the wives in Korea now may have more control than in the past. Many of the Korean girls that I know now will not tolerate being treated unfairly in a relationship. THere are some that actually scare me and if I were a guy, I would NOT date or even go near them. However, it still varies from person to person.

    3. I’ve heard about this “hearsay” called “Princess Syndrome” among HK girls. It’s something where HK girls doesn’t know how to treat a guy in a relationship and gives the right respect while mainland China girls mostly doesn’t have this syndrome.

      I don’t know if that’s true…haha we should ask the HK males themselves, perhaps 😛

      1. I don’t think that is always true since there are girls with the Princess Syndrome in every nationality or country. I think China girls have this syndrome as well because life in China for a majority of people are still very hard, therefore, wouldn’t the girls there have the Princess Syndrome as well??

    4. Oh so not true. Almost all my mainland friends are aggressive and possessive! They are mad scary when they are in relationships. Anyways Viann was already in a sex scandal with her ex before. She looked busted up especially with her googly eyes. Sorry to be mean but she is just dirty in my opinion. And that’s not only judging from the sex scandal she had.

      1. I agree with you since I used to know a lot of mainland girls and they are really competitive, agressive and possessive, even more than the girls in Hk. Viann had a sex scandal too?? When was this and what happened??

      2. Viann had a scandal with her boyfriend. Nude scandal and you can say sex scandal as because they are being sexually intimate and naked. Here’s some of the pics from this news article. But other than that the whole collection is scattered all over the place so it’s kinda hard to post all of them.

      3. @FanWen,
        Thanks for the info and links. I did not know about this scandal. I guess it can be because she is not that famous and neither is her boyfriend so I guess no one cared. I agree with you that she is dirty as well. I wonder how those pix got leaked out? Or did she purposely post them for everyone to see in order to gain attention?? I have a feeling that she may be using Ron to get more fame and attention.

      4. @HeTieShou,
        Most definitively! I never even knew who she was until she was linked to Ron. That’s why I find it quite annoying how all these semi nude models are linked to the HK guys and it ends up in a bad scandal. And these guys are basically in for it just for the lonesome or something because honestly, I don’t think they plan on making any of these girls there future momma’s baby.

      5. @FanWen,
        I know what you mean. My mom was saying how the actors and actresses in China want to get acquainted with the celebs in Hk since life in HK is better than in the Mainland. That can be a possibility. I wonder if they are just blinded by their “looks” as well? I also can’t really picture them bringing these girls home to meet their families. IF their families are more traditional, they probably won’t even accept them. Just like how Ray’s father did not like or approve of Mavis.Also, just because these guys date these girls does not mean that they will consider marrying them, but who knows the future?

      6. They can treat their boyfriends like king and still be possessive. Look at Mavis. Raymond said she treated him very well. But, her view on love is scary if you read her interview.

      7. @Kidd: I read that. You mean her view that she’ll die in front of the house of her bf to let him know tat he killed her? It’s kinda scary.

      8. @ Fox

        Not that one. A milder one but still scary.

      9. @ Kidd: Oic. So maybe if you read the one I mention, you will think of her as a crazier lover.

      10. @Kidd,
        Which interview are you referring to?? Which view of love did Mavis have that is so scary? We all know that she is scary…

      11. I also wonder if Viann is like Mavis?? Lets hope not but she is similar to Mavis in some aspects.

      12. @kidd,
        Thanks for the link. I just skimmed it and will read it later, but I got a bit scared… Boy, PSS is a scary girl.. I am glad that Ray is not with her anymore.

    5. I totally agree with you and I think that it is sad how some guys go for this certain look that is not even real. I just recently finished watching Korean series “Dong Yi” and all of the women have the same exact type of look regardless of their age. We all know that they had a lot of plastic surgery done to look a certain way. My mom and brother were joking that must have all went to the same plastic surgeon and all used the same exact tools to get plastic surgery in order to all look so alike.

      Although looks do fade with time, articial looks don’t just fade but sag as well. I don’t know if you guys remember the Dodo Cheng photo or not but gosh… Her face looked like a pile of melted plastic due to her age and the number of plastic surgery she has had over the years.. I can imagine everyone that has had a number procedures done look like that in the future. It is always better to be natural and age naturally.

      1. Dodo Cheng is just a complete mess and looks crazy now. And totally agree about the K-stars. They all look a like! My family always joke about it saying they must have went to the same surgeons for sure. And sad thing is, when all these people have kids…none of them are going to look like their parents!

      2. @FanWen,
        Yea, I agree and I think Dodo is a good example for anyone that wants plastic surgery. Plastic surgery may make you look good at the moment and for a certain number of years, but who knows how you will become down the road?? My family jokes about that as well. It’s like everyone has the same exact look that none of their looks are unique anymore. I also wonder how their kids will look when they do have some. They for sure will not look anything like their parents.

      3. They won’t look like their parents and most likely as thy grow up; they too will get plastic surgery done. It’s quite sad how all the original roots are dying out.

      4. @FanWen,
        Yea, I heard that the families in Korea set up a plastic surgery fund for their little girls. I was sort of shocked when I first heard about that from one of my friends. We would save for college, retirement or other reasons but they are saving for plastic surgery. Doesn’t that sound funny?? It is sad that their natural looks will all die out. I guess that shows how unhappy they are about their original genes.

      5. I’m imagining that their kids would want to get plastic surgery too when they realize that attractiveness speaks volumes in today’s world.

      6. Remind me of a quote in the cartoon “The Incredible”: “When everyone is superheroes, nobody is superhero”.

        When everyone has plastic surgery, nobody has plastic surgery :P.

      7. “When everyone has plastic surgery, nobody has plastic surgery”

        A meme? 😛

        When everyone looks like pretty china doll, nobody is a pretty china doll

      8. I agree most Korean celebrities have had cosmetic work done. But it’s an open secret there. It’s interesting how you mention Dong Yi as I believe that the main actress in Dong Yi has not had any plastic surgery.

      9. @lynn,
        How come you think that the main actress in Dong Yi did not have any plastic surgery done? I find that hard to believe since she looks just like the rest of them and most(if not all) Korean actresses have had a series of plastic surgery procedures done to look the way that they do. My cousin used to think that all Korean girls were pretty when he saw Korean series. However, when he went on a Korean airline and saw the girls on there(which are more natural looking girls), he changed his mind and said that Korean girls are ugly…

      10. @Fox and Masaharu,
        I LOVE your quotes!! They speak millions and I totally agree with them. When everyone looks like a China doll, your looks are no longer unique anymore since everyone looks the same. That was the feeling that I got when I watched the Korean series Dong Yi. Everyone looked the same regardless if they were old or young.

      11. yeah, remember her. She does lots of work in her face and now it look so messy. I think ppl will age gracefully w/o plastic surgery. Doesn’t matter how much surgery you did, it will sag eventually anyway and even more horrible. Just can’t fight gravity.

    6. You’re right. Her face obviously surgery made. Her facial features has an eerie mannequin feeling and her boobs are definitely unnatural especially for her figure.

      She’s deemed as Fan Bing Bing lookalike and actually I saw many girls in mainland who look almost like her, just maybe she’s a tad prettier than them before she went under the knife so her results is better. The way these girls posing in pictures are always the same set of styles too.

  5. The pics are indeed rare since they are so clear. Ron should be more careful next time, since Viann received threatening messages from his fans in weibo after the pics above was revealed.

  6. They do look good together. Natural or not, I think Viann looks gorgeous and has a great figure although I would think having an F cup is way exaggerated. She’s voluptuous, but no way does she look like an F cup, maybe C cup. She really isn’t that big breasted, but maybe because she has a very small waist as well.
    At least she didn’t post any pics of them in bed, only at his house on the sofa by herself! I also hope she does not go Mavis’ route as well especially when the HK audience already do not have a good impression of the Mainland models dating the Hong Kong siu sangs. It’s inevitable that people will associate Mavis with Viann.
    Today, I do not believe that Mainland women are submissive and obedient as in the past or what people perceive them to be. Now, more than ever, women have higher education, better jobs, may be the only child in the family, and actually have quite high expectations on themselves and what they seek in a partner. I’ve seen some Mainland women just as feisty as Hong Kong girls. It’s a matter of personality and compatibility that helps them connect. Sometimes, men just get some kind of “freshness” when they seek mainland women.

    1. If she’s natural, they will make good-looking babies. I’ve seen Ron’s toddler pictures, he’s a beautiful boy.

      1. yeah if he haven’t done plastic himself hehe

      2. @ exoidus

        I don’t think Ron has done plastic. His face doesn’t have big changes from “Find the Light” to now except looking older.

      3. I think that Ron is natural too. His face and everything looks natural to me. If he did have things done, his face would look different…

      4. Viann is ugly, and probably just like Mavis! I’d feel so sorry for Ron, when she shows her real intention for being with Ron. And Raymond would be like “I told you so!”

  7. When I read this piece of news yesterday, I can’t help myself to think that 2R really have same taste :P. They are not only close, they also have same taste in many things. Haha, the mini 2R fan mode in myself said something.

    Viann is rumoured to be PSS’s best sister (she denied). If it’s true, then 2 brothers dated 2 sisters. Be careful, Ron :P.

    BTW, congrats Ron to have gf. Viann now is bombed by a lot of his fans but I think if he is happy, they should support her.

    1. Haha, my friend has just told me tat a Ron fans commented like this in her weibo: “Please treat him well! Don’t be like your good friend having the same evil heart!”

      1. HeTieShou, can it be more obvious? Haha…HK media also said that some also ask Viann “Don’t hurt him”.

        Perhaps due to Viann’s “not-so-squeaky-clean” history?

      2. @ HTS: Of course. Viann and PSS are said to be best sister.

      3. That’s the worrying part because she and Mavis are similar in many parts!

      4. @Masaharu and Fox,
        Ok, just wanted to confirm and it is sort of scary that she and Mavis are so similar. Didn’t she deny that she and Mavis are best sisters?? I wonder… Lets hope that things turn out better for them than for Ray and his ex…

      5. Now Ron&Viann are in love, haven’t broke up yet so can’t know. If it’s a sour breakup then the LF&PSS matter can happen. If it’s a normal one, maybe not. Ron just needs to be careful and dun take pix while sleeping, even with full clothes, lol lol.

      6. Raymond didn’t know that those pics were taken. It’s too much to handle if one needs to even keep their guard up when they’re sleeping with their significant other.

      7. @ Chriselle: Who care he knew the photos are taken or not? Ppl just want to criticize that he likes busty. Just look at PSS and immediately can say: Hey this guy isn’t a good guy. Done.

    2. “When I read this piece of news yesterday, I can’t help myself to think that 2R really have same taste . They are not only close, they also have same taste in many things. Haha, the mini 2R fan mode in myself said something.”

      If their state birthdate is really their real birthday, Ray and Ron also has the same numerology number.

      8+1+2+1+9+7+9 = 37 -> 3+7 = 10 -> 1+0 = 1

      2+9+1+9+7+9 = 37 -> 3+7 = 10 -> 1+0 = 1

      Maybe their same taste has something to do with this. 😀

      1. Wow haha, such a wonderful discovery! Thank Kidd. Will mention of it in 2Rforever. Of course, give you credit.

      2. Wow. How did you come up with this? 😀 Is there any truth to this numerology number thing?

      3. @ Chriselle

        I was into numerology at one time. I count the stars’ number out of curiosity. So far, I found 2 sets of best friends that has the same number. One is 2R. The other is Jiro/Danson/Shu. Both Danson and Shu are known to be Jiro’s good friends.

        You can count your number and read the description. See if it’s accurate.

  8. Well, I hope Viann has a clean breakup with her boyfriend before moving on with Ron. Last time, when the photo new came out, it was reported that Viann was still in a relationship with someone. Hope Ron is clear headed enough to not get into such a messy triangle.

    1. Yea, I heard about that too. I remember her denying that she was in a relationship with Ron and only played Mahjong at his house with friends. That is the oldest trick in the book. Whenever any guy or girl pair is together, they always claim to be friends only. Then the truth comes out.. I wonder why people have to lie even when they are caught red handed??

      Anyways, I also hope that Viann has already broke up with her other boyfriend or else things can get really ugly..

      1. I think they want to lie because they don’t want the media to intrude too much. No matter the changes in the relationship, they give one flat answer ‘We are just friends’. Isn’t that easy? No need explanation. If they break up and media ask, they can still use the standard reply ‘we are just friends’. But, if they admit, then break up later, have to explain some more.

        Personally, I think it’s their private matter. It’s up to them whether they want to admit or not.

      2. I agree with Kidd and couldn’t have said it any better. If I were them, I would do that as well. 🙂

      3. I also agree with Kidd. They lied on their own relationships. It’s not like they lie about others’ relationships.

        The artists are not bond to reveal their all private life on newspaper (of course except the case they want to do that)

      4. There’s nothing wrong for Ron to hide his relationship since the press in HK are annoying.

      5. I guess so but I still think it is better to admit IF you are caught. IF you are never really caught then that is fine. Just like Andy was never caught in public with his girlfriend/wife. If you are caught then I believe that you should just admit it. That way you don’t have to hide or be scared of anything. But yea, I guess if their relationship is not stable enough then maybe it is better to just say that they are friends, so if they do break up then it will be easier for them.

      6. I also wanted to add that it also depends on the situation as to whether they want to hide or reveal their relationship. I feel at some point in time, they need to tell the truth and not lie or else it will come back and haunt them.

      7. @HTS: After Andy, who hided and lied after being caught?

      8. @Fox,
        The only one that I can think of off the top of my head was Jimmy Lin(whom I used to be a big fan of but not anymore). He did not just lie about his relationship but did more than just that and yes he was caught with his fiancee/wife many times and still lied about it. I couldn’t bring myself to like someone like that anymore… There are many others but I can’t remember right now…

      9. I’ll give you a name: Jackie Chan :P.

        Lol, how can he denied a very indeed daughter like that? Blame his big nose.

      10. @Fox,
        Oh yea, how can I forget Jackie Chan?? But then again, with him I can kind of understand because I heard that one of his crazy fans actually committed suicide because she found that he was married and had a son(Jaycee). I think he didn’t want to publicly admit it due to respect for his deceased fan. If that were the case, then I can understand why he doesn’t want to admit that he was married.

      11. HTS is right. Jackie kept his marriage secret because a Japanese fan committed suicide after knowing he’s with someone.

      12. Is Jackie still married? Or is he separatd, divorced?

      13. No, he denied the girl is his daughter to the public and dun give the mom and the girl anything to life. He just denies their existence.

      14. @Funn,
        According to what I know, then he should still be married to Joan Lin Feng Qiao.

        Well, we honestly don’t know if he does give anything his “daughter” or not. He may not admit it publicly due to various reasons, but he does things differently behind the scenes so we really don’t know…It is true that I don’t like it when artists lie about their relationships, BUT if they have good reasons for it then I understand and am fine with that. It also depends on the situation as well like with Jackie’s, then I really understand why he doesn’t want to openly admit that he has been married.

      15. This comes from the mother and the daughter. They claimed that Jackie dun give them anything and refused their existence.

  9. Best friends do indeed share s similar taste. I have an uneasy feeling about this Viann girl.

    I know plenty of mainland girls in California at my university, and they’re not what some of us think they are: submissive and pretentious. They’re actually quite independent and outspoken.

    1. Werd. Some of the girls I know are good at being quite nice and smiley in male presence…but in comfortable female presence…their true thoughts come out haha. Some of them are just trips who have gone buck wild at the first sign of freedom too lol I was told that in China, girls are good at hiding their “real selves” because who they are [if not submissive or gentle] is not very well received.

    2. Probably because they’re all in university. Education is an important factor.

    3. It depends on the person, but generally speaking yea, they are independent and outspoken. My students did not speak out much in front of me, but my classmates were a different story…

  10. This comment on weibo (from a V one) really makes me LMAO:


    The reply is also funny. If you want to relax, read this.

      1. Well she said Ron and Viann is together. He dun be together with LF, how can I (the weiboer) believe in love now?

        😛 she is sure to be a 2R fan.

  11. Viann is gorgeous! You go, RON! They look so compatible together. I sure hope it works out better for this couple. They strike me as two people who like to be in relationships because the feeling of being loved is fun, addictive, and comforting. Personally, I don’t really see anything serious happening for these two (cause of Ron, actually) but that’s all right too.

    1. she was probably a pretty girl even before anything done with her face. Her tits are 100% fake for sure. I myself would never want a woman with fake tits and plastic done whatsoever.

      1. LOL@exoidus, ok. Well, good for you. However, I’m sure the guys who don’t care are saying, “ALRIGHT!, one less fish to compete with!” haha

      2. I have not seen her old pix so not sure how much work she had done. Her boobs are fake as we all know. If I were a guy I would not want a woman with fake boobs and a lot of work done too. The next thing you know, her boobs burst and her fake features start to fall apart.. Oh no, what a scary site…

  12. Viann just made a reply on her weibo:


    I tried google translate and got a bit of what she’s saying. But can anyone translate?

    1. Basically she said not the same person, not the same reaction. She dun do anything wrong, not a crime, just want a simple life and good at work. She’ll use the tolerant heart to face.

      Hmm, I think she sounds a bit angry and bitter in this reply. Maybe because of his fans?

      1. Thanks for the translation 😀

        Yeah it was expected that this would happen. Of course fans will not like it and will go crazy on the girl. And she should have known it when they decided to reveal it to the public. But I think with time, fans will accept it (hopefully). After all, both Ron and Viann are grown ups and deserves their own happiness. I feel bad for her because usually the girl always get the most hate and heat between the two especially since fan girls are a lot scarier then fan boys lol.

      2. Girls also have fangirls.

        Lol, if it’s one of the totally very bad beloved actress, maybe the guy will be the one who bashed.

      3. Reading an article about his fans’ comments in her weibo. Many of them said “Too hurt” and “Unacceptable”. Some said tat: “Don’t react like your evil sister. If you hurt him, you know what you will face”.

        Maybe the second quote made Viann reply like this.

  13. That car is too much engine and not enough class… But Viann makes it all better 🙂

    1. That car is in top 10 most expensive cars of TVB artists 😛

      1. It is? see TVB needs to pay better salaries so employees can pick up their northern girlfriends in more style… say a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. Picking up Viann in anything less would be an insult to her ego.

      2. Raymond Lam has Maserati which same level with Ferrari,Lamborghini or Aston Martin

      3. Maserati… beautiful car. Compared to Ray’s, Ron’s car which is beautiful seems a bit more uncle ish. Better than Bosco’s though.

      4. The news said it’s up to 1 million. it’s not a cheap car. Viann Zhang herself is just a model and a C or D list actress.

      5. At least the black Mercedes is much better than Bosco’s outrageous red Audi.

      6. Of course Raymond is the best with his beautiful Maserati but Ron’s car isn’t bad. Black is elegant. Girls would love to take a ride in their Maserati and Mercedes.

        I don’t think girls will fall for an outrageous Red Audi ROFL

      7. How would I know but if I’m a random pretty girl I’ll definitely choose a granduer Maserati or Ron’s elegant black Mercedes over that bold Red Audi ROfl

      8. so girls would just be with the guy with the best car?

      9. Not best car, but most preferred. Some girls might like a mini.

      10. Exodius,
        It depends on the woman of course. A different car for every taste. I like Hondas for their good value and good performance. I support substance over style. Aside from a flashier exterior, most new cars intrinsically work well.

      11. Exodius,
        Just drive whatever car you like. It’s like a woman trying to impress a guy with her designer handbag, really do they care? Do you really need to impress a woman with your vehicle? She should be looking at you and not your wheels.

      12. @jayne,

        ofcourse why impress a girl with a car anyway it’s just stupid. I guess there are some shallow girls out there just looking at what cars the guy is driving. For all we know that car could be a rental hehe…

      13. Exoidus,
        True many people lease luxury cars. I don’t think the type of car the man drives should determine his wealth status, if that’s the common perception.

        I honestly think guys get a lot more excited by their own vehicle toys, thanks to playing Hot Wheels when they were kids.

        It’s like women’s style of dress. I don’t think guys care what brands women wear as long as it fits well and reveals hourglass figure.

      14. Some girls think the car is the value of the man. Men with beautiful luxurious car in their eyes means good men. All these girls wanna see is the “wow” eyes of ppl when she steps out of a luxurious car.

        Shallow, yes. Material girl, yes.

      15. I’ve heard that many China girls do look at how great a guy’s car is. The current China girls arent as submissive as some people in above posts thought.

      16. @Exodius @Fox
        The car a man drives is an extension of how much he cares about physical packaging. If he likes designer cars, he will prefer his women to be beautiful and care about her packaging too.

        Exodius, it’s like a man preferring a woman with or without heavy makeup? Yes women can groom ourselves to look better and make ourselves into more beautiful physical package. Just a matter of how much emphasis you put on the exterior. You’ve been almost the exception on this site as a guy who repeatedly says you don’t like heavy makeup and plastic big boobs and prefer natural beauty, even if it’s less flashy.

        Go by gut instincts. The type of packaging we go by will attract the same type of people with the same physical valuations.

      17. @Jayne: I blv tat men like girls with perfect makeup, not thick or light makeup. Too thick makeup won’t be nice.

      18. Hmmm i dun think you can compare Ray’s Maserati to Bosco’s Audi and Ron’s Merc. The Maserati GranTurismo @ ~USD$300k cost nearly 50% more than the Audi RS5 and over 120% more than the Merc SL55AMG.

        They are cars in different leagues. What women should take note is, if their man is rich, is he spending his money on a car that is actually the best buy in its league – a weak indicator of intelligence 🙂 Unless of course he has some undyling love for a particular tin can.

        Of the three, I think Bosco probably has the best buy for his money. Ray’s Maserati is just a waste of money when he could’ve got a cheaper and better car (BMW M6 or Merc SLS or Aston Martin Vantage).

      19. Raymond has been saving to get this car(his dream car).He had been using his old car(White SLR 500 Mercedes) for the past 10 years,why not he get something new to enjoy himself after so many years of hardworking.

      20. Anyone seen the Tv series Life by Damian Lewis?The one Gun Metal Grey supposedly copied from? I first saw Maserati there and I fell in love with it.What a beautiful car.

      21. I personally would not care what kind of car a guy drives as long as it runs. I would not want the car to be too nice since it can easily become a pile of debris if you get into an accident.

        About make up, wouldn’t most guys want girls with natural beauty over any amount of make up?? I guess it still varies depending on the guy.

      22. @HTS: Regarding to the makeup topic, I blv tat we discussed a lot. Natural beauty is kinda rare.

      23. There are two reasons you get a Maserati, either because you’re old enough to appreciate its racing lineage back in the 1950s or for exclusivity. As for styling, you’re going to get bored of it quickly if you see enough Aston Martins and Ferraris rolling down the street.

        Of course a Prius is just as good in HK 🙂 why spend 16times the money on a Grand Touring car just to have it stop every 2 minutes at a light or in front of a KMB 😛

      24. Owning a car normally means “financial stability” for least a part of that criteria. Personally I don’t really care about my partner’s brand or class of car. My ex had this greyish body-red rims-personally-modified Vios when we were dating which outer beauty wasn’t my cup of tea, but the riding experience is quite remarkable for a car in its’ class. My ex treated and invested in his “grey-baby” just like a love of his life haha.

    2. @jayne,

      yeah, i think most guys don’t really care what brands the girls is wearing, how much her handbag cost etc.

      If a girl is attractive then she would look good no matter what and vice versa. In the end it depends on the guy if he is picky himself then he might require his GF to dress accordingly. For guys that are laid back a girl that only wear luxury brands is just annoying and means high maintenance costs…

      1. Most guys don’t care for handbags. They care for a girl’s face and body the most. After that only they judge the personality.

      2. “If a girl is attractive then she would look good no matter what ”

        Eh! Not true! Some girls are pretty but they just don’t know how to wear nice dress.Some are not pretty but knows the magic of make up. Simply put, I have seen ugly girls with great bodies, and these are the ones guys go for.As in great bodies, until of course they are bothered with the issue of personality.

      3. @FL,

        if a girl is pretty then she is pretty. The dress is unimportant since it’s getting off anyway.

        Depends how you define “great bodies” i suppose most people can get a decent body if they eat right and do regular exercise instead of eating junk and sitting in the sofa watching TV series haha.

        The issue of personality depends your outlook with that particular girl. if it’s for the long haul then personality is alfa and omega. if just for one night noone would care for personality…

      4. I think that most guys don’t care for handbags or what kind you have. The only thing that they would care about is if it is an expensive brand and their girlfriends make them buy it for them. That’s the only thing they would care for which is if they had to buy them.

        Really agree with Exiodus that for more laid back guys, the girls that want those expensive brands are too high maintenence which would not be attractive to those kinds of guys. If a girl is attractive naturally, then she would look good regardless of what she does.

      5. @Exoidus and Funn,
        I think you are both right to some extent. It is true that some girls are pretty regardless if they wear make up or dress nice or not. However, there are also some that look really ugly without make up and getting dressed up. We have all seen the actresses with and without make up right?? Do you guys remember that?? Some actresses still looked decent without makeup while some actresses looked like a completely different person without it. Therefore, it just varies from person to person.

      6. Exodius,
        “if a girl is pretty then she is pretty. The dress is unimportant since it’s getting off anyway.”

        You sound like a no nonsense type of guy!

      7. @Jayne

        im also more a substance over style person or maybe it’s because i can’t afford the high maintenance cost haha.

      8. I say both substance and style are important, maybe not equally. In the long run, substance perhaps. But I have to say that I like driving sports car and it would be nice if my partner shares the same hobby. It’s not exactly for materialistic or superficial reasons, but I like the thrill and fun that I get out of driving it. I suppose the style of it also brings out your personality.

        The car that a guy has isn’t the most important, but it certainly doesn’t hurt if he drives a sports car. It actually helps, lol. 😀

      9. The dress is unimportant since it’s getting off anyway.

        Why don’t you naked when going outside :P?

        If a girl is attractive then she would look good no matter what

        I doubt so.

      10. Substance is always important, but you can’t really speak about it as opposing ‘style’. Style doesn’t have to be ‘expensive, high maintenance’ type. It could be cheap, creative and alternate. Just depends on what each person see’s. Trust me, every person with a great and attractive personality has their own ‘style’ of doing things, which is part and parcel of their ‘substance’. To be eaxct, its materialism for the sake of materialism and vanity for the sake of vanity that’s not substance.

        Dress is important to some extent but if you’re only going to see it as coming off that’s a tad superficial right?

      11. @Chriselle

        Enjoying sports cars doesn’t have to be for superficial reasons, in fact it can be for totally substantive reasons such as (1) an unbridled passion in the philosophies of speed, time and living or (2) an unyielding desire to be part of the progression of the mysterious internal combustion engine (one of the biggest inventions in history) or (3) an infatuation with the bond between human and machine.

        Now just talk yourself into one of those categories and you’ll be alright 🙂 Also it makes it look like you’re soooooooooo sophisticated during a dinner-party conversation 😛

      12. @SDS,

        LOL… you are so funny and a very sophisticated person. 😀

  14. I just don’t know why generally speaking, Mainland women have an awful reputation. Even on TVB dramas, they always have fictional characters from China as always bad, a vixen or trying to steal another Hong Kong woman’s husband. I also agree that a lot of them seem to look the same type, sort of a cheap sexy way and money grabbing. I don’t know anything about this Viann so can’t make much comments but just hope she is not another Mavis. Surely there must be some nice, decent Mainland China women out there!!!

    1. I’m sure there are some decent Mainland Chinese women. There’s 1.3 billion people there, there must be some good ones. My family immigrated from Singapore and we have negative stereotypes about mainlanders, but after meeting several mainlanders they’re just like any of us. Each of their personality is distinct. There are some gold-diggers and some strong, independent ones. I remember reading a list of stereotypes for Hong Kong girls made by some expat, and they were pretty bad as well. We can’t judge people by stereotypes alone, so I tend to be more open-minded when I meet people of different cultures.

    2. There are definately some nice and decent mainland girls. One that I can think of is the mainland actress Sun Fei Fei. Based on what I know about her, she seems like a sweet and decent girl. Her looks are natural as well. I know that for sure since I saw her baby pix and she has the same exact features that she does now. She also said that she would prefer to marry more educated men rather than any rich men.

      I have met many mainlanders and can say that it really varies. However, a lot of the ones that I met are a bit spoiled due to the one child policy. But not everyone is like that. Many of them are really nice and not all are gold diggers since the ones that I met mostly came from well off families. One of my former friends was really dependent and was not disciplined at all. She was spoiled rotten by her parents and could not take care of herself and had no manners. But she is just one case of a really spoiled child.

      I agree with Cloud that we should not stereotype and there are a variety of people from every culture…

      1. Just wait until she gets married and we’ll know she chooses who. Of course, a rich educated man is perfect choice.

      2. Totally agree with you Fox. We have to wait and see who see marries…

  15. Ron looks like a dirty grandpa heedlessly trying to delight a young beautiful maiden in order to get some love and by love i mean sex!!!

    1. He’s not THAT old is he? Or she’s not THAT young is she?

      1. Ron is born in 1979 which makes him 32 while Viann is born in 1987 which makes her 24. They have an age gap of 8 years. I don’t think its THAT bad. I’ve seen worse age gaps. But I think Ron still looks pretty good and fit for his age.

      2. That is not a big age gap at all. I feel so sad now Funn since you said that Ron is old since he and I are the same age…

      3. HeTieShou,
        I think Ron looks great in his 20s and 30s. He has a great masculine presence. Those strong arms are impressive!

        Age is but a number. What matters is how you feel inside and whatever aging does to our appearance, we gain in wisdom and experience, which I think are worth the tradeoff. There are always things we can do to make ourselves look good at any age.

      4. @ HTS

        “That is not a big age gap at all. I feel so sad now Funn since you said that Ron is old since he and I are the same age”

        Funn did not say Ron is old.

      5. @HTS: darren said Ron is old (a dirty grandpa) and Funn said he isn’t that old.

        To say Ron is a grandpa is quite exaggerated. Ron looks ok for his age.

      6. Oh yea, sorry for misinterpreting… But I agree with Jayne that age is just a number…I believe how we feel on the inside is more important and it will eventually show up on the surface.

      7. @HTS: Age isn’t just a number if the girl is <16 :P.

      8. @Fox,
        Yea, I know.. I used to not think much of age but since I am older now, I do. However, I luckily don’t really look my age… But biologically I am still old…

      9. If you haven’t have bf and husband in your age (32? As you said), you should start to worry about age. The higher age, the less chance.

      10. He’s 32 already?! How time flies! I kept thinking these stars are still in mid to late 20s! Yes he is better looking now. Don’t worry about age, marriage, kids. When your fated one is here, he will be here. If he is not, well, take a stroll and look for him. Someone I know once said she aspires to marry a National Geographic photographer. Naturally I thought must be adventure spirit, going along with him but she said “Nope. So that we don’t have to see each other all the time. He goes on his assignment for months, I will be left alone for months.” Of course I laughed and wondered what then is the point of marriage? But now, I see her wisdom.

    2. I agree with Jayne, age is only a number. It all depends on how you view ageism and how you view life.

      Ron is not that much older than her, 8 years is nothing. Maybe Viann is going out with him because of his maturity and experience in life.

    3. @darren

      So what exactly is your grief? Don’t tell me you’re jealous!!! 🙂

  16. 8 years apart isnt that bad! but rather have the guy be older then the lady tho thats just me.

    1. & yes i know ron is older i’m just saying in general.

  17. Get the feeling that she’s gonna dump him if she ever makes it big in the entertainment circle or if Ron’s career goes on a downward spiral.

    Good thing for him that TVB seems to be promoting him heavily these days. If he can’t make a breakthrouhgt anytime soon then he’s done.

  18. Ok, you guys might want to throw tomatoes at me, but this is just merely my own opinion. I really like 2R, Ron more than Raymond. I like them because I appreciate their good looks and they seem to have decent personality as a star and would definitely love to see them with the right girl. The right girl would be someone that they would think about bringing home to meet their parents. As we can see in Raymond’s case, his father’s objection by no means is for good reasons. I looked at Viann’s pictures from the link that FanWen posted and I can’t help but think of Mavis. Of course this is coming from a woman’s perspective, men on the hand would be drooling. Is that what they called modeling in China. The pictures are almost like something you will find in playboy. Now, again, not to be judgmental, but if one day your son brings this type of girl home, regardless of whether she is sweet or not, would you be able to accept her as your future daughter in-law? Me personally, no. In my opinion, I think she is no different than Mavis, so we’ll wait and see what the outcome will be. Perhaps she might be really in love with Ron who knows, but I personally thought that he has better taste than liking plastic. I looked at some of her old pictures and she was not pretty but not ugly, just normal. Her boobs, it’s a no brainer, totally fake. I guess men nowadays with the exception of Exoidus must be thinking with just one brain, not the top brain, but the bottom brain. So needless to say, I am not against Ron having a girlfriend, but just though that he would have more class when selecting a girl. And China girls are by no mean innocent, they are much more aggressive and smarter than Asian girls who grew up in America. China girls know how to please the men and are not afraid of performing it either, while some of us still have some pride and dignity left. Of course, this is a generalization and will not apply to all. There are always exceptions in every culture. The choice that you make reflects the type of person that you are, so I wish Ron the best of luck.

    1. haha common you make me sound like a freak for not liking plastic LOL.

      I think Ron is just playing around and not considering marrying her but who knows.

      Support your view that the average chinese girl might be more manipulative but this is purely speculation from my side.

      Please men do you mean acting girlish ah forget that term.

      1. ” I guess men nowadays with the exception of Exoidus must be thinking with just one brain, not the top brain, but the bottom brain.”

        Haha… I saw it more as a compliment, not a freak.

        Anyway, I don’t have anything against plastic surgery, but for a woman who gets too many procedures done, I’m not sure if a man will find her the most suitable marriage partner, especially if she doesn’t have a good personality and if they are looking forward to having kids.

        In Viann’s case, I have a feeling that she’s already quite pretty even before surgery. Surgery maybe enhanced her looks, but didn’t change it dramatically. Those boobs do look fake though. Therefore, even if the two were to have babies, their kids won’t look ugly. 😀

        However, in Mavis’s case, I still don’t find her pretty after plastic surgery. And she still looks different in every photo, lol.

        I saw photos of Angelababy before surgery. Her mouth and teeth were… let’s just say, not attractive at all. I don’t want to imagine how her babies would look.

      2. well i think it’s possible for lets say less attractive people to have beautiful children and vice versa.

        don’t you have to do a maintenance operation in a few years in order to keep the plastic from the effect of gravity? it’s a vicious circle and once done most people tends to get addicted.

      3. “well i think it’s possible for lets say less attractive people to have beautiful children and vice versa.”

        That’s true and I’ve seen decent couples having kids who are not so attractive and maybe vice versa. Sometimes, one sibling is prettier than the other in extremes. It amazes me. In general, I suppose it’s safer to choose someone whose naturally attractive. It might not guarantee your kids to be attractive, but at least you tried your best and the rest is luck.

      4. Let’s say you meet a less attractive person in your eyes, who you click with in every aspect. Would you turn him down just because of how your children might look like?

        The result i.e. the children apperance is a randon process so why bother. well unless you go to some gene enginering firm to have a designer baby LOL.

      5. “Let’s say you meet a less attractive person in your eyes, who you click with in every aspect. Would you turn him down just because of how your children might look like?”

        Hmm… no, I wouldn’t turn him down. But he can’t be ugly. He must be at least decent/average in looks.

        I suppose that how the children turn out is a random process. But if neither parent has double eyelids, would the children have double eyelids? If both parents have flat noses, would the children have a high nose? I’ve also seen some girls who have the exact same feature as their parents and it’s not attractive.

      6. Therefore, even if the two were to have babies, their kids won’t look ugly. 😀

        Beautiful parents still can have ugly children and vice versa. Depends on what the children receive from the parents.

        Also depends on who is the dad, haha. The mom can be ensured, the dad, only mom know.

        But if neither parent has double eyelids, would the children have double eyelids? If both parents have flat noses, would the children have a high nose? I

        Can. If the grandparents or grandgrandparents or grandgrandgrandparents have. Genres dun only run from the parents directly to the children. Like white parents can still have black kid.

      7. @Fox,
        I agree with you that 2 good looking parents don’t always yield a good looking child. Two not so great looking parents can have a good looking child as well. It just varies on how well the genes mix. There are times that you don’t look like your parents but like an uncle, aunt or even grandparent.

    2. I guess men nowadays with the exception of Exoidus must be thinking with just one brain, not the top brain, but the bottom brain.

      Haha. Ron and Ray do not represent all men lah. Just happen that these 2 best friends have the same taste.

    3. In his eyes the girl is beautiful, tat’s enough for a relationship. You might think A, B, C, D , E, F, etc. are more beautiful than Viann but Ron chooses her, not these A, B, C, D , E, F, etc., that means something.

      Class of girls? Are you sure other girls is higher class than Viann? Maybe some look innocent but not really innocent. Maybe some look wild but not really wild.

      In the eyes of lover, his partner is the best. Better than all other girls in the world. Love is blind :P.

      1. in this case.. not blind. I think she is very pretty.. plastic or not.

    4. And I would like to ask you a question: Who do you think of when you saying “would definitely love to see them with the right girl”. Have an example of the right girl?

    5. @Jayzemine,
      Very well said and I agree with you. I think that most men would prefer natural beauty IF the girl is naturally born that way because who wouldn’t? But how many people are naturally born beauties, not many and you can expect to find even less in the circle. Maybe Ron doesn’t know that her features are plastic or he is just blinded by good they look(whether they are real or not) that he doesn’t even care?? Who really knows??
      I personally would not even want a sister in law like Mavis or Viann but a daughter in law like that?? No way! Even a girl’s profession or career is important in my opinion. For example, one of my ex friends worked at a casino and her boyfriend’s parents did not approve of her since they thought that their son deserved someone better than that. I guess it also depends the family and what they expect. I agree and thought that Ron should have learned from Ray’s experience and had more class in picking a girlfriend.
      I also totally agree that Mainland girls are NOT innocent at all. They are way more aggressive than the ones that grew up overseas in general. BUt it still varies from person to person of course. Anyways, I also wish Ron the best regardless of what happens.

  19. The pictures reminds me of ken and barbie. Probably because vian look so plasticy.

  20. These days you just can’t tell whose natural or not anymore. Even some natural beauty sometimes ppl got suspicious. I still remember reading news of pretty taiwan model who turn out to be a man. Sorry if off topic.

    1. I don’t think it is that hard if you digg out their old pictures, then you can see the difference(unless it was something very very minor). Speaking of men turning into women, it reminds me of Thai “women”. A lot of them are really pretty, BUT sadly it turns out that they were all originally men…Yikes…

      1. There’s this one circulated clip of a singing audition. An outstandingly pretty “girl” comes and sing-in a feminine voice and audience were mesmerized…until the middle of song..where she flipped her voice to that of a man’s…hahah.

    2. That’s why be careful if you travel to Thailand and meet some very pretty “girls” 😉

      1. I wonder if we are able to tell based on their voice? I heard that even though physically they look like beautiful girls after going under the knife. However, I don’t think the voice can be changed right?? not sure..

      2. Uh I just commented above. I guess in some cases they can even learn to imitate a “feminine” voice. What a wonderful world……

      3. The hormon changed, how can’t their voice change?

      4. Like I have said, I am not too sure.. But I did see some men that turned into women and their voices still had that deepness in it, therefore, I knew that they were men before. But who knows??

      5. I admit I don’t know much about transgender, but maybe it depends on what kind of procedure they took to “change” themselves? Perhaps as Fox said, their voice changed because of the hormonal change?

  21. I think Ron looks like a pig; he’s expecting to get laid that night. The culture in China is changing in speedy mode where looks and money are the top priority in most girls or men’s life and the traditional values are not important anymore. Actually that applies to American young girls too.
    China girls are smart and know how to please a man in order to get what they want aggressively, and sleeping with them is a must requirement of course. To me she looks like a plastic hooker, a very low class one where if you compare her to Michelle Reise she’s a high class hooker for the rich.
    When I look at Vainn’s pics is like looking at those porno sites -> “Click here to find out”. You gotta be that kind of man to be surrounding yourself with that kind of girl. I am not a Ron or Ray hater I post my opinion base on this article with the pics.

    1. I am not sure whether I would go as far as saying that she looks like a “plastic hooker” as Rei says. However, I do agree that Michelle Reise is definitely the “high class hooker” type, in every sense of the word, in her looks, her attitude, her style, everything. This Viann I am not so sure as I haven’t seen any other pics of her apart from this one with Ron. I am not exactly a fan of his but can’t say that he looks like a pig just because he was expecting to “get laid” that night, so to speak. Regarding the age gap, 8 years is nothing, especially its the man who is the older one. It would be a lot worse if the woman was 8 years older as I think females tend to age quicker. So I am all for it regarding age and its how you feel that is more important.

    2. @Rei-totally agree with you. I was refraining from being mean and claim that she looks like a hooker, but that is the way I see it too. Makes me think very little of Ron and Ray. The choice you make determines the kind of person you are.

      1. ROLF. The busty girls make their bfs become bad boys? So any girl date rich men will be gold diggers?

        Sorry to say, your comment is very very shallow.

  22. It’s the history of Viann makes Ron looks like a low class because he dates her. Not any girl can date the rich. If you do, people are going to think of you that way inside. If your not a gold digger which is rare then good for you. But women now a days prefer a man with stable, reliable income who can take care of them and their luxury life style. Most artist aren’t born to be middle class some are poor or have finance problems.

    1. Ron has a better history? And she can’t change from bad to good?

      Well, if consider that, I blv that MOST of HK actresses aren’t any better than Viann.

      1. Hey, they are in the circle for a reason.. If you are too innocent then how can you survive in the circle???

  23. Ewww Ron, Kate Tsui is way better than that ugly Viann! I don’t trust mainland women, don’t you remember what happened to Raymond? She doesn’t love you, she just wants ur fame and money! Kate is wayyy prettier! Dump her and go for Kate

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