Ron Ng Vows to Stop Dating After Year of Love Scandals

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) learned difficult love lessons in 2012. Plagued by negative news throughout his two-year relationship with mainland actress, Viann Zhang (張馨予), their romance ended in heartbreak last July. One week later, Ron Ng’s explicit sex messages with an anonymous woman known as Miss X surfaced. With a year of scandalous headlines overshadowing his acting career, Ron vows to curb his dating life in 2013 to make amends.

A feng shui master advised Ron to avoid dating in the new year, which may spell bad luck for his career opportunities. Currently filming in mainland China, Ron is ready to wash away his scandalous image and turn his attention to work and family only.

“Right now, I’m not in a hurry [to date]; Ron Ng is not ugly,” the 33-year-old TVB actor joked. Will Ron be able to successfully remain single? Although he is currently being pursued by a woman outside the entertainment industry, Ron’s current intentions are not on dating.

On a more serious note, Ron explained that he found dating relationships to be difficult and tiring to manage. “Dating requires time and attentiveness. It is very emotionally and mentally draining. When there are arguments, you have to cheer her up. I understand that women need this, but at that moment, should she or I make the first move to make up? So I don’t want to think about it anymore. I will put efforts in filming dramas instead!”

Ron may be speaking from experience after his tumultuous, long-distance relationship with the voluptuous Viann Zhang, who had numerous fiery clashes with his fans. When their breakup was announced, numerous Ron fans cheered loudly. Regarding their breakup and his negative rumors last year, Ron said, “This is fate. I will look forward from now on! I will not think about the past; there’s no point to it!”

Will Ron still only choose beautiful women?  “I finally understand that looks are not the issue. It is more important on how to find someone that I truly love.”

Purchasing a new house is one of Ron’s chief goals that drive him to work harder. “It doesn’t have be a multi-million-dollar condo, but my biggest wish is to be able to take care of my family. My parents always say that the money paid for rent can be applied towards a mortgage.” In the midst of house-hunting, Ron hopes to find a house that will give him positive feng shui.

“Look at how lucky Wayne Lai  (黎耀祥) is! His career is going fabulously and he even won a $1 million HKD prize at the TVB Anniversary Gala! His luck is reeking from head to toe!” Inadvertently, Ron admitted that he suffered bad luck last year and is eager to take multiple actions to improve his outlook. Sporting a newly slimmed-down figure and goals to save more money, Ron looks forward to more positive prospects ahead.


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  1. Wow – why people are keeping telling things like I virgin and will not have sex until marry or I will not be in love?

  2. 2 years ago, I would want him all night but now, NOTHING. NADA. GROSS.

  3. he’s gross looking. no girls should stoop that low. PASS.

  4. Can’t blame him, Ron good look makes him so scandalous, not too late at least now he is thinking of his career first and buying house for his family.

    1. If there are girls asking for one night stand is between them , there is no forcing is out of his control.

  5. Ron states that he may not date but he will definitely go on his one night stands…his male hormones will definitely rage on and overflow if he doesn’t let it out somehow and I see this as his best course of action.

    1. Aptos,
      In the interview, Ron said that dating relationships are too troublesome to manage. So for practicality and to stay focused on work, he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

      No relationship doesn’t mean no sex. He can be pragmatic in other ways. No need for him to make such an abstinence pledge anyway. He mentioned there was a woman outside the entertainment industry interested in him. There are always women such as Miss X, who may engage in a physical relationship with no-strings-attached for years.

  6. haha all the artists are really good actors. They act every part of their lives for the audiences to see it. I bet tvb wrote a script for him to say this or smthing. But he will continue playing and when he gets caught , he will perform another act with tvb giving him a script to defend himself ..

  7. I actually think he’ll have a good 2013, especially since he has a likable role in Triumph 2.

    1. I think it’s because out of all the guys that came out around the same time, he was initally given the most chances.
      BUT he’s acting is not up to par… so people were a little disgusted. To the point TVB has to act on it & reduce his work load & exposure.

  8. ron looks haggard now he better fix up his looks to look handsome again. viann zhang was a woman of bad luck. without viann this year sure ron will be better and triumph2 can gain back his image.

    1. Laughing hard here…perhaps that Viann drinking Ron’s handsome blood away.

    2. Viann Zhang was a woman of bad luck? On the contrary i think Ron was a man who brought bad luck to viann since she gained more hates and insults after dating ron. And not to mention that he cheated on her.

      1. But Viann is now more famous than ever so she also wins something. The number of haters she has is still ok to the chances she has. Can say that in China now Viann is a hot name.

      2. despite the increased amount of fame she has now, she’s infamous, not famous. I dont think anyone would like or enjoy living a life being hated and insulted everywhere they go, do they?

      3. She is famous with invitations for filming and appearances in big things. Fan Bing Bing is famous, not infamous although she is simply scandal queen. Viann is going in same route, being a scandal queen.

        Can say that, she might be known by more ppl now than any old gf/rumoured gf of Ron and maybe Ron himself as well. So she won it.

  9. It is about time for Ron Ng to stay away from any relationships. He needs to improve his acting skills and concentrate in his acting career.

  10. Wayne Lai’s luck (as Ron puts it) is built on a foundation of real talent, dedication to his art and his willingness to sacrifice so to make it where he is today.

    Ron, can he do any or all 3 of that?

    1. I doubt. Apparently he’s only interested in teasing girls to satisfy his lust

    2. It is true about Wayne Lai’s luck. First, he has a good foundation of acting skills. Secondly, he works hard and thirdly he is willing to make sacrifice …… to put career first before his personal life.

    3. Winning money from Txb anni lucky draw = talent? Lol wat kind of talent is this?

  11. Ron started as a great dancer (he wish to be like Aaron kwok), then spotted by acting agent and (lee tim shing) for his good look…ron scandal with Toby leung kissing hugging really shocking as toby got married not long..

  12. I can’t take Ron seriously when he’s acting, especially having heard that phone conversation. Heheh, how he delivered it in his usual drab, monotonous voice and low tension. Almost deadpan.

  13. Arguments?

    Too difficult to manage?

    Require too much attention?

    Ron… either you are chasing the wrong women… or you need to get over yourself 😛

  14. hope kate and ron will date in future <3 they look cute together….

      1. Totally agree…
        She can do ALOT better!!!!
        Ron should just focus on his acting skills now.

  15. Give that man a break. He realised his mistake and is willing to make amends in 2013. With quite a few new siusangs gaining grounds before him, I’m quite certain he will want to improve himself in 2013 or else he will fall behind.

    It’s not very fair to condemn him as a sex maniac just because he likes his ‘meat & gravy’ , (his good mate LF does too but smart enough to be careful…..most dates conducted at home).

  16. Yeah Ron, stop having scandals and work super hard, and MAYBE you’ll gain back some popularity.

    ”I finally understand that looks are not the issue. It is more important on how to find someone that I truly love.”

    LOL – I think you’ll only truly love good looking women 😛

  17. Stupid move, Ron. Just continue to date. Who care will cares, who dun care wont. You live for your life, not others’

    1. I agree as long as you don’t hurt others, then you should live life for yourself and people that are important to you, not for others…

  18. i am not Ron’s fans…but feel sorry for him…he started few years ago with a lot of promotion and drama from TVB…but he is not as popluar like Kenneth or Raymond…maybe he has too much bad news with artress?! well, he only 33, hope he can work hard from now on

  19. Why’s all the negativity on him? Give him a break guys!
    Hope he’ll have his moment to shine soon one day, just like how Kenneth Ma is more noticeable recently!

    1. I know, I mean I admit that he is not perfect and isn’t the brightest guy but he did go rape and murder anyone. Therefore, why does everyone hate Ron so much???

      1. meant to say he did NOT go rape and murder anyone… Geez, I really need the edit button..

  20. i guess ron acting isnt to bad cos he did do ok in ssss but i think we r all bored of seeing him play the hot headed characters over and over again.. i do hope he finds greater sucess in mainland

  21. Ronny will be singing a different tune in a couple of months later.

  22. The only thing I like about him, he sing the theme song of Rosy Business 1

  23. Sorry, Ron doesn’t have much acting talent it seems or screen charisma. Should model or something. Or be behind the scenes.

    1. Ron Ng needs to improve his acting skills. i.e. facial emotions and speaking dialogues. He needs to say it with different tones to express his emotions. His voice seems to be rather monotonous.

  24. Ron only gets casted into stereotypes. Boring. And his facial expressions are lazy performed. He is handsome, I give him that but without real talent he won’t be able to win more popularity again. Right now, he really needs to focus on his work.

    It’s sad that he thinks that a girlfriends needs too much attention. If you really like someone you would focus all your attention on this person even without any benefit. This means that so far he was dating without being in love even for once. Hopefully, he really learned his lessons.

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