Rosina Lam Receives 2 Best Actress Nominations

With the TVB Anniversary Awards taking place on January 2, 2022, all eyes are on the Best Actress race. Many see tight competition between Rosina Lam (林夏薇) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯).

Besides Rosina and Mandy, other actresses who also received two Best Actress nominations include Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Venus Wong (王敏奕). Other high-profile actresses nominated for the award are Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Catherine Chau (周家怡), Kara Hui (惠英紅), and Angel Chiang (蔣家旻).

Nominated for Murder Diary <刑偵日記> and The Line Watchers <把關者們>, Mandy also performed an eye-catching aerial stunt during the Anniversary Gala. Her prominent position at the Gala signified Mandy’s high chances, but the actress remains modest and praises her top competitor, Rosina. “I admire her. We haven’t worked together even though we’ve known even other for such a long time. I hope we can collaborate together.”

Although Rosina could not attend the Gala because of prescheduled work, she is looking forward to the Anniversary Awards. “I have a lot of competitors. Although I’m nominated for two dramas, I’m afraid this would split the votes. I wasn’t as nervous before, but I’m afraid I may disappoint everyone.”

Rosina’s Two Eye-Catching Dramas 

Earlier this year, Rosina’s gentle and accepting role in Sinister Beings <逆天奇案> won her title of “The Nation’s Girlfriend”. Airing in May, the action drama remains in first place with the highest Hong Kong viewership ratings in 2021. Sinister Beings was also very popular in China and helped boost Rosina’s popularity.

Although not faring as well in ratings, Rosina’s role as a grieving widow in Battle of the Seven Sisters <七公主> is her most challenging role to-date. Despite the drama featuring eight of TVB’s hottest female stars, Rosina’s back-baring performance and emotional scenes were praised. Losing her husband to a hit-and-run accident, Rosina’s character suffered many feelings of frustration and helplessness.

Rosina attributed her effective performance to producer Joe Chan (陳維冠). “The producer hoped that I am able to take my career to another level with this character, and allow the audience to see a different side of me. I am thankful that he has given me such a challenge!” She stated that she really liked her character, and enjoyed experiencing her journey through life. In response to the praise, Rosina said, “I started preparing my emotions and in combination with everyone else’s performances, I was able to really get into that headspace.”

Sources: Yahoo, Hket

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  1. Both Mandy and Rosina were professionally trained before becoming actresses so it is well-deserving. Rosina was a stage/theater actress with roots in Mainland and a wealthy family while Mandy entered through Miss HK and has grandfather who is the principal of a performing arts school? There is no doubt Rosina is prettier but output wise, Mandy has been working non-stop. Rosina has the privilege to focus on quality. Mandy either needs a really sarcastic or creepy character at this point. Not overly dramatic though.

    1. I dont find any of Mandy’s role this year memorable. Her last 3 dramas were all cop roles and I feel like she acted the same in all of them. Very boring & nothing creative.

  2. Just by acting performance alone, Kara is league ahead from everyone, followed Ali, then Linda. The rest don’t even come close to BA performance. Sadly Murder Diary sucked, and Ali isn’t so hot in recent news, so most likely it’s gonna be Linda.

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