Rosita Kwok Has Never Dated Before

The 22 year-old’s ideal partner should be someone who is taller and gets along well with her.

As the first Miss Hong Kong contestant to appear in the web auditions this year, second runner-up Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍) immediately attracted the attention of netizens, who praised her for her close resemblance to Twice‘s Tzuyu (周子瑜).

Pageant Was Good Training for Her Timid Personality

Calling herself a timid person, Rosita had entered a singing competition in high school but was too scared to open her mouth and start singing. She entered this year’s pageant to train up her courage. “When studying, I would often stay at home. Although I do take photos, I would get nervous on video or if there are many people around. My family thinks I shouldn’t be like this, and should have more contact with the outside world and talk to more people, so they encouraged me to take part in the pageant.”

Rosita added that she had no idea what to do during the live interview segment TVB had arranged, and “almost cried out” as there were many cameras facing her and she “did not know where to look.” In hindsight, she felt that the experience was excellent training for her.

Did Not Attract Guys As She Wore Glasses

Like Miss Hong Kong winners Lisa Marie (謝嘉怡) and Celina Harto (陳楨怡), Rosita plans to make her debut in showbiz, and hopes to film dramas and variety shows. Asked if she can manage her time as she is still pursuing her masters’ degree concurrently, she replied, “I was studying and working previously, and am confident about finishing my course. I’m majoring in a food and beverage related course. Before entering the pageant, I was at Cathay Pacific preparing airplane meals. I chose this course as I love eating and wan to research how I can eat a lot and still not gain weight. Since I had also studied chemistry, I think it is a good fit with keen prospects.”

Rosita shared her secret to maintaining a trim figure – having many small meals. “I’ll either satisfy myself with just a little food or take longer to eat, like finishing a sandwich very slowly.”

In an episode of popular talk show Young & Restless <後生仔傾吓偈>, many had expressed skepticism when Rosita she has never dated before. “I have very high myopia, and wore glasses in high school so not many people noticed me. I only started wearing contacts in my sophomore year of university. The course I’m enrolled in has 90 percent female students, and my family doesn’t approve of dating while I’m studying. I also agree, so it didn’t affect me that I wasn’t dating. There’ll be chances in future.”

Asked about her ideal partner, Rosita said sweetly, “He must be taller, and we must be able to get along well. My friend shared that it was tough when she realized she couldn’t hit it off with her partner only while dating, so I’d take more time to understand him, and only decide to get together if I feel we’re compatible.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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  1. Imo she looks pretty for an average person but not pretty enough to be a pageant winner/celebrity. Tzuyu is like ten times prettier.

  2. i think 周子瑜was quoted a beauty that comes in 4000 years…this girl is 9 miles away as far as beauty looks….

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