Ruby Lin and Jimmy Lin Broke Up Because of Alec Su

Ruby Lin (林心如) has recently revealed the real reason behind her breakup with Jimmy Lin (林志穎) nearly twenty years ago, a breakup that had crushed many fans.

Jimmy and Ruby’s budding romance began in 1993, when they first met on the set of the Taiwanese teen movie School Days <學校霸王>. Ruby reportedly fell in love with Jimmy at first sight, calling him the most handsome member of the cast. The two eventually became lovers, but after the success of Ruby’s Chinese drama Huan Zhu Ge Ge <還珠格格> and Jimmy’s career hiatus due to his mandatory military service, the pair drifted apart.

Originally one of Asia’s hottest idols, Jimmy suffered a low period in his career after getting discharged from the Taiwanese military in late 1996. During this time, Ruby was enjoying popularity all over Asia due to the success of Huan Zhu Ge Ge, and she frequently traveled to mainland China for events. It was said that the two ended their relationship because of career differences.

However, Ruby recently revealed that the real reason behind the split was actually due to a comment she made about Alec Su (蘇有朋), her Huan Zhu Ge Ge costar. In an interview to promote the drama at the time, Ruby praised Alec’s handsome looks and said she had “good feelings” for him. Jimmy, a man with a strong pride and ego, apparently got jealous and broke up with her. He reportedly sent a fax message to Ruby’s team which read, “I want to break up with you,” shocking the filming crew.


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  1. Is this why wiki tells me Jimmy and Alec didn’t get along on set of legendary sibling?

  2. Breaking up with someone using a fax message? How juvenile….

    1. in the late 1990s to early 2000, it’s pretty advance. it’s the today way of texting. faxing is awesome. but can waste paper with just one line word.

  3. Wow, shocking. I have to admit Ruby is right about Alec Su. =D Alec Su was my first celebrity crush (I used to be so obsessed with him).

    1. lol, I would take Jimmy Lin over him any day. He was the most handsome guy I have ever seen on TV until Edison Chen came along….

      1. I know lol, but I meant before all that crap :P. You have to admit he was one hell of a pretty boy when he was young…

  4. lol…in the 90’s, they used fax to break up. now we use text to break up lol..

      1. whatapps and text are the same thing……still sending message.

      2. Yeah , you’re basically “texting” in whatsapp anyway :).

  5. and why’s she bringing it up after so many years?

    1. I am also wondering why she us bring this up after so many years? Back then this was already reported but was under the “rumours” category,so it guess maybe this is a confirmation of it? Back then Jimmy denied even dating her at all while she lamented about their break up and all. I used to side with Jimmy but after finding out what he did,my view towards him changed.

    2. Wondering the same too… And it was like 20 yrs ago. Don’t like anyone likes the idea an ex start mentioning things long long time ago…

    3. Wondering the same too… And it was like 20 yrs ago. Don’t think anyone likes the idea an ex start mentioning things long long time ago…

    4. Because it’s 20 years old already, it wouldn’t affect either her or Jimmy’s established careers. Sometime I like young idols and curious about their relationship too, but during their prime it’s difficult for time to talk about it. I do hope like 10+ years later, they could share about their past freely. This is how I see it for Ruby too.

  6. Don’t know why she bring it up but it’s stupid to break up over a comment like that.

  7. LOL FAX.
    not gonna lie but that actually takes more effort compare to texting these days.

    1. agree, have to input the page the correct way, dial the fax # and then it pops back out where u can see the words again.

  8. Ruby was very inconsiderate anxiety with her stating that she had good feelings towards Alex is already an indirect breakup. Jimmy just wanted to be the one to Breske off first to save any pride left.

    1. If you love a person enough, you hold on, you don’t break up at the first “confusion” feeling. If you do, it’s not meant to be lol. If ppls have good feeling about someone, doesn’t mean they love that someone, that they want to be in a relationship with. Pride and love = tragic ending lol!

  9. Because of this good feeling, she and alec always have good chemistry in any drama they pair together >=O I love her with Alec anyway :p and why did she bring it up after many years? Maybe she wants to signal Alec that she likes him a long long time ago, and he should do something xD
    Or maybe she is still in love with jimmy >_> or having one of those ‘can’t get out of love’ with him, and only by opening up about her mistake, she can move on and find happiness?
    Personally, I wouldn’t read too much on why she tells us about it now, it’s a long long long time ago, the fans would probably settle down so much to the point of don’t care what’s the truth is
    Anyhoo, ruby go for Alec hahaha xD

  10. I find it odd that she always seem to be one discussing about this past relationship when we never really hear him even admitting dating her????
    I mean, this lady is famous in her own right these days i mean even more so than he was or is but we just seem to hear from her on this former relationship.
    The guy is already married w/a kid now so why bring this up now. hummm… i was never a fan of either so…oh well….

  11. Who said jimmy never admitting? He did.

    In a later talk show together 2004, both parties admitted that it was due to the distance and fading of feelings that cause their breakup

    You can watch Kang Yong Dang Jia show at youtube.

    The people who always making story are stipid reporters.
    They never stop asking to ruby about jimmy and alec.
    Jimmy already married…but whenever ruby attended talk show or something, people asking her past.relationship…

    What about alec?
    How do you feel when u hear jimmy got married?
    Who is better alec? Jimmy?

    Stupid reporters.
    Let them in their own life.

    1. ##In 2006, they appear publicly together on a Taiwan show “Kang Yong’s family” (Chinese: 康永當家; pinyin: Kang Yong Dang Jia)years after the breakup, expressed that distance was the reason for the breakup. It was the first time appearing on the same stage after the breakup. At this show, they finally openly talked about their former relationship. For the 1st time in public Jimmy Lin said, it was because both were constantly shooting in China, in the end their relationship succumbed to distance for breaking things up. Both of them still remain good friends even after their break up.. Whether there’s a possibility of getting back together, both said “impossible.”. Ruby Lin said ” We didn’t have a significant quarrel or dispute, therefore after the breakup we can still be friends”

      1. Yup,if this whole fax break up is true, back then she has saved his face by agree “distance is the factor that broke them apart” not “your jealous stupid man pride broke us up, and you don’t give me second chance”. And because she has been single for so long, with no romantic rumour, the press could do nothing but digging in the past. After 20yrs, she’s sick of it and go “hey, that guy broke up with me via fax, dou think I’ll give him a second chance or have any feeling for him?” Again, ppl should stop trying to read on “why she has kept it so long and let it out now”. Simple just as it is she wants ppl to stop bringing jimmy up when he’s no angel to her, and if she kept his face for 20yrs, which is the prime time of his career life, she’s allowed to let it out and move on >_>

      2. Agreed. And if she did admit it then, I bet people would been like “this rookie is trying to milk it.etc..” smart move for her id say

  12. lol break over fax??!! well lets hopt for Ruby and Alec then!

    1. Same haha! Many fans still ship those two, but no whisper -.-

  13. well they say not to air dirty laundries in the public, what more a super old laundry. irregardless of who’s wronged who, everyone should have let go and moved on by now right?

    1. it’s the chinese media that won’t move on and persistent in dwelling on their past relationship.

      1. c’mon! i’m sure she had the rights to zip her mouth. fact is, she chose to reveal

      2. I have noticed that it was a Ruby who always mentioned about thus old relationship and always lamented about their break up,while a Jimmy sadly just kept on denying it until 10+ years later. During all of those years many even blamed Ruby and said that she was only using him for fame because he was more popular than get back then. But around 10 years or so,Jimmy finally has the guts to admit it. I used to support a Jimmy but after knowing the truth,I feel bad for a Ruby that he did not even have the guts to admit that they did date and then broke up until 10+ years later. However,it is not like it matters anymore since he is now married with a kid so what is the point of bringing this up? But I think deep down,she may still have feelings for him because when they asked her how she felt about him being married,she did not appear to be happy and just said “no comment”. It is sad that they had yuen but no fen. But the past is the past so let bygones be bygones since what is the point of dwelling on the past?

  14. Although, not fond of Ruby, I don’t think Ruby’s little tidbit about her breakup with Jimmy is meant for attention or that she hasn’t moved on. After so many years and both parties have lead their own different lives, it’s normal to straighten the facts. Although, Ruby lacks in the acting department, but there’s no denying that she has become quite a success career wise, probably even more so than Jimmy. Seems like Ruby enjoys her current lifestyle and I’m sure she’s not short of men, so this probably was just a simple answer to a simple question, probably nothing behind it.

    I understand now why Jimmy chose someone like Kelly in the end. To be honest, men like Jimmy probably has too many insecurities towards career driven, independent, and modern women like Ruby.

    1. Well said and that was what I was thinking. I do not think Jimmy can take a career driven women like proven Michelle Ye for example. He seems like the traditional type that would not like a women that may be more successful than him. His wife did not even have much of a career so it was easy for her to just drop it all to be a traditional house wife which seems like the type of woman that he likes as opposed to an independent and ambitious modern woman.

    2. @Joo,

      I agree with your views for the most part, but I’m not positive Jimmy felt insecurities toward women who are career-driven.

      For example, lawyers don’t usually date or get married to fellow lawyers. Doctors are the same. It’s not because they don’t want to – after all, they see them daily. But when you have two parties who are both workaholics, they don’t have much time for each other. And that causes friction. On the off chance they do get married, one party usually stays at home and takes care of the family. In the case of Ruby, she definitely doesn’t seem like the type to stay at home. And when they were together, she was going through the highlight of her career. Even Jimmy had to take the backseat. And let’s be honest – how many men appreciate that? Especially someone like Jimmy Lin, heartthrob of a country?

      Even when he broke up with her, I feel like he was reacting out of anger and resentment. She publicly declared she had “good feelings” towards Alec and that Alec was handsome? I’m sure every boyfriend loves to hear that lol. And the way he acted out his anger — it definitely proves he was upset.

      But they were young back then. When you’re in your 20s, you don’t have great control over your emotions or communication skills. These things take time to develop.

      They’ve let bygones be bygones though and both are happy in their individual lives. This is a great way to bring closure to their public breakup and they can finally let it RIP.

      1. Well, lawyers dating lawyers or doctors dating doctors is a bit different versus careers in the limelight. If Jimmy already couldn’t stand Ruby complimenting a coworker either casually or courteously, I don’t think he can handle a woman whose career may be higher and better than his down the road. I may be viewing this way too deep, but the cause of jealousy generally derives from one’s own lack of and insecurities, so in this case, I don’t think Jimmy broke up with Ruby just because she praised Alec, Jimmy probably broke up with Ruby because like Ruby shared, Jimmy has a huge ego, which means, he doesn’t communicate, is quite immature, and when threatened, he retreats first to save his own face. Breaking up through fax is quite a cowardly way of handling the situation regardless of what age he was. I may be assuming by a huge leap, but I honestly think Jimmy cannot accept a career woman not soley because career women aren’t homebodies because some balance both roles just fine, but because those women have more than just their husbands to revolve around, something, Jimmy doesn’t prefer. Jimmy is in the end a traditional Chinese man who wants a submissive wife. Why else would Kelly have to quit her close to none career?

        But yes, I totally agree with you in your points too. Who knows but Jimmy himself.

      2. @ Joo,

        I hope I’m not coming off as condoning Jimmy’s actions. It’s immature, rash and irresponsible of him to just throw away a relationship like that – with, of all things, a fax.

        But I’m just trying to let people see both sides of the coin.

        And you’ll be surprised how ego-driven and prideful lawyers and doctors can be. But that’s another anecdote and story altogether lol.

        Mm, some people are really good at handling how their significant others compliment others, and some aren’t. Like some women are okay with their husbands making comments about how hot other women are – sometimes the wives even chime in! But unless that’s something I mentioned first, if my bf does it, I’m afraid I’m not going to be very happy lol (though not to the point of breaking up.) I will find it a bit disrespectful, but that’s me personally.

        And I think it’s a bit of all the things added together. Jimmy wasn’t happy how Ruby’s career overshadowed his (at that point) and the distance and the favorable remarks about her costar. I mean when you’ve been separated for long periods of time, with poor communication, things can get misconstrued. Not to mention there were so many rumors flying about the stars of HZGG back then. If I were him, I’d be insecure (not just because of her career), but of all the factors in the relationship.

        Again, I’m just trying to see it from both angles. I don’t think Ruby is wrong here either. It’s just things got off the wrong foot between the two of them but there’s no right or wrong.

  15. jimmy’s loss. im sure he knows that. he never looks sincerely happy to me after their breakup either. his smile is always wane, I think only after kimi was born, he brightened up but before that, it was never like his youthful days and still isn’t. I think that says a lot.

    ruby is not someone who needs extra attn, she already has plenty in her career from being established and successful. she is just someone that is frank, she probably feels it no longer matters so doesn’t mind just telling the truth since they always(media) bring it up all the time. that should end the query for good, nothing else to talk about after.

    1. he just sounded immature and rash back then, and soon regrette it after. he was photographed visting her for her photoalbum with flowers in 2001. I think jimmy at multiple times tried to rekindle their romance but failed. his album released around this time was very solemn, it talks about lost love. “When I let go, hence my world is a lonelier one” from one song of hi. his father even said jimmy took and kept many photos of ruby at home. he also invited her out to the pier for seafood and was photographed by reporters. their friends revealed he wanted to drive her home but she declined. so in a way, ruby has been long over him.

      as for decisive, its not his decision to make, she no longer wanted to be with him either.

      1. Yes and on that show in 2006, didn’t Jimmy and Ruby also share that he would send her a gift every year for her birthday? When she expressed interest in his watch, he took it off for her?

        I wouldn’t go for Jimmy a second time around either. He practically denied Ruby all of those years, made her out to be a liar perhaps because it would bruise his ego all over again because Ruby and Alec have remained good friends even to today. Good for Ruby!

  16. “I want to break up with you”

    Her response …

    “Okay, bye bye”


    She aged very well but he did not.

    1. He hasn’t aged much and is famous for his youthful looks

  17. Glad Ruby ends up with a life-long friend Alec Su than a jealous boyfriend Jimmy Lin. Glad he faxed it!

    1. Ruby isn’t with Alec lol 🙁 or at least, I didn’t hear anything about this? Pretty sure a lot of fans want her to be with Alec lol

  18. This is ridiculous. Why bring up the past? Why change the story? Get over it. That man married already. Happily married. Stop asking attention from him or public. Must move on woman. You not teenager.

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