Ruby Lin Hesitant About Having a Second Child

Turning 45 on January 28, Ruby Lin (林心如) is at a dilemma. Her four-year-old daughter has been begging Ruby to give her a sibling to play with, and Ruby doesn’t think her body can handle the stress of carrying another baby anymore.

“It’s going to be an advanced aged pregnancy!” said Ruby.

Having already wrapped up the filming of her upcoming Taiwanese drama The Arc of Life <她們創業的那些鳥事>, Ruby has been spending most of her time home playing make-believing cooking and tea with her daughter. Every day, her daughter would remind Ruby about wanting to have a sibling, a “real baby” to play with. Ruby would tell her daughter, “There’s no need to rush. When you get older, you’ll have a baby.”

Acknowledging that it can be lonely growing up as the only child, Ruby is also hesitant about getting pregnant again due to her age. “The age difference [with the baby] will be huge,” she said.

The Arc of Life will air on GTV. It also stars Ivy Chen (陳意涵), Jian Man Shu (簡嫚書), Roy Chiu (邱澤), and Chris Wang (宥勝).


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  1. If she get pregnant now her children age diff is about 5 years. I don’t think is a huge diff thou. But I agree for 45 years old to get pregnant is pretty tired.

    1. @aplha123 I think she’s referring to the age difference between herself and another baby.
      Maybe she can opt for surrogacy since she and Wallace are actually responsible adults.

    2. @aplha123 I think 5 years is the perfect sweet spot for another kid from a parent’s pov. The older one can actually be helpful now and you’re less involved. The younger one can then get your mostly full focus. The problem with doing this is that you should be a younger parent before attempting kid #2. If I had a kid when I was in my earlier 20s, maybe I wouldn’t be so hesitant with having another one now.

  2. Unless that pic by herself is a publicity pic for a tv series, it has to be the most unflattering pic. The hair, the color of the hair, the makeup, and jewelry EVERYTHING about the styling is horrendous. It’s like one of those glamour photo you’d get at a cheap mall studio.

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