Ruby Lin On Her Daughter: “Her Eyelashes Are As Long As Her Father’s”

Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin (林心如), who welcomed her first daughter with Wallace Huo (霍建華) in January 2017, appeared as a special guest for the 15th anniversary episode of the popular variety talk show Queen <女人我最大>, hosted by Pauline Lan (藍心湄).

Glowing and thin, Ruby didn’t look like she gave birth only four months ago. Pauline said, “You’re so suitable for child-bearing! And made such a happy child too! You should have some more!”

On the show, Ruby revealed some details about life after giving birth to her baby girl, confessing that not only did she have a huge appetite, she also got very careless with her diet. She once sneaked in two pieces of [Taiwanese-style] popcorn chicken for a bite, but realized her mistake after her daughter started to develop rashes on her face. Thinking that her change in diet had affected her breastmilk, Ruby immediately went back to her original diet.

For the sake of her career, Ruby needed to slim down as soon as possible, and became very strict with her diet regimen. Sharing her meal plan with other guests on the show, Jesse Tang (唐綺陽) said, “The amount you eat in a day is less than the amount I eat in one meal.”

As for going from being Ms. Lin to Mrs. Huo, and married to a man she’s been friends with for over ten years, Ruby said, “He’s always filming, so I still feel like I’m living the single life. The only difference is that now I have a little baby.”

Ruby stressed that while she loves being a mother, she also loves being an actress. She has no plans on retiring from the entertainment industry, but due to her daughter’s young age, she is only willing to take up acting jobs if they’re based in Taiwan for the meantime. She and Wallace have also made an agreement, that one parent must be in Taiwan at all times.

At the mention of her daughter, who turned four months old on May 6, Ruby said, “Our baby loves to smile. She has really long eyelashes, just like her father.”

Source: Sohu

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  1. That’s good that both parents are willing to “slow” down for their baby.

  2. The pluses in getting married at this age is that they both knows what they want and how to juggle their individual successful careers with bringing up a child. Having extended family is invaluable too.

    Smiley like mum, lashes like dad! Wow.. I am dying to have a peep of their baby.

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