Ruby Lin Recovering Well from Childbirth, Wants Baby #2

Great news all around for the Lin-Huo family! According to Taiwanese media reports, actress Ruby Lin (林心如), who gave birth to her and Wallace Huo’s (霍建華) “little angel” on January 6, is recovering well from childbirth. The source says Ruby was already out of bed and walking about on the second day after birth, and is producing breastmilk.

Ruby cried when she heard her daughter’s first cry. She could not see if Wallace, who was by her side at the time, was crying, but she did hear him say, “She’s beautiful!” Ruby held her daughter closely, and didn’t want to let go of her.

For privacy, the 40-year-old actress declined to show photos of her baby. However, she did say, “She has a dimple on each cheek! Wallace and I each share one side of her. She is a combination of us both. It’s adorable!”

The source added that Ruby plans to find a nanny to help her during her first month of postpartum recovery. Ruby plans to return to acting afterwards. It is also said that the couple are interested in having a baby number two.

Source: Sina

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  1. Who is the source who told about the breast milk? There is no need to go into such detail. LOL. All babies are beautiful and all parents think their babies are beautiful. That is called unconditional love. Lucky baby. A tender father and a joyful mother.

  2. Read the Sina source link below, feel that the English translation does not express exactly what’s in Sina. Anyway, we read many more sources and they’re quite same so it doesn’t matter if one source is different from others.

  3. i think the deal with breastmilk being a big deal in asia is that alot of women in asia don’t feed it for whatever reason. most likely from marketing that artificial is better than breastmilk and don’t think they can produce, or breastfeeding will make them fat. can’t blame them since most asian moms esp the older generation really balloon up in multiple sizes after having babies.

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