Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu Lost Weight Filming “Heroes of the Walled City”

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Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu Lost Weight Filming “Heroes of the Walled City”

TVB’s upcoming drama Heroes of the Walled City <城寨英雄> is currently filming in Hong Kong. The kung fu drama, which stars Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Yuen Qiu (元秋), and Philip Ng (伍允龍), is set in 1950’s Hong Kong and partially takes place in the Kowloon Walled City, a former densely-populated enclave in New Kowloon.

First time costars Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu have been busy doing outdoor photography for the action-packed series in the last few days. Portraying physically-demanding roles, Ruco and Nancy said they lost around five to six pounds since filming began in early August.

“I have many fight scenes,” Ruco shared. “But I really enjoy doing them because they’re very realistic and gritty. I lost a lot of weight filming this drama, but it’s not a bad thing, because now I feel much more flexible and agile.”

Ruco is starring with Tony Hung (洪永城) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) in the TVB anniversary drama Captain of Destiny <張保仔>, which is currently airing. In regards to the rumors that he did not get along with Tony while filming the series, Ruco said, “I’ve been busy [with Heroes of the Walled City] so I haven’t been promoting Captain of Destiny. I’m also not very newsworthy, so these rumors are actually helping me promote the drama. As long as it doesn’t hurt my friendship with Tony, I don’t mind if these rumors get worse.”

Also playing a martial artist, Nancy wore a tight-fitting black bodysuit while doing a fight scene. Unlike Ruco, who fights with more brute strength, Nancy’s fight techniques are more fluid and stylistic.

“The suit is tailor-made,” said Nancy. “I really like it! I lost a few pounds since this was made, so the pants are pretty loose now, but it’s a perfect fit after all the wire work is set in place.”

Nancy trained hard for her role and regularly works out at the gym. “It’s a huge challenge,” said Nancy. “I have scenes where I have to do a few action moves in one shot.”

Mentioning that Nancy will be starring in the adaptation of TVB’s eighties classic Don’t Look Now <執到寶>, a ghost comedy produced by Kam Kwok Leung (甘國亮), the actress said, “I’m very excited! I’ll be working with Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), Law Lan (羅蘭), and Wu Fung (胡楓). I’ve never really officially collaborated with them before, and I look forward to working with them! I’ve seen the original, and I find Wong Wan Si’s (黃韻詩) performance very memorable.”


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6 comments to Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu Lost Weight Filming “Heroes of the Walled City”

  1. jjwong says:

    Hottttt! I can’t wait to see this. I hope it’s a true kung fu fighting drama and not that half-baked comedy Wudang series that soundes promising but turned out stupid and not much kung fu scenes or fighting at all. That was a disappointment.

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  2. tess says:

    She looks great albeit being a bit underweight. Well she’s always this skinny but probably she’s building muscles.

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  3. sherla1019 says:

    This one i will definately watch but not a fan of Philip

    Yeah another series with Bobby in it cant wait to watch and especially the veterans artist of Wu Fung and Law Lan i love to watch them they so adorable ^^

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  4. dramadrama says:

    Omg omg. TVB finally notice they had a gem star that they overlooked all these years!!! Hope ti see more of Nancy. And Ruco too. Why it felt like they had starting to overlook Ruco now??

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  5. hannah says:

    More Nancy !!! Yes please! Looking forward to her new series! she looks HOT in the leather jumpsuits!

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  6. lml1977 says:

    Can’t wait for this drama. Can’t get enough of Ruco. I love this guy in any drama any genre. Give Ruco any role and he brings it to life !!! His lean and atheltic physique makes him a convincing action star. But this guy can do anything from drama, action, comedic and even looking regal & majestic as the 11th Prince in Captain of Destiny! Please support Ruco and watch COD…even though we see/hear many critics on how crappy COD is. It’s not Ruco’s fault that his co-stars acting is so exaggerated and OTT !

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