Ruco Chan and Roxanne Tong Resume Filming “Hidden Door”

After facing earlier delays due to increased COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, producer Amy Wong‘s (王心慰) drama Hidden Door (隱門) has resumed filming with Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) spotted at an outdoor location.

Roxanne Admits Kenneth Ma is Unromantic

Suffering from gastritis, Roxanne brought plain bread to eat on set. “I don’t dare eat out randomly. When I’m at home, I usually eat congee.” On whether her boyfriend Kenneth Ma (馬國明) cooks for her, she expressed, “He doesn’t know how to cook. However, he would help heat up my congee.”

Turning 36 years old, Roxanne had to work on her birthday. Known for her low profile and down-to-earth relationship with Kenneth, Roxanne did not expect to receive any surprises from him, “We rarely give each other surprises or gifts [on our birthdays]. We would instead do sweet things for each other on a regular basis.”

Roxanne is eager to wrap up work to rest properly, and perhaps tag along and travel with Kenneth on his next project.

Ruco Doesn’t Mind if Wife Doesn’t Work

Since Hidden Door is restarting filming after several months of a break, Ruco felt as if they were filming a sequel. “Usually, we will not get adequate sleep when filming. This time though, we are getting to rest a lot more,” he said positively.

After completing filming obligations for Hidden Door, Ruco will be flying to China for several months for his next project. “I have been monitoring the pandemic situation over there, because I want to have my wife Phoebe Sin (單文柔) and daughter accompany me. We have been [in lockdown mode] for more than two years. My wife has had a hard time and my daughter has not flown before, so we want to take this opportunity to treat it as a trip together.”

Phoebe recently shared that her contract with TVB is coming to an end and hinted at “new beginnings.” When asked, Ruco said, “I’ll let her respond to the matter herself. Even if she decides not to work anymore, that is fine with me. I encourage her to do what she likes!”


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