Ruco Chan Cries Over Pandemic Stress

As the pandemic’s fifth wave holds Hong Kong hostage, daily cases peaked at over 76,000 in March. In an effort to curb the spread, TVB suspended all drama filming and has been cautious to resume filming. The border to China is currently closed, and many artistes have lost opportunities to supplement their income and are feeling the impact financially and mentally. Also deeply affected, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) recounts that he is experiencing struggles just like everyone else.

Although he is not in immediate financial trouble, Ruco does feel stressed as the breadwinner for his family. Adding to the difficulty is that some companies are not making timely payments for his jobs. He had completed some work for an external company last year, but he still has not received his seven-figure payment. He was introduced to the job by a colleague, and they had worked together on it.

“Not paying even one dollar is putting me in a tough situation– everyone needs to pay mortgage and take care of their family members. I hope they will stop delaying the payment; even paying a little is better than nothing. I still have to pay for rent and my daughter’s schooling,” Ruco said.

He reasons that as the company is expanding, it is unlikely that they are struggling financially. “We are currently still in talks. No one wants to stop during a pandemic, and I understand that we all have our struggles. I am lucky to work for a big company–I know many people in really rough situations where they work for an hourly wage, and not working one day can lead to not being able to put food on the table.”

While watching the news and the dire situation, Ruco admits to crying and hopes that they will be able to overcome the fifth wave soon. When asked if he plans to work in China once the border opens up, he hesitated over the lengthy quarantine times stipulated by China and Hong Kong. It would be unproductive to leave home for several months for just one or two jobs. “I’d rather not leave and want to stay home with my family. So everyone needs to band together and get rid of this virus!”


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  1. the situation is so dim in hk and china b/c of covid, anyone with a heart would cry over it. the title is somewhat misleading, it read as if he was some type of financial trouble.

  2. Sadly, probably worse off for many. In time will be better. Meanwhile, maybe wife should work as well. Whatever to survive.

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