Ruco Chan Ditches Nancy Wu for Phoebe Sin?

TV King Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) got himself in another love rumor when paparazzi spotted the actor taking former Miss Hong Kong contestant Phoebe Sin (單文柔) on a lunch date to the hills. The two were eating in Ruco’s car.

But the A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> star was swift to deny the dating rumor. He told Hong Kong reporters that Phoebe, who competed in the 2016 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, is a stylist whom he has been working with closely. He said, “We’ve known each other for a while now, as I was one of the judges at her pageant. Phoebe studied fashion in England, and she has styled a lot of my outfits. I wanted to treat her for lunch, but we didn’t have time to eat at a restaurant.”

Ruco said he is aware that a lot of people may find the hilltops to be a “sensitive” spot, but it is also a photogenic area. “I just wanted to eat at a quieter spot. It is really that simple. Don’t twist it to anything else!”

Ruco Chan Phoebin Sin

The 40-year-old then said that his busy work schedule does not give him time to date. “I don’t even have time to meet with friends, let alone dating. It’s rare that I get to find time to eat out with a friend.”

The tabloid magazine that broke the rumor claimed that Ruco cheated on Nancy Wu (胡定欣) to go out with Phoebe. Ruco stressed again that he and Nancy are only friends. “I’ve said this before. I do enjoy working with Nancy, but I should have my own time too. I know this comes with the job, and that many people are concerned about when I’ll start dating or get married, but this can affect my private life. Does everyone want me to become a monk? Give me some space.” (Worried that Nancy will be unhappy? Has she talked with you about this?) “Of course not. We’re good friends and on-screen partners. I don’t have time. Let me have my vacation.”


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  1. I have never truly believe that Ruco & Nancy are together…rather believe what Ruco said that they are just good friends and on-screen partners. So what’s wrong if Ruco really date this girl who looks younger & sweeter?

    The news of Ruco and Nancy being a couple after A Fist Within Four Walls to me is more like a gimmick to promote these two artists for the TV King and Queen 2016 titles at that time.

    Anyway, i hope both Ruco and Nancy are not too influenced by their rumuors and each would end up with someone they truly love in the future.

  2. It would really be good news if this is true. As I have said before, Nancy is simply not beautiful enough for Ruco who deserves someone much sexier and more feminine appeal. Phoebe can qualify as one.

    1. @creditor

      I heard that some of Ruco’s fans are unhappy with his choice and scolded him. Hope this is not true. He has every right to date whoever he chooses n i find Phoebe very sweet.

    2. @creditor At 40 years old, Ruco needs a ‘stable’ lady at his side, not someone who is brand-new but no brains! TBH, Nancy & Ruco together as an item? Second thots…the verdict is out there.

    1. @bubbles23 nancy is too masculine for ruco. phobe is sweet and reminds me of eliza sam. give Ruco a break. hk reporters are really busybodies.

      1. @janet72 It’s not a question of Nancy’s physique I think, but rather being soul-mate in a durable relationship leading down the marriage aisle.

        Nancy’s stronger personality requires someone for which Ruco lies outside her widthband as a BF come husband material! That’s it!

  3. The whole scenario didnt seem completely platonic. However, it does seem like they are just trying to get to know each other and obviously the paps are at the ready to kill of anything budding.

    Its a miracle that celebs these days are able to find any partner at all with everyone breathing down their backs every second.

  4. “Does everyone want me to become a monk? Give me some space.”
    Poor thing he was just trying to know this young chick better by..eating together inside his car romantically and this media is so busybody.

  5. The headlines sounded crude to me but guess it’s a way to ‘fish’ for viewers to the breaking news. When I first knew it, I thought it’s another mismatch love pairing akin to Kevin/Grace’s I am quite sure that Ruco is not really ready to settle down especially at the peak of his booming career as TVB Drama King.

    I do think viewers of AFWFW read too much into their on-screen chemistry, and rooting for its success off-screen. So disappointments gotten in the way as I perceive it. Being thick-skinned as an actor, this dating-or-not-dating gossip cum rumours will definitely be like water on a duck’s back!

    Chin Pang will ride out of this storm unscathed, unhurt, unwounded and unfazed! Mark my word! Hahaha….

  6. @blest62 what on-screen chemistry? :p I still don’t see what most sees and dubs them have great chem om Fists. They both acted well, but chem? No for me.

    Anyways, why is this chic styled/styling his outfits? She works for TVB costumes dept or something? Also, he seemed to be annoy (rightly so) and less savy with his answers to the media. He used to be very “hac hac hey hey.” Now he’s more direct and “gtfo of my way.” IDC as long as he can still act well 🙂

    1. @jjwong I don’t care too as long as he acts well in the dramas he has been roped in to unleash his prescribed roles. Looks like most or a few actors in TVB circuit have gone for beauty queens. Wondering whether it is the norm whenever opportunities come their way. Or it’s a publicity gimmick. Adding value to one’s acting career going north so to speak!

      1. @blest62 I see them as dating co-workers. TVB is a work environment for them. They see each other days in and days out. It’s not unusual for them to start dating each other. Celebs in 80s/90s married other celebs in the cirlce; e.g. Julian, Nick C., Tony L., Jacky C., etc. It’s not a new “trend.”

  7. I find Ruco and Nancy quite compatible (on/off screen). Reporter should give him personal space and let him enjoy life when he is not working. Nothing wrong seeing opposite sex friend for a bite.

  8. Nancy always seemed more hopeful in her comments towards Ruco. Nancy’s friends such as Pal Sinn and Mandy Wong also hinted that she had an interest in Ruco, who was more cautious in responding over their rumors.

    Agree with @megamiaow that Ruco’s relationship with Phoebe doesn’t seem platonic. The car lunch for their date may be casual, but it indicates a level of familiarity and ease between them. Also Phoebe initially seemed petrified to comment on the news, which is very telling.

    I’m happy that Ruco is not as single as he claims! Actually about six months ago, I noticed an improvement in his fashion sense, with less loud patterns and color choices. At the time, I thought TVB finally designated someone to advise him on selecting more reasonable outfits. Now we know Phoebe’s behind the positive change. 🙂

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