Ruco Chan Injures His Ear on the Set of “The Alliance”

It’s been a difficult few months for the cast of TVB’s The Alliance <同盟>. In early October, lead actress Nancy Wu (胡定欣) injured her ankle while doing an action scene with her costar and rumored boyfriend, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬). Two days ago, Ruco was admitted to the hospital after sustaining an injury on his left ear. He had to receive six stitches.

“He’s fine now!” said Nancy that night. Asking if she was the one who injured him, Nancy said, “I honestly don’t know! It was chaotic and dark. I hope he gets better soon.” (Will you take care of him?) “Sure! I’ll treat him to a meal too.” Nancy added that injuries during action scenes are hard to prevent, but they will try their best to look after each other.

“I’d rather be the injured one,” said Nancy afterwards. “When I injured my ankle last month, everyone was so worried! We have to watch out.”

Ruco returned to the studios on Monday with a bandaged ear. He reassured the reporters that the injury was not serious, saying, “Though the wound was ripped open, stitches weren’t necessary. However, because I had to work and didn’t want the wound to get infected, I decided to go for it.”

The actor also thanked his costars for their concerns, saying, “The headlines made it sound like my ears got ripped out. It’s not a serious injury. Don’t worry. Just a small wound.”

It was reported that Nancy tore Ruco’s earring off during their action scene, which was the cause of injury. Ruco defended, “It has nothing to do with her. It was me being clumsy. It’s a small problem. I’ll look after myself better.”

Source: Oriental Daily (1, 2)

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  1. Oh no! Not that ear where he wears his ear stud! Hopefully there’s no more injuries or this is beginning to sound jinxed. First Nancy now Ruco! Must be the gruelling hours they put in filming which makes them so tired and prone to accidents. This includes the cast and the crew. Poor babe is trying to downplay the seriousness so as not to worry his fans. 6 stitches and he says it’s not painful? I don’t believe him. Get well soon!

  2. But he usually wears his ear stud on his left…in order to prevent an infection, he would not be able to wear the stud in the meantime…hope everything goes well for the filming of this drama. Our poor sweetheart has 6 stitches and we know it will be painful.

  3. I feel very painful for Ruco baby. Baby must recover very soon. Hope to see him wearing ear stud in the coming birthday of TVB.

  4. Pray for Ruco’s speedy recovery. He’s such a true gentleman. Think he will wear ear stud if possible in order to cover the scar. However, he should avoid wearing ear stud when filming action scenes.

  5. This is precisely why i love Ruco. Instead of milking public sympathy for what it’s worth, he downplays the seriousness so as not to worry his fans. Plus he takes pains to clarify that the accident was entirely his own fault, no finger pointing by him. Such a nice fella.

  6. Oh Ruco fans, don’t go all korean stars’ fans on me, those that loudly applauded and give 1000% praises and undying love and open declaration of heroism, valour, gallantry and all round perfection demi god like being status to their favourite idols who fell down AND THEN stood back up again all on their own as if they just jumped into the sea and saved a boat load of lives.

    It is just a minor injury. Make very little fuss pls, because Ruco is beyond such demi god like praise. He is manly you see.

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