Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu Win Big at TVB Star Awards Malaysia

As the prelude for the TVB Anniversary Awards, the 2016 TVB Star Awards Malaysia were successfully held at the Arena of Stars in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last Saturday, November 26. Martial arts drama A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> was the night’s biggest champion, with its cast winning eleven trophies, including the coveted My Favorite TVB Drama Series. Its lead actors Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) respectively won My Favorite TVB Actor and Actress, making it their second TV King and Queen win in Malaysia.

The rumored couple also nabbed the My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple Award, and were tied with Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Tracy Chu (朱千雪) from Over Run Over <EU超時任務>. The organizers used the “kiss cam” to announce the winners, but when the camera landed on the two couples, Ruco “kissed” Vincent instead.

When Ruco and Nancy received their music award for the OST of A Fist Within Four Walls, MC Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) jokingly asked them to kiss again. Ruco said with a laugh, “It won’t be meaningful if we keep kissing!”

Mat Yeung (楊明) of My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan <火線下的江湖大佬> won My Favorite TVB Supporting Actor, while Joyce Tang (滕麗名) won Supporting Actress for her popular performance in House of Spirits <一屋老友記>. Joyce was in tears when she received her award.

Joyce’s costar, Jonathan Cheung (張穎康), won Most Improved Actor. The 34-year-old, who took a break from acting after failing his film career over ten years ago, tearfully thanked his wife for supporting his decision to return to acting.

2013 Miss Hong Kong second runner-up Moon Lau (劉佩玥) won Most Improved Actress. Her nominated works included Over Run Over, House of Spirits, and A Fist Within Four Walls, three of the most popular television dramas of 2016.

A Fist Within Four Walls star Philip Ng (伍允龍) may have lost to Mat Yeung for Supporting Actor, but he received a Favorite Character award for his popular performance in the series. Philip said this was his first acting award, and his voice shook as he gave his acceptance speech.

Check out the full list of winners below!

My Favorite TVB Drama Series
“A Fist Within Four Walls”

My Favorite TVB Actor in a Leading Role
Ruco Chan, “A Fist Within Four Walls”

My Favorite TVB Actress in a Leading Role
Nancy Wu, “A Fist Within Four Walls”

My Favorite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role
Joyce Tang, “House of Spirits”

My Favorite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role
Mat Yeung, “My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”

My Favorite TVB Drama Theme Song
“Never Know You Are the Best” by Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu for A Fist Within Four Walls

Online Most Beloved Star Award 2016
Grace Wong

My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple
Vincent Wong & Tracy Chu, “Over Run Over”
Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu, “A Fist Within Four Walls”

My Favorite TVB Host in a Variety Program
Mat Yeung & Benjamin Yuen, “All Work No Pay Holidays: India”

My Favorite TVB Variety Program
“Sunday Stage Fight”

My Favorite TVB Enrichment Program
“Wellness On the Go 4”

My Favorite Most Improved TVB Actress
Moon Lau — “Angel In-the Making”, “Over Run Over”, “Blue Veins”, “House of Spirits”, “A Fist Within Four Walls”, “Two Steps from Heaven”

My Favorite Most Improved TVB Actor
Jonathan Cheung — “The Last Healer in Forbidden City”, “House of Spirits”, “A Fist Within Four Walls”

My Favorite TVB Drama Characters
Natalie Tong, “Speed of Life”
Wayne Lai, “Short End of the Stick”
Grace Chan, “Blue Veins”
Eliza Sam, “My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan”
Sisley Choi, “Presumed Accidents”
Bobby Au-yeung, “House of Spirits”
Joyce Tang, “House of Spirits”
Koni Lui, “House of Spirits”
Ruco Chan, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Nancy Wu, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Benjamin Yuen, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Grace Wong, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Philip Ng, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Ali Lee, “Law dis-Order”
Mandy Wong, “Law dis-Order”
Kristal Tin, “My Lover from the Planet Meow”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. You know, I am not sure but my gut feeling is Malaysian version is getting rigged these days when I see the following 3 names;

    Grace Chan, “Blue Veins”
    Sisley Choi, “Presumed Accidents”
    Kristal Tin, “My Lover from the Planet Meow”

    When on the social media they were deeply unpopular characters. I am questioning the results unless well.. not so many series so basically any lead female character will get into top 10. Or is it 15?

    1. @funnlim

      They didn’t win any big awards this time. Only “divided pork awards”. I was wondering if that influential TVB female executive has not much say in this Malaysian Star awards event. That’s why Edwin Diu, Grace Chan, Priscilla Wong, Tony Hung, and Jason Chan didn’t get big awards.

    2. @funnlim I agree! Singapore and Malaysia give out awards to whoever who can make it. Since they came, they got something. Grace’s performance inside was really just meh

    3. @funnlim LOL. I have no clue how they won those awards as well. I do not understand how they won Top 15 whereas Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu only got best couple. Tracy, okay… but Vincent Wong for Over Run Over?

      The character which was one of the most talked this year and some people are even pushing for TV king! 渠頭 is a breakthrough role for him. I don’t think he’s at TV king level yet, but at least top 15.

      1. @jaylee
        Yes, Vincent Wong actually did really well in that series. At least it was interestingly entertaining compares to all these crappy shows coming out one after another these days. lol….I never particularly like Vincent Wong or any roles from the female lead but in that series, they were actually pretty cute together. It was one of the better series that I was able to complete this year, no skipping or first few episodes and I an done without even bother to view the ending. Not award winning but I thought it was surprisingly entertaining. I don’t doubt TVB will never give it to Vincent Wong, they are more than likely giving to veterans or equally trending ones at the moment ones or ones that have connections? lol

    4. @funnlim I know!! This honestly made me so angry

      Sisley Choi isn’t the best actress but her character wasn’t terrible. If anything, she received more positive praise on this character than any of her others. Not that it means she necessarily deserves a Top 15 but her character wasn’t awful.

      Planet Meow had the worst anniversary ratings ever and Kristal was basically criticized nonstop for her Miu Miu role. They seriously just wanted to give Kristal an award but they should have picked a better/more representative drama since this award is called for favourite CHARACTER.

      Grace’s character is even worse. Poor acting aside, her character was extremely irrational, irritating and unlikable. The TVB forums were flooded with people hoping Lam Mung Yiu dies in the drama. She was such an awful character!!!

      Personally as a huge EU fan, I’m choked that Vincent didn’t get top 5 for best actor and EU didn’t get top 5 for best drama. I personally liked this drama more than Fists but I understand why Fists is sweeping all the awards. I’m definitely unhappy that it didn’t even get into top 5 in some deserving categories. BUT THEN TO TOP IT OFF, Vincent and Tracy didn’t even get character awards??? They had two of the most popular characters this year! TVB has been ignoring EU’s performance all year, but this is too much. It’s even more embarrassing that it’s a “pork award” and they couldn’t even give part of the pork to two characters that actually deserved it. INSTEAD OF MIUMIU AND LAM MUNG YIU.

      Phew, just needed to get my frustrations out at this awards show.

    5. @funnlim

      Maybe those criticising in the social media are just the vocal minority while in actual fact these 3 characters have a lot of fans?

    6. @funnlim why are these 3 given awards? it’s a torture watching them. kristal tin is a pain in that meow meow drama as a 40 year old acting cute.

  2. Didn’t know that Ruco grandmas are from Malaysia until he wonder his fans based are so strong in Malaysia and S’pore. If Ruco without his glasses he looked a bit like that singer Jacky Cheung Hok Yau…of course Jacky’s face is sharper and thinner.

    1. @lucida ruco looks like the younger version of jacky cheung. i like to see him without glasses, but ruco once mentioned he loves to wear them.

  3. Did anyone notice towards the end when Best Drama was announced and all the Fist of Four Walls stars were on stage, Grace Wong really made one of the actor guy look so awkward when she pushed him to the center to give a speech. The guy awkwardly replied that he is not so suitable to be giving any speech as he just appeared as a cameo in episode 1 but luckily Ruco came to his rescue.

    Grace should not have pushed him out in the first place tho

    1. @hayden

      Yes…i noticed that incident too. I think Grace Wong was quite over excited that nite…which could be noticed everytime she was called on stage.

      Maybe she herself was awkward too when she realized that she’s the only one who was eager to give her speech during the presentation of Best Drama Award (which i don’t think was necessary for the actors to speak individually), therefore she pushed that male actor…so she won’t be the only who gave speech at that moment…haha!!

  4. lol, this is just mickey mouse award. The voters just vote for the sake of voting, The results does not mean their acting the best. Uncle liu and cheung keung law disorder definitely better acting than ruco but got nothing. Its ok, just a mickey mouse awards. The budget is there to promote tvb in malaysia every year. Next month tvb award you see la ruco wont even can win most popular male artist. TV king of course roger. Most popular hard to say, maybe bobby, uncle liu,cheung keung or others…

    1. @lam86 cheung kok keung seems to be appearing in several dramas…’fist within 4 walls’ and the present one also by jazz boon.

    2. @lam86

      Uncle Chi and Alex performances was outstanding!!

      But Ruco have more popularity in Malaysia and Singapore. And FWFW was good to watch.

      It will be verry hard for TVB to choose the TV King. Besides rucoo uncle CHi bobby and alex. Roger is doing superb!!!

      So maybe Roger will winn tv King

      1. @siro112233 KC lau, cheung keung and wai yat seng acting totally splendid this year. Really hard to choose seriously. But since roger is more a faithful guy towards tvb, then he got an upper hand. Dead wrong really superb, i cant wait to watch new eposide daily..zz…I hope this drama can make it 100episodes.. wahaha…so kan cheong and shocked every eposide..

  5. At every awards, there’s no satisfying everyone. The key is to satisfy the majority of the audience. The audience has voted Fist to win for most of the categories and they were rightfully awarded their prizes. The atmosphere at the Arena was electrifying especially if you experienced it on the ground personally; each time Fist nominees and winners were announced, there were loud cheers all around, particularly for the male and female leads Ruco and nancy. The audience clearly loved them and they had spoken.

  6. I agree with funnlim comments.

    I really like the House of Spirit drama and the drama song too.

  7. I really think Ruco and Nancy are a cute couple wish they dated for real. Ruco looks much younger without his glasses hopefully they will make A Fist Within Four Walls part 2 since its so good.

      1. @unknown well I like him too I’m thinking the reason he doesn’t win anything it’s because his past with the rich girl? I mean he is a good actor I agree hopefully he’ll win something.

      2. @unknown got nominated already meant smtg. Maybe he got 2000 votes and the winner 2001 votes. We wont know a shit about the real counts.

  8. Still trying to understand Mat Yeung’s Fav Supporting Actor award. Shouldn’t that goes to Raymond Cho?
    Personally, my family prefers ‘House of Spirits’ to “A Fist Within Four Walls”.
    I hope the award ceremony will do better than this in HK next month.

    1. @bearbear

      Yes…i agree that the Favourite Supporting Award recipient shouldn’t be Mat Yeung for Mafia Retirement. But i guess it could be Raymond Cho has received that same award in Singapore & he didn’t attend the award ceremony in Malaysia, so they gave it to 2nd or 3rd choice instead; i.e Mat Yeung. Personally, i feel that Hugo Ng did a good job as supporting actor this year.

      Anyway, i’m happy that for Favourite Supporting Actress, it was Joyce Tang because she deserves it for her good performance in House of Spirits…even outshined Nancy Wu in that drama.

  9. I would not call TVB Malaysia Star Awards as pork chop awards as a whole because it does represent Malaysians’ choice of favourite TVB actors/actresses in respective categories (particularly for major award categories). Do remember that the Singapore & Malaysia awards are meant to award My Favourite TVB Artists in various categories based on their popularity in the respective countries…therefore it’s called My Favourite TVB Actor & Actress…NOT Best Actor or Best Actress. So to know who are the best…let’s wait for the TVB Awards in December.

    For TV King this year, my Top 5 for Best Actor are Roger, Bobby, Ruco, Alex Fong & Uncle Liu KC.

    Meanwhile for TV queen, i think it will be either Nancy Wu or Kristal Tin. I’m not so impressed with Ali Lee’s acting in both Brother’s Keeper 2 & Law Disoder. The goodie roles doesn’t seem to suit her. I like Mandy Wong’s acting more than her in Law Disorder.

  10. Not sure why people still insist that those who don’t turn up at awards show won’t have a prize. It’s the other way around – they didn’t attend becos they didn’t win, simple as that. TVB has debunked that earlier theory by awarding BAs to both Dayo and Ruco when they didn’t attend the awards shows previously, so for the smaller awards, the same should apply. Matt may not be deserving winner to some but his supporters voted hard for him; afterall 70% was based on votes. Those who said Raymond deserved it more, did they make the effort to vote for him? If no, pls shut up. Like I said, there’s no pleasing everyone. Matt’s fans are pleased, Raymond’s supporters are annoyed. So what? The die has been cast, too bad, live with it and work harder at voting next time.

    1. @isay your words show that you are not intelligent. You cant make conclusion just based on any particular tv award. Just because tvb gave tv king to Dayo who did not even attend the show, then it means tvb awards no biased and no hanky panky no rigged? You need to observe and judge it every year differently and have some critical thinking if you can. Just like 2012 TVB awards 100% citizen voting, how on earth raymond can lose to wayne lai? and somemore they did not announce the figures of votes that year. and tvb star award malaysia those voters will just vote for the actor that they like. It does not mean the winner has the best acting. Whereas the tvb award in hong kong got voted by professional judgers as well and more accurate. But also we need to analyse it individually every year. Dont just because they let dayo win it means no rigged. Duh…Anthony wong acting tip top also wont win anything in malaysia just because he got less fans in malaysia and thats why ruco can win. But ruco acting not even on par with anthony although anthony, kc lau, cheung keung win nothing in malaysia.

      1. @lam86 i see. You’re still butt hurt over that Raymond Lam thingy. Btw did i say that Malaysia awards is for best acting? It’s for fave TVB actor. Dont be so butt hurt Ruco won in consecutive years. Chill little boy!

      2. @isay wahaha, why should i butthurt on mickey mouse award? the one that will butthurt will be definitely you because ruco will lose badly in his home ground on18th. hahaha

      3. @lam86 oi, small boy, awards is awards la. What mickey mouse ah? Mickey mouse awards better than some people got nothing la. Small boy grow up learn some manners then come here and talk la. Think you so smart issit? Call everyone stupid you so smart ah? Go play with your marbles little boy. Big sis no time to entertain you.

      4. @isay I did not call everyone stupid but indeed you are stupid only based on your comment. If its not stupid i wont say it is stupid. Because you made conclusion just based on few tv awards then concluded all results will never rigged. Duh…and pls dont butthurt on 18th your ruco wins nothing. And then grace suddenly got an award huh and dun butthurt ooo…zz…

      5. @lam86 i will not argue with a small boy who has not learnt any manners but think he’s so smart to come here and pick fights with everyone. I don’t give 2 hoots if Grace wins anything or not so don’t put her and Ruco together. You better watch your butt on 18th.

      6. @isay i only argue with ignorant like you. Small boy? Means you are old uncle? hahaha indeed an ignorant. Haha why should i watch my butt because my analysis way better than your ignorant. Err, but i guess TVB will give consolation prize to your ruco 0.5 award for him & nancy for that couple on screen award. hehehe..Wan win tv king ? dream longer la . Duh…

      7. @lam86 you jealous say so la. Ignorant you dunno there’s no couple award muah haha. You say astro mickey mouse award then why you so butt hurt boy? Ruco is still young, he got plenty of talent so he will be tv king sooner or later dun jealous ya?

      8. @isay reli no more? OMG, later that partnership got stolen away by vincent and tracy and ur ruco go home empty handed. OMG. wahahaha. I no butthurt la, just cannot stand your stupid comment only. Still young? Roger, kevin, moses,gallen,louis all got awards decade ago. There is nothing to do with age. Standard not there is not there. Ur ruco only can get mickey mouse award in msia and sg. Try get something in china if can haha…this few years competition not so stiff also cannot get, dream longer le. kekeke..Next year more dream longer so many great actors..wahahaha.

      9. @lam86 stupid people really don’t know that they’re stupid so i forgive your ignorance little boy. Tracy and Vincent and u can dream long long la. Best partners will be ruco and ben or house of spirits or the short end of the stick guys. Mickey mouse awards? Can any tom d-ick or Harry guy get it 3 years in a row in Singapore and 2 years in a row in Malaysia? You’re obviously stupid if you dont know that hk is the most rigged of the 3 countries giving the awards.

      10. @isay haha give so many options? U cant even analyse which one can win? U really that idiot? haha. you seriously a legendary fool. sg and malaysia are merely favourite mickey mouse awards. They not voted by professional like in HK. Getting 2 years in a row means not rigged? Are you that dumb? Anthony wong acting way better than ur ruco over 9 streets la. And anthony not winning in sg and msia? You seriously so ignorant.

      11. @lam86 wow i love how you backtrack! Now tvb awards is all professional and not rigged just to suit your argument? Haha props to you for your backpeddling! Grow some b-alls and admit that not everyone can win the so-called mickey mouse awards easily what more 2 or 3 times in a row. Otherwise you just prove that you’re a small boy with no b-alls.

      12. @isay wahaha, so now you ignorant can only brag about ruco winning 2 times is msia and 3 times in sg and the best actor? wahaha, indeed the most idiot statement ever. You just like bragging and barking how certain football team to win carling cup and fa cup so much. And also lcw to win so many super series but never any gold medal in world cup and olympic. wahahaha, u indeed an ignorant of the century…duh

      13. @lam86 Aren’t you going to backpeddle harder little boy and say that HK awards is completely professional now? So it’s not rigged becos Anthony won and there are “professional” judges? In case you didn’t know, Astro and Starhub have professional judges to moderate the results too. Yes Ruco had an amazing 2 years. Can any TVB actor boast about that? Obviously you were not on the ground at the Astro awards. The crowd went wild each time his name was announced. As i see it, you haven’t grown any b-alls. Well, grow up, grow some, learn some manners and when you can have a civil discussion without resorting to calling people stupid in every sentence, i will then be able to take you more seriously kid.

      14. @isay I very excited because you kept on showing your ignorance. No one will care about astro and sg award of mickey mouse. How much is that award worth? Even if it got missing who cares? But tvb award made of gold and 50% professional judgers and 50% citizen. Grow up la aunty. Astro and Sg award are mickey mouse award because of the contestants silly fool. Those mickey mouse awards not all best actors got participated and thats why your noob ruco can win. 2013 ruco vs dayo he completely a noobie; 2014 ruco vs roger, he just a beginner, 2015 ruco vs anthony ruco looks like a newborn kiddo, and finally nw 2016 ruco vs roger ruco is just a complete loser. Sorry for making you feeling so butthurt because truth will always be hurt.

      15. @lam86 Some golden words to you: 童言无忌。 in case u don’t read Chinese it means take no offense at a child’s babble. Your rudeness is legendary in Jaynestars. I won’t take an 8 year old seriously. Dont jealous butthurt over others’ achievements. An award is an award. How many (mickey mouse awards) have you won (whether related to acting or not)? If zero then that explains your bitterness.

      16. @lam86 surely you meant “gold plated ” not “gold” muahhaha. Silly goose can’t even tell the difference lmao. Even Oscars not made of gold la little boy.

      17. @isay I did really hope that I dont have say something to you anymore after last time but have you ever get over of LF hatred? Are you still that butthurt when nobody ever talk about him and he left TVB for more than 2 years but you still keep talking about him? @lam86 is never a fan of LF in his life, FYI, it is only your delusion blinded you to think he is one. Check your fact before saying something based on your bias.

        Grow up, little kid and open your eyes widely. Please have some manner and dont make your idol looks like a butthurt winner anymore. Why you give you the right to criticize Grace Chan and so on but nobody can say your idol is underserved. Such a double standard.

        No need to reply and stop the bash to LF or you will show that you are nothing but as childish as anyone you bash so. Can you live a life without saying a word about LF?

      18. @alluka well long time no see! Suddenly you pop out of nowhere? Makes me wonder if you’re actually someone else in disguise cos the timing is just sooooo convenient? Get yr facts straight. Who started the attacks and commented to everyone here (not only to me) rudely? I nvr praised ruco to the skies in any of my comments here, i merely said he won BA though he didn’t attend last yr but someone saw it fit to attack him so i merely returned his favour. To tell the truth ive forgotten LF ever existed till now. Ok if lam86 isn’t LF fan i do apologise to you.

  11. Congrats to Ruco, Nancy and Fist crew. Heard the loud cheers whenever they were on stage, that’s Malaysia viewers choice.

  12. Firstly A big & deserving Congrat to the great Winner A fist within four walls the best drama. Not only the drama and cast are good, both the songs are outstanding.
    A big thumb up for Ruco and Nancy feel happy and proud for you guys. Well done for all your efforts are not wasted.

    Cannot understand all these critics giving negative feedbacks, comparisons, undiscerning remarks/comments when is not their damn business. Each and every drama has their merits now is not the time to criticise or be sarcastic towards others .
    We should extend our gestures, congratulations and good wishes to the artistes who truly deserve otherwise the drama would not be graded with the top best ratings which is THE TOP WINNER: A FIST WITHIN FOUR WALLS. Good on you both Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu noneless all entire casts. Rewarding credits to the Producer Jazz Boon and Master Loo ( martial art coach)

  13. Grace Chan .. my favourite ?? Serious ?? Another award which she shouldn’t deserve to get after the MI award last year. TVB really showing their favoritism. There are few whom acted better than her in the drama.

    1. @celin lol, why u need to butthurt on grace? TVB like her you cui mer? haha..everyone will bias in life towards their favourite people.

      1. @lam86
        There it goes again
        Everytime we gave our opinion of Grace Chan Lam86 defend her.

        Come on m8. Its just our opinion!! She is bad!!!

        You are absolutely Right!!

      2. @siro112233 haha you look stupid now unless you are a professional actor. By the way celin did not put “in my opinion” then i will assume as judgement. If ownself not any professional then dont judge stupidly. Duh.

  14. i am nuts over Ruco…he is really good and a shining star in Jazz Boon’s ‘Fist’. But I must say Jazz did a wonderful job to cast Ruco as 拳佬.

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