Samantha Ko Finds Success in Career and Investments

With back-to-back dramas airing the past several months, Samantha Ko’s (高海寧) popularity has increased substantially. Although she faced earlier setbacks on the relationship front with rumored boyfriend, musician Tang Chi Wai (鄧志偉), Samantha’s career is taking a turn for the better. Successfully breaking out of her flower vase stereotype and gaining recognition for her acting skills, Samantha continues to have work lined up in spite of the pandemic.

Currently busy filming for Seven Princesses <七公主>, Samantha sports a pixie cut for her role as a truck driver. Many were concerned that Samantha would lose her feminine charm, but the 33-year-old actress felt that the haircut was necessary for her role in order to bring out the crassness of her character. The 180-degree difference in her image may serve as a further breakthrough from her usual sensual roles.

Due to filming, Samantha is often in and out of TVB studio and is often surrounded by large work crews. Practicing greater caution and keeping her family safe, Samantha lavishly spent 100,000 Hong Kong dollars per month to rent a nearby hotel as a temporary residence. In addition to keeping her family safe, the location is also convenient for work purposes. Though the price tag is hefty, Samantha is able to afford splurging because she is a keen investor. After investing in a property in 2015, the unit has nearly doubled in worth in a mere five years. Between her rising career and successful investments, Samantha’s net worth continues to climb higher.

Source: East Week

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Samantha Ko on Successfully Reimaging Herself

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