Sammo Hung Curses at Cheating Rumors; Will Not Sue Tabloids

Martial arts star, Sammo Hung (洪金寶), was accused of cheating with 21-year-old Wang Qinyi (王沁宜). On August 29, Sammo reportedly spent three nights together with the mainland actress at a hotel in Hengdian. Cursing in response to the cheating rumors, Sammo however did not consider taking legal action as that may benefit the tabloids.

Attending Albert Yeung’s (楊受成) Emperor Group’s 70th Anniversary celebration yesterday, Sammo and his son, Timmy Hung (洪天明), were quick to denounce the tabloids’ recent slander. “The cultural sector should have morals. What have I not seen?” Pointing out that the tabloid reported his age incorrectly, Sammo added, “They said that I secretly arrived in Beijing; should I have announced my arrival with drums?”

Sammo Curses Angrily

As his emotions rose recollecting the cheating rumors, Sammo said, “Do they want me to jump from a building and commit suicide? They will be happy when my family of twelve die [expletive] entirely!”

Asked what relations he had with Wang Qinyi, Sammo said, “We are friends. She respects me a lot. I can not dine and laugh with women?”

Sammo said that his wife, Joyce Godenzi (高麗虹), trusted him and did not get angry over the incident. “I told her that I am very naughty, but only the type that jumps around a lot!”

Angry that his wife was followed by the press, Sammo vowed that he will no longer take any photos with fans as he was afraid that the media may twist the truth.

Source: Oriental Daily, Ming Pao

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    1. Funn,
      I found Sammo’s response to be quite awkward. However, he has responded already, so the tabloids will likely leave him alone and not step upon his personal life anymore.

      1. With his wealth, maybe he can secretly pay the tabloids to stop the allegations?

      2. His wealth wouldn’t equal that of magazine sales. And that the paps getting back at the celebrities.

    2. Why would suing benefit the tabloids? And what does he mean that he’s very naughty? Is there possibility that his wife already used to him getting close to younger women and already closed one eye?

      1. Closed both eyes? Stuffed her ears? Bound her hands?

        Obviously. But naughty can also mean flirtatious I suppose.

      2. lol,
        This was Sammo’s reply in Chinese: “我都有同佢講我好百厭,係跳跳紮嗰隻”

        Given the context, Sammo was trying to be witty to say that he was only naughty by jumping around (like a kid) while trying to deflect the cheating rumors.

      3. Obviously his wife is used to all his affairs. As to his reponse, he is a joke!! blaming others for his wrongdoings

  1. His response sounds kind of guilty, actually what does someone
    in his sixties have in common with a 21 yrs old ?

  2. He should have just not responded and so quickly too and it would have been difficult to find him guilty.

  3. Problem with Sammo is that he had a track record with fooling around such as with his current wife when he was with his first wife. Who knows how many unreported flings that he had before and after number? This one he got caught with the 21 YO at the hotel and is trying to talk his way out…playing with fire too many times will get you burnt eventually.

  4. Timmy Hung seems like a nice young man. Hope he remains so. Wonder what he really thinks of his father’s antics. Looks like he’s loyal and ready to defend his father at wny time.

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