Sarah Song and Jason Chan do Couples Yoga

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Sarah Song and Jason Chan do Couples Yoga

Yesterday, Sarah Song (宋熙年) made her first official appearance alongside her husband Jason Chan (陳智燊) since she announced her departure from TVB. The husband and wife duo attended a sports brand event, at which they broke out into various couples yoga poses without any difficulties. It turns out the pair often engage in physical activities to release stress, and Sarah’s go-to is yoga.

Sarah laughed and said yoga is part of her life. “I usually do yoga to relax, and I also relied on yoga to get back into shape after childbirth,” the artiste shared. “Every time, I feel very energized afterward! Couples yoga can help reduce weight and stress. It can also increase the couple’s chemistry and better their relationship.”

Not to mention, it helps Jason relax. Since Jason is a first-time father, he often worries about his son, but he is learning to lead a slower lifestyle and tries to release his daily stress. He praised Sarah for taking care of the family well and added that they never argue over trivial things. No wonder many Hong Kong people see them as a model couple.

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