Sarah Songs Leaves TVB After 12 Years

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Sarah Songs Leaves TVB After 12 Years

Say goodbye to another familiar face at TVB. Sarah Song (宋熙年), one of the longtime hosts of TVB program Scoop < 東張西望> and a popular events emcee, is leaving the nest. Last July, around the same time she welcomed her son Damon with husband Jason Chan (陳智燊), he ended his 12-year relationship with TVB. Now, Sarah is following suit.

The 33-year-old announced her departure early this morning on social media. “The decision to part hasn’t been easy,” she wrote, “but my family has given me the courage and strength to jump out of my comfort zone. Becoming a mother has only made me stronger and more ready to take on the challenges ahead. I hope to broaden my horizons, aim higher and to make my family proud!”

Many celebrity friends, including Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Fala Chen (陳法拉), left messages of encouragement and support for the artiste. Of course, Jason also supports his wife fully. Sarah said, “I have been blessed with so many great people around me, those who have had the patience and kindness to help me achieve my goals.”

She continued, “12 years ago, I chanced upon a life-changing opportunity, found my way from Sydney to Hong Kong, TVB took me under their wing.”

In 2007, Sarah represented Sydney in the Miss Chinese International Pageant <國際中華小姐競選> and took home the crown. After joining TVB, Sarah became a host at Scoop because of her eloquence, but her full potential was not realized by TVB. She never participated in any big shows and her representative work during her 12 years at TVB is Scoop. As a result, she decided not to renew and contract.

The artiste recently went on a holiday with her husband and son to enjoy some quality family time and to recharge.

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    1. bubbles23 says:

      Sarah n Jason’s YouTube channel is pretty good. Do check it out!.

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    2. wm2017 says:

      They didn’t leave any impression on me at all whatever series/or anything they did. lol…

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      • mike replied:

        @wm2017 ya Jason had a lot of opportunities and good looks but just lack the acting skills. Didn’t notice Sarah much, just remember her unique Chinese name 宋熙年 and hence know who she is.

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    3. serene says:

      Jason is really good looking, but honestly can’t act for nuts.. as for Sarah, I only know her as Jason’s wife…

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