Secret to Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung’s Happy Marriage

Fifty-one-year-old Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) was once well known for being an eligible bachelor who seemingly could not be tied down. That was until Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) entered his life; the pair dated for seven years and have been married for five. Although there is rarely news of them talking about their relationship, their affection for each other is apparent. The couple knows how to appreciate each other and still have fun together, which makes their marriage work.

Find Fun Activities to Do Together

Ekin and Yoyo lead a very normal life outside of work; they are no different from a typical couple. They like to spend time together doing simple activities, which maintain their close bond. They enjoy a lot of outdoor exercise activities, and would invite their friends to join them as they share the same social circles. They also play video games together, and sometimes Yoyo would be even more immersed than Ekin!

Emotional Support

Recently Ekin held a press conference to announce that he would be holding a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum in February 2019. Yoyo secretly filmed a congratulatory video as a surprise. In the video she stated, “I know that you have done a lot of preparation for the concert. Don’t worry about me; I will continue to make delicious soups for you. Add oil!”

Ekin was very surprised and touched, “She understands me. In the past when I had concerts, she would also continue with her daily activities. The more normal my life is outside of work the better. This way I don’t have any added stress.”

When asked if he would be dedicating his classic love songs for Yoyo on stage, he exasperatedly said, “I never like to do what others are doing; this is just my personality. Every time I have a concert, she is actually backstage and that is enough for me. We don’t need cameras backstage to show the world our love.”

Source: East Week 

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    1. @jimmyszeto lol ikr?!?! I never found him appealing. Can’t understand his fame for Young and Dangerous. Other than that franchise, he had abs nothing else going on. None that I could remember anyways.

  1. Their secret to marriage?

    Always letting him be a kid, freedom doing whatever he wants. Immature? Irresponsible? Yoyo will be her own judge as long as she’s happy with her choice

    I don’t know what’s attractive about Ekin too. NEVER found him attractive.

    I came across a recent China movie starring Ekin – it’s something about a couple breaking up every 100 Days before they decided to break the pattern and open a coffee shop. Never stayed to watch it – one peek at Ekin on some faddy bike eating his meal, and I switched to another choice of moive. But it could well be the life of Ekin and his gadgets.

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