Sharon Chan Laid on Alley Infested with Cockroaches and Flies

Last Friday, while filming TVB series, Fury Street Corner <怒火街頭>, Sharon Chan Man Chi broke her collar bone and was sent to the hospital. Since it is not a light injury, Sharon still has not returned to work yet.  During the filming of the Fury Street Corner, Sharon had many untold sufferings.

Last week, Sharon filmed a naked running scene on the streets, with only a towel wrapped around her body. She accidentally slipped and fell down, causing the left collar bone to fracture. After five days of rest, Sharon posted an entry on her blog, “Many thanks to my friends, colleagues and family! Since the accident, I received over one hundred SMS text messages and phone greetings. I am late in responding because I was in extreme pain. If I did not get a chance to get back to you personally, I hope you will understand!”

Many fans left greetings on Sharon’s blog. Michael Tse Tin Wah was unaware of Sharon’s injury and asked her what happened. Vin Choi Kei Chun left his regards and asked Sharon to take care of herself.

The Expense of Playing a Prostitute
In Fury Street Corner, Sharon plays a prostitute. Filming in the Kwun Tong industrial area earlier, Sharon laid on a dirty back alley full of flies and cockroaches after her head was bashed by a rock. There was also non-stop dirty water discharge from a nearby building. Helpless in facing such a harsh environment during filming, she persevered until the scene was completed.

Displaying Full Professionalism
Capturing the scene from various camera angles, the Director asked Sharon to lay on the street alley for the murder scene for half an hour. Sharon displayed her professionalism and gave the camera her agonized expression. Reporters later asked Sharon whether filming under such a harsh environment was difficult? Sharon replied, “No, it’s not hard. Since I have been filming for many years, I am used to it. It was as easy as eating a salad!”

In Fury Street Corner, Sharon will have a romantic relationship with Sam Lee Chat Sum, who plays a social worker. Despite portraying a prostitute role, Sharon’s scenes were not very revealing due to the censorship limits of television dramas. Was the head-bashing scene the most intense thus far? Sharon said, “Yes, we already filmed scenes where I was searched [by the police] when caught with the clients.”

Source: Sing Tao

Jayne: Hope Sharon recovers soon. Her role does seem very physical in “Fury Street Corner” and has received a lot of press coverage.

TVB is notorious in filming murder scenes which take place in back alleys. Many artists “fell to their deaths” and had to lay in dirty alleys with their face touching the rat and cockroach infested streets. Not to mention the food they have to eat during the family dinner scenes. Perhaps the take-out food may not be that fresh either.

Being an artist is truing a physically challenging job that requires you to be on your feet 90% of the time, not to mention wearing uncomfortable shoes for the ladies.

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  1. =( wow. this seems like some serious shytt. never seen Sharon been so injured or hurt in any of her other filmings. i feel sad for her. hope she’s okay and get better soon!

  2. Breaking collarbone is serious. Hope she recovers soon.

  3. Wow! No lie, but that picture definitely got my attention to read this article! I hope she recovers soon as well.

  4. 🙁 i fee so sorry for Sharon shes injured and has to lay on that filthy floor for over 30 minutes! This sucks because she works so hard yet she barely has any publicity! Hope she gets well.

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